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Paypal Scorned for Planned $2500 Penalty #1627
October 10, 2022

Paypal was going to play moderator of content its customers were posting and impose a $2500 fine for any instance they deemed misinformation.

NASA Aircraft searching for Rare Earth Minerals #1626
October 03, 2022

NASA will be flying over five states to search for rare earth minerals to support green initiatives and not depend on the Chinese to sustain green energy manufacturing.

Amazon Launches 11 New Products #1625
September 29, 2022

Amazon has launched 11 new products leading up to the holidays and their next big sale. See all the details. I will be hosting the Podcast Awards ceremony at 9 pm Eastern tomorrow, Friday the 20th, on

Putin makes Snowden a Russian Citizen #1624
September 26, 2022

Dictator Putin has made Edward Snowden and Russian citizen. The traitor has lived in Russia for many years under the regime's protection. I can only hope that they give him a job in the national secur

Artemis 1 ready for next Tuesday #1623
September 22, 2022

Artemis 1 appears to finally have its leaks fixed and will potentially be able to launch on its third attempt next Tuesday. We will see if our US tax dollars can get this beast off the pad and into sp

YouTube Increases Ad Load #1622
September 15, 2022

YouTube has increased the number of ads viewers endure to unprecedented numbers. Some of them are as short as six seconds, with many ads across programming unable to be skipped, and viewers are not ha

Blue Origin Capsule Safely Escapes #1621
September 12, 2022

Blue Origin Capsule Safely Escapes after the main stage suffered an anomaly. This was an uncrewed flight, but the systems worked as advertised, the capsule was fully recovered

FCC to release Detailed ISP Maps #1620
September 08, 2022

The FCC is finally on course to release ISP coverage maps down to specific addresses and the speeds obtained at that address. This will finally lay out the digital divide and show how screwed those in

Streaming Surpasses Cable Viewing #1619
August 18, 2022

Streaming has surpassed cable viewing for the first time, and in my opinion, the days of cable operators being in control are near the end. Netflix and YouTube made up the majority of the streaming pe

California may keep Last Nuclear Power Plant #1618
August 15, 2022

California may keep the Last Nuclear Power Plant as it will have difficulty meeting its carbon emission goals. Imagine that nuclear power making sense as it has for evermore. We will have millions of