Episode 012: What It Means To Be A Leader (Part II)

July 24, 2019

This episode is part two of our conversation with returning guest Khadra Mohamed about what it means to be a leader. In the first part we talked with Khadra about different leadership experiences and opportunities we've had throughout our lives so far, what kinds of leadership styles come naturally to us, and some things that can keep us from showing up as ourselves. In this part we'll go deeper, talking about how we became leaders and what helped us see ourselves that way.

We'll talk about women in leadership positions who inspire us and how important it is to see women who look like us taking the reins. Representation matters! Khadra talks about not realizing how important it was to see women who looked like her in leadership roles until it happened, how good it felt to see possibilities for herself, and how connected she felt to those women. This can have such a big impact on our self-image and what we believe we're capable of.

We'll also get into how we were encouraged (or if we were encouraged) to take on leadership roles when we were growing up, some differences we've experienced across cultures and families, and what kinds of differences we saw for boys when it came to leadership opportunities. We'll share stories about our first big leadership challenges and how we've grown since then— what was hard, what came naturally, and what we learned about ourselves.

Our takeaways: Leading can be challenging, and there can be barriers along the way, but it can also be so rewarding! You might not always see someone who looks like you in a leadership position, but you could be the one who inspires someone else. We hope you find some inspiration in our experiences that can help you take some risks, put yourself out there, and see yourself as a leader.

As always, stay tuned at the end for our segments Would You Rather and Girls Pick!

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