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Landlord throws out 58 Million in BitCoin #1426
February 25, 2020

Imagine your sitting in Jail and your Landlord clears out your apartment and throws away a piece of paper with bitcoin worth 58 million on it. Yepp it really happened. Hey folks next shows from our Columbus office and then down to Tampa.

Amazon shakes up Shipping #1425
February 18, 2020

Amazon is shaking up its shipping operation again by canceling contracts with shippers who underperformed and or did not meet service expectations putting 1200 drivers out of work. I think some of them that were canceled delivers to my house the most l...

SpaceX Manned Flight #1424
February 11, 2020

SpaceX is expected to have it first manned launch in May of 2020. This is exciting news as we will be one step closer from being out from under the nose of the Russians in getting astronauts to the ISS. This will be a monumental achievement.

SpaceX One Million Dollar Launch Fee #1423
February 07, 2020

One million dollars and SpaceX will launch 440 kilograms into space. This is down 1 million dollars and now can be all scheduled online and of course, they take American Express. Lot’s of great news stories today that you will want to tune into the sho...

Google Revenue #1422
February 04, 2020

Google Revenue and profits are up but they missed expectations and the stock is down 3%. Funny how missing revenue by a few million over billions of dollars makes the stock market stupid. I’m back in the Coldwater studio and will be for 2 more shows be...

Amazon Blows out Earnings Report #1421
January 31, 2020

Amazon blows out earnings report and the stock market is rewarding it with a massive increase in stock price. Very obvious that the economy is pretty much on fire here. Apologize for no show on Monday its been a crazy week with three 12 hour days in a ...

Sonos Yields on Bricking #1420
January 24, 2020

Sonos Yields on Bricking devices after the Sonos owners community screamed bloody murder. It’s nice to see that they realized they made a bad decision and will work to bridge new and old devices. Instead of forcing folks to upgrade and then bricking th...

Are we the Aliens #1419
January 21, 2020

Are we the Aliens a new study is saying that UFO sightings today could very well be time traveling humans from the future. Well if they are I need some stock advice. Good to be back in the New Media Productions Studio designed by

SpaceX to Blow up a Rocket #1418
January 17, 2020

SpaceX to blow up a rocket as part of one of the final tests before they put humans in their capsule. It should be an exciting launch and a big boom. Pile of content for you tonight back in the studio in Michigan on Monday.

Back from CES 2020 #1417
January 14, 2020

CES 2020 is in the books but the coverage will continue in the months to come with the new strategy that I have employed for covering the show. We delivered 40 hours of content and I scoured the floor for the vendors that I will highlight over the comi...