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Intel Got Hacked idiots #1465
August 07, 2020

Intel has suffered a major hack of its intellectual property which likely will impact it’s bottom line technical papers, chip design the list goes on. 20gb of material which is said to be the first installment of data.

SpaceX Completes Manned Flight #1464
August 04, 2020

Congratulations to SpaceX for completing the first manned mission and first splashdown in 50 years. This is an incredible accomplishment and now we can look forward to SpaceX being in the human lift business for some time.

Verizon LTE Home Internet #1463
July 30, 2020

Looks like Verizon is finally going to start introducing a Home Internet plan that is supposedly unlimited. We will have to read the fine print for $40/$60 price range with 25mbps down. We will see. The service is in a limited release area at this time...

Twitter Admin Spying on You? #1462
July 28, 2020

If you are someone important a Twitter admin may be spying on you. Meanwhile, the real spies may release “some” UFO reports which will likely be super redacted. But the Pentagon appears to be ready to reveal what they describe as swamp gas and over-ima...

TikTok Under Scrutiny #1461
July 14, 2020

TikTok is under more scrutiny with warnings from the RNC and DNC about staff usage of the app. They say do not use the App on any phone doing campaign work. Make sure that any TikTok usage is on a private device, not a campaign device.

Frontier Misled Consumers #1460
July 10, 2020

Frontier has been ordered to pay a $900,000 fine for misleading consumers. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is launching its home network solution for $49.99 offering connectivity up to 50mbps down. This gives folks hope stuck on slow internet in rural America.

Florida Bans DNA Data from Insurance Companies #1459
July 07, 2020

Florida residents are protected from insurance companies looking at your DNA test results unless you give them permission as part of a new law that was approved today. This is a win for Florida residents and is something that should be adopted by all s...

YouTube TV Jacks up Streaming Price #1458
July 03, 2020

YouTube TV has raised the prices by a whopping 30% taking the price to really insane levels as TV companies work to get their pound of flesh out of all of us. So is it time to cut the digital cord. I start adding up all the services and it will may be ...

Amazon Pays out $500 Million #1457
June 30, 2020

Amazon is paying out $500 million to those at Amazon most at risk for Covid. This is after they dropped the $2.00 hour extra in wages in June. Second show with the shorter show intro. So far feels pretty good and lets me get into the show faster.

Moon Toilet Contest #1456
June 26, 2020

Win $35,000 by designing the new Moon Toilet. NASA is having a contest for design ideas for a new lunar toilet. The 1/6 gravity is potentially a bigger issue than a microgravity toilet. It seems strange to me but they need some help.