GIRL Talk by Girl Scouts River Valleys

GIRL Talk by Girl Scouts River Valleys

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Episode 003: Advocacy- Raise Your Voice and Be Heard!
January 16, 2019

Advocacy— it’s standing up for things you believe in and influencing the decisions that affect you and your friends and family’s lives every day. We recorded this episode right in the middle of the 2018 election season,

Episode 002: Girl, Get Outside!
January 02, 2019

Getting outside is good for you! In this episode we'll get into what we like to do outside in our everyday lives as part of our own self-care, where we would go on dream adventures, and just how fascinated we are by tiny black capped chickadees and mou...

Episode 001: Epic Fail
December 02, 2018

Failure: We've all been there. It's a learning experience, right? And it can be good for us…right? But it can feel really bad! In this episode Hannah and Shanna dive into what it means to fail, why it feels so bad,