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Big Tech is Fine with Corporate Tax Hikes #1521
April 15, 2021

Big tech thinks corporate tax hikes of 7% are acceptable when they barely pay and federal taxes, to begin with, is quite obtuse of them. When they start paying their fair share. Small companies like mine take the brunt of corporate tax increases it rea...

Facebook Labeled by Apple as Peeping Tom #1520
April 12, 2021

Apple has labeled Facebook as a Peeping tom upping the war between them and explaining you do not need to accept Facebook tracking and spying on you. So please say no to track when you get IOS 14.5 this is your chance to stop the madness.

100 Billion in EV Rebates #1519
April 08, 2021

The 2.25 Trillion stimulus package being promoted by the White House contains 100 billion dollars for EV rebates. So if you were thinking about an Electric Vehicle I think I would delay in going picking one up before seeing what kind of free cash from ...

Mars Helicopter Survives #1518
April 05, 2021

Mars Ingenuity rover’s Helicopter has survived its first nite on Mars paving the way for test and potential hover flight on April 11th this is all good news as NASA is hitting all its milestones so far with this program.

Big Tech killed Arizona App Legislation #1517
April 01, 2021

Big Tech primarily Google hired nearly all the lobbyist in Arizona to pressure the legislature to not vote on a bill that would have caused both Apple and Google to lose revenue in that app developers would have been able to use third party payment pro...

Unlock Everything with your Phone #1516
March 25, 2021

In the very near future, you will be able to unlock nearly anything with your phone. You may even be able to have your Passport and or Drivers license embedded in your phone. We will see how the adoption of that goes as people are very wary that it wil...

On New Iron #1515
March 22, 2021

Amiss the publishing of the last show the server that GNC resides on fell over sideways and crashed harder than an airplane with no fuel. It went totally down and I was quite lucky that Angelo Mandato was still awake as he came to the site’s rescue and...

Facebook will read your Brain waves #1514
March 18, 2021

Facebook is working on a new device that will read your brain waves in order to power a device that will let you type like a keyboard without having a keyboard or control lights and devices with hand gestures tied to eye wear and a wearable arm band.

Google Incognito Lawsuit to Advance #1513
March 15, 2021

Googles 5 Billion dollars incognito lawsuit is being allowed to advance. This is after Google has worked hard to get it dismissed but it has enough legs to proceed and obviously Google is not happy. So we will see where this one goes.

SpaceX Expands Starlink Options #1512
March 09, 2021

SpaceX as I predicted will be expanding its options for its Starlink ground stations by putting them on big trucks, airplanes, RV’s, and a whole host of moving objects. Become an Insider today to get access to this very private,