GIRL Talk by Girl Scouts River Valleys

GIRL Talk by Girl Scouts River Valleys

Episode 011: What It Means To Be a Leader (Part I)

July 10, 2019

This is part one of a two-part episode about what it means to be a leader with our friend and returning guest Khadra Mohamed. We talked with Khadra about different leadership experiences and opportunities we've had throughout our lives so far like working at camp, taking care of siblings, and stepping up at school or work.

Leadership styles and how we approach leading can be very different. For example, Khadra shared that what leadership looks like for her is showing up, being consistent for the girls she works with, and building trust. She's found that quiet leadership is the best fit for her. This means being herself, and not trying to be too outgoing when it doesn't come naturally.

Being a leader doesn't necessarily mean being vocal, charismatic, or outgoing - there are lots of different kinds of leaders. There's strength in quiet leadership, and introverts can be leaders just as effectively as extroverts. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with being outgoing and extroverted! Leaders can be quiet, loud, really hands-on, or more hands-off. Do what comes naturally to you! Showing up as yourself is important. You'll be more effective and authentic, and build stronger, more trusting relationships.

We talked about some things that are hard for us that maybe some girls out there can relate to, like always wanting to seem likable, approachable, and nice. We don't want to come off as mean, aggressive, condescending, or rude, but we know we need to be assertive to get things done in a leadership role. As women and girls, we can stretch ourselves to be comfortable with direct communication and not worry about coming across as being "bossy."

Our takeaways: Being a leader doesn't mean you have to know everything, and it's ok to make mistakes. It's easy to think of leadership as having power or being in command, but really the best part is seeing growth happen in the people we lead. There's no one right way to be a leader. Everyone can lead, and it can look different for different people.

We'll be back with the second part of this episode where we'll dive deeper with Khadra into what it means to be a leader and talk about where we get our inspiration!

Stay tuned at the end for Would You Rather and Girls Pick :-)

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