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MacBook Pro M1 Pro & M1 Max #1562
October 18, 2021

If you have been waiting to upgrade to a MacBook Pro with Apple silicon the wait is over as Apple has announced a quite amazing lineup of new computers so impressive that folks placing advanced orders

Macbook Pro M1X Chip Announcement #1561
October 14, 2021

Macbook Pro M1X Chip Announcement

17 Year Anniversary in Podcasting #1560
October 11, 2021

October 9th, 2004 was when this show was launched, and while the 17th anniversary is a big thing. The bigger news is that I do not have Melanoma Cancer. I go into great detail about what I was told, w

Tales of woe about Facebook again #1559
October 04, 2021

Hi everyone, Kirk here filling in for Todd while he is away on travel for this episode and this upcoming Thursday’s episode. Wow, 2021 has not been a good year for Facebook, an employee from Facebook

Happy International Podcast Day #1558
September 30, 2021

Happy International Podcast Day everyone. Nothing like starting a show and the gear go weird on you. But otherwise, it has been a very productive week. The People’s Choice Podcast Awards is starting a

Google puts Apple on Blast like Spoiled Child #1557
September 27, 2021

Google has put Apple on blast like a spoiled child because the EU did not fine them 5 billion dollars for doing the same exact thing as Google has been accused of. But in essence, Apple has not done t

Apple Bans Fortnite #1556
September 23, 2021

Apple has banned Fortnite from the App store until the conclusion of the legal battle which can take as much as 5 more years. Apple playing there hand in destroying a business that dared to questions

Senate calls on FTC to Protect Consumer Privacy #1555
September 20, 2021

Democrats in the Senate have sent the FTC a request to make rules to protect consumer privacy seeing they have failed to get any type of legislation passed in recent history. I am of the opinion that

Fake Covid Vaccine Cards Exploding on Marketplaces #1554
September 16, 2021

Since President Biden has issued more vaccine mandates there has been a surge in fake covid vaccine cards being sold on the internet for as much as $100 each. With no digital tracking in many states t

Facebook VIP List with no Posting Restrictions #1553
September 13, 2021

Facebook VIP is a list of 5.8 million people that do not have to follow community standard guidelines and can almost get away with anything up to a point. It shows there are the have’s and the have no