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Facebook at War with EU! #1476
September 22, 2020

Facebook is at war with the EU and says the may cease operations in Europe over a data storage ruling that happened in Ireland. Facebook appears to me to be upset and acting like a child bully. It’s highly doubtful that Facebook will cut off collecting...

CBP – What a Bunch of Knuckleheads #1475
September 15, 2020

CBP thought they had made the biggest bust of the month of counterfeit Apple AirPods. Only to find out later that they had seized another companies “OnePods” actual products at JFK. Lot’s of red faces even after they had put out a press release on the ...

National Guard called in for Election #1474
September 11, 2020

The National Guard has been called in to support the election using cybersecurity experts from the national guard to help small municipalities that may not have the resources to fight off cyber attacks. Hope this finds you all well ready for the weeken...

SpaceX 12th Starlink Launch #1473
September 04, 2020

SpaceX has conducted it’s 12th Starlink launch and is getting close to opening it’s formal beta program and hopefully I will be able to enjoy High Speed Internet at the compound. Plus some real damning information coming out of Facebook on it’s ability...

No Fiber for Hong Kong #1472
September 01, 2020

Google and Facebook have been told no Fiber to Hong Kong as Hong Kong is now a national security risk with the high speed low latency connection. The US Government determined it would be to high risk to expose US traffic through Hong Kong.

LG Creates Battery Powered Mask #1471
August 28, 2020

LG has created a battery powered mask with hepa filtering but no claims on what it protects you from. Definitely better than an average cloth mask but maybe worse at the same time as it’s pushing air at you via a pretty big fan and battery.

Regaining your Privacy #1470
August 25, 2020

Today I start highlighting articles on how to regain your privacy in the digital world. As these types of articles are surfaced I will share with you ways to start regaining control of your digital footprint.

Flawed Tracking App #1469
August 21, 2020

A flawed tracking app at Albion college appears to have had some major privacy issues until it was patched. But shows that something potentially rushed could end up revealing information that should not be available for any low rate hacker to access.

Secret Service Buys Location Data #1468
August 18, 2020

The Secret Service is buying cell phone location data without a warrant as many other companies and government agencies are also doing. If you think you are not being tracked all the time you are living on another planet. Also,

Community Guidelines Stifling Free Speech #1467
August 14, 2020

Some very raw commentary on today’s show, the past 24 hours has been an interesting emotional ride creating anxiety in me that has never happened before. You have been forwarned. Of course our new conspiracy theory segment is alive and well.