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Apple Retail Employees are Struggling #1572
December 02, 2021

There is a pretty bad article out on how Apple treats its retail hourly employees. We know retail can be brutal but it seems some employees are having a very rough go of it. One of our GNC family memb

Microsoft in Trouble with EU on Bundling #1571
November 29, 2021

Microsoft is once again fighting against companies they have edged out through bundling making it harder for them to compete. There is an ongoing issue with companies that cry they cannot innovate whe

Facebook Papers to be Released #1570
November 22, 2021

Facebook papers to be released by Gizmodo and others upon review. Should be a great read to see the inner workings of Facebook. I am back from Hawaii with a hell of a scare on my back all the details

Russia Blows Up a Satellite #1569
November 15, 2021

Russia has blown up a Satellite into thousands of pieces and is recklessly endangering the other orbital satellites and the team on the International Space Station had to go to their capsules for real

Apple Legacy Contacts #1568
November 11, 2021

Apple is implementing Legacy contacts as a way for you to designate someone to get access to your iCloud account when you die and have access to that content. I have been pondering many of the questio

65 Billion Broadband Plan or Scam #1567
November 08, 2021

With the massive infrastructure bill passed will the 65 Billion earmarked for Broadband expansion actually work or will it just be a scam as it has been in the past to get internet service providers e

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin Smack Down #1566
November 04, 2021

Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin team have been smacked down by a judge and their lawsuit going after SpaceX and NASA has been dismissed. Personally, I think if Blue Origin spent more time getting highe

Facebook Pages the Ultimate PR Disaster #1565
November 01, 2021

Facebook has an ongoing PR disaster on its hands with thousands of internal company research papers to show how bad the company has been misbehaving over the years on a wide variety of fronts. Yet it

Facebook had mixed results in its earnings #1564
October 25, 2021

Kirk here back with you all as guest host for this Monday’s episode while Todd is away, he will be back on Thursday. In this episode, over the past week Facebook’s own oversight board calls them out f

Trump planning to launch his own social media #1563
October 21, 2021

Hi, Kirk is back with you all as guest host for this episode and this upcoming episode on Monday, October 25th for Todd while he is away on travel. Happy to be back in the guest host chair and on this