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Hive App Shuts down Servers for Security Issues #1637
December 01, 2022

German-based Hive App shut down servers for security issues because it reportedly leaked user data like crazy. Instead of patching it on the fly, they shut the service down and left users hanging beca

Is Apple Helping the Chinese Government #1636
November 28, 2022

Has Apple helped suppress the Chinese people and, in turn, helped the Chinese Government in recent crackdowns?

Satoshi Per Minute Value 4 Value V4V #1635
November 21, 2022

You can now support this show by the minute while using the fountain podcast app and its ability to stream Satoshi to the show at an amount you set by the minute.

Broadband Cost in America #1634
November 17, 2022

I always complain about the Broadband cost I pay for not only my home internet but my office internet, which is insane. I am not alone; compared to other modern places

FTX’s 16 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme #1633
November 14, 2022

Based on preliminary reports, many people should be imprisoned for a very long time over the FTX's apparent Ponzi scheme, which allegedly lost 16 billion dollars in investors' crypto investments.

Apple Bow’s to Chinese Pressure #1632
November 10, 2022

Apple has placed restrictions on Apple Airdrop in China to keep activists from openly sharing police brutality and political information against the Chinese Dictator. This is now the first time Apple

Starlink just ruined the service with data caps! #1631
November 07, 2022

Starlink just ruined their service with Data Caps. Rural users once again get screwed! Saved from Broadband hell and now to be throttled after 1TB of monthly usage. Very pissed off that 1TB for a Fami

Twitter Mania Continues with Elon making Changes #1630
November 03, 2022

The media cannot get enough of Elon at the helm at Twitter with a bit of trolling and him moving fast to produce revenue. I share my thoughts on the new $8.00 fee for Twitter blue and all the expected

Elon Musk & Twitter’s New Era! #1629
October 31, 2022

A new era has begun at Twitter, with Elon Musk taking control, delisting the company from the stock exchange, and at the very same time, letting the board of directors go. He very quickly started to m

Celebrating 18 Years of Podcasting #1628
October 13, 2022

Tonight we celebrate 18 years of podcasting and the journey thus far. Thank you for your long-term support of the show and those that have contributed to the show and supported our sponsors over the y