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4.1 Billion per SLS Launch #1592
March 14, 2022

4.1 Billion is the price tag to launch the SLS. It's a shockingly absurd amount. When you have private industry rapidly moving towards lift capabilities slightly less than SLS. I am not sure NASA is b

Business pull out of Russia in Mass #1591
March 07, 2022

The world is 100% behind Ukraine minus the Russians and Chinese and from that business has been suspended in mass in Russia. The list grows longer by the day with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Amex all sh

Space Force to Patrol Space out to the Moon? #1590
March 03, 2022

The US Space Force has announced that they will start patrolling as far out as 220,000 miles from the earth using a new satellite that is being proposed to be built. I guess they will be looking for o

Ukraine is Leading all Tech News #1589
February 28, 2022

Ukraine is leading all major tech news as companies react and try to shutdown misinformation along with trying to support the government as Elon Musk did by turning on Internet Access and shipping in

Coinbase Reports Big Earning Numbers #1588
February 24, 2022

Coinbase reported some major earning numbers today blowing out analyst estimates. If you look at all of these crypto apps they are simply cleaning up. I find it quite remarkable. But it’s always the m

Wordle now stuffed with ad tracking #1587
February 21, 2022

Wordle which was recently purchased by the New York Times has not revised the game very much but according to reports has stuffed it with ad tracking software that tracks what you do when you leave th

SpaceX to do Spacewalk by end of 2022? #1586
February 14, 2022

SpaceX wants to be able to do a Space Walk by sometime near the end of 2022 to coincide with the first manned starship mission. This to me seems very energetic being that SpaceX does not even have a q

Apple wants to make Airtags easier to find #1585
February 10, 2022

Apple Airtags have been used in a number of inappropriate ways to track people. While they are incredibly useful in keeping track of gear some folks want to keep track of people with them. While most

Will Meta Pull Facebook and Instagram from the EU #1584
February 07, 2022

Will Meta Pull Facebook and Instagram from the EU seems that's what Meta is threatening in an SEC filing. They do not want to observe EU data transfer rules by moving EU user data back to the United S

Will you buy your next car online or at the dealer #1583
January 31, 2022

Will you buy your next car online or at the dealer according to a new survey some 41% will buy their next new car online versus walking the car lot? Obviously, with car shortages, there are not a lot