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Comcast Internet Caps #1490
November 23, 2020

Comcast Internet Caps are coming and if you use more than 1.2tb of bandwidth they are going to hammer you with a $10 per 50gb charge which is insane considering the 50gb of data cost them about 25 cents. With parents and kids at home this is another sl...

Paypal competes with GoFundMe #1489
November 19, 2020

Paypal is attempting to compete with GoFundMe in a limited way.. After a series of unfortunate equipment failures, I am asking for your consideration of being an Insider supporter. While I am being very careful in my budgeting in the studio an unexpect...

AI Newscaster makes Debut in Korea #1488
November 16, 2020

Scientist in Korea has debuted the first-ever AI Newscaster that was modeled after a well-known newscaster in Korea. The likeness is startling and while I do not speak Korean an observation of the mannerisms and speech pattern were nearly duplicated af...

Google to End Free Photo Storage #1487
November 12, 2020

Google is ending free photo storage and pushing everyone to Google One. This part of ongoing bait and switch techniques companies do over the years, get you hooked on a free product, and then say ok you now have to pay.

Apple One More Thing #1486
November 09, 2020

Apple One more thing event is bad news for Intel but good news for Apple as they will be in control of almost their entire infrastructure. This is expected to be a historic day and we may not see another one like it in our lifetime.

Spy on your Neighbors with a Doorcam #1485
November 05, 2020

Spy on your Neighbors is something many do. But connecting your Doorcam to a police surveillance center to allow the police to spy are two different things. What have we become when this can be even considered a good thing.

Tesla Upgrade Removes the Radio! #1484
October 29, 2020

A Tesla upgrade on some of its late model cars removed the AM/FM Radio along with SiriusXM but for $500 they can get is back. This is the funniest thing I have heard in ages and want to really congratulate Elon Musk for screwing over the radio industry...

Facebook registers 4.4m voters #1483
October 26, 2020

Facebook registers 4.4 million voters which is not hard to believe considering how aggressive they were at trying to get you to register even when you told them you already were. I personally think it’s none of Facebooks business though to know if I am...

Facebook and Twitter under scrutiny #1482
October 22, 2020

Facebook and Twitter have gotten a little too big for their britches and now they are going to have to go answer to the Senate judicial committee on their ongoing censorship of news organizations. It has become apparent that they are at best political ...

TikTok Banning QAnon #1481
October 19, 2020

TikTok has declared war on QAnon content and anyone sharing or posting that type of content is getting there accounts banned. Once more a tech company deciding what you should or should not watch. We had a video recording failure tonight so it will be ...