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Wyze Server Hacked 2.4 Million Records Exposed #1415
December 31, 2019

We wrap up 2019 with another hack Wyze the inexpensive surveillance camera company was hacked and even worse may show some health data being sent to China. This is the last show for 2019 and I wish everyone a safe New Year.

Huawei Financial Tax Breaks Equal 75 Billion #1414
December 27, 2019

You want to know how Huawei is able to undercut everyone in the telecommunications space. Well with 75 Billion in tax incentives and a cash infusion from the Chinese government it is no wonder. As you have already determined I am not a big fan of Huawe...

TikTok and ToTok Spy Apps? #1413
December 24, 2019

TikTok and ToTok are under serious review are they spy apps?. The Navy and Army have banned TikTok from all government smart phones and ToTok has been removed from the Google and Apple app stores as apparently they where spy apps for the UAE.

Has Ring Been Hacked? #1412
December 20, 2019

Has Ring been Hacked? They deny any hacking and say it’s likely users, usernames and passwords from other global hacks. But some researchers are saying that there are too many details in the hacked information to have come from other global hacks.

Amazon Hates Fedex #1411
December 17, 2019

Bit of a silent war going on at the moment. It is pretty obvious that Amazon is trying to hurt FedEx as they have told all their third-party sellers that they cannot use FedEx Ground or Home delivery as it is to slow.

Back from the Dead #1410
December 13, 2019

Was down for the count mostly Monday and Tuesday and still dragging so I am putting the show on from the Loft much easier than going back into the studio and getting all the cold iron fired up. Monday show of course in the studio.

Huawei Sues the FTC #1409
December 06, 2019

Huawei Sues the FTC to be allowed to sell products in the United States again. This action shows how desperate they are to get back in the game here and potentially compromise our national security by selling trojan horse cheap gear to rural carriers.

Chinese Facial Recognition Goes Global #1408
December 03, 2019

Chinese facial recognition standards which really are not standards but more like policies for the world are being pushed at the UN by Chinese companies as one could expect that is not going over well with privacy advocates.

Chinese Online Digital Spying Keeps Score! #1407
November 26, 2019

Chinese Online Spying system automatically keeps score of what you’re doing digitally and who you hang out with to determine if you will earn yourself a one year stay at an internment camp for 1 year for re-education and torture.

President Obama on Tech #1406
November 22, 2019

President Obama on Tech