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Google to not Block AI Generated Content! #1649
February 09, 2023

Google appears to have changed its mind and will not block all AI-generated content. But it appears they may qualify content, aka if you use AI to report sports scores and the like it will be ok, but

FTX wants their donations back? #1648
February 06, 2023

FTX wants the donations back that SBM gave to politicians and political action committees.

ISP Lied to FCC to Block Competitor Funding #1647
February 02, 2023

SP Lied to FCC to Block Competitor Funding by putting in false data about where they currently offered service and at what speeds

Productivity Higher when Employees work from Home? #1646
January 30, 2023

A study says employees who do not have to commute devote more time to their jobs than those with higher productivity.

AI Bot Passes Business School Exam #1645
January 23, 2023

An AI Bot has passed a business school exam where the professor said he would have given the bot a B or B- on the full exam but that some of the answers were A+ worthy. We are headed towards exciting

The AI Bot Contest Conclusion #1644
January 19, 2023

I reveal in the show which of the two posts referenced in the last episode was created by the AI bot.

The AI Bot Contest #1643
January 16, 2023

I have posted two articles on Geek News Central. One is a CES 2023 Wrapup, and the other is an announcement for Quicklinks, a new product released by my company today.

1st Show of 2023 #1642
January 12, 2023

am back from CES 2023, and the 35 hours of live coverage we did is in the can and being processed into specific episodes

Happy New Year Edition #1641
December 29, 2022

I am back in the saddle for a final show of 2022. Big shout out to all of the Geek News Central Insiders and those who have jumped to a New Podcasting App and supported the show via Satoshi donations

Twitter Blue, Gold & Grey? #1640
December 12, 2022

Twitter Blue for individuals, Gold for businesses, and Grey for government officials, but you will have to pay $8.00 monthly to get it.