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What is Sovereign Data? #1602
May 23, 2022

So what is sovereign data? It is the attempt by a growing list of countries that want to keep the data flow of their citizens within the boundaries of their own countries. While this will be expensive

Apple iPod Touch end of an Era #1601
May 12, 2022

Apple has decided to stop the production of the iPod Touch. This is sad as the first iPod debuted in 2001. So the series of devices have had a pretty great run. I will be on the hunt to add one of the

Episode 1600!
May 09, 2022

Episode 1600 is finally in the can with your host fighting a massive head cold. Super excited to take you down memory lane. Give out a prize and also give away some money for the next show. This has b

Russia is getting Cyber Attacked #1599
May 02, 2022

Finally, the table turns and Russia is on the defense as hackers go after targets in Russia. They seem to have great success. Considering hackers largely left Russia alone before they are now actively

Elon Musk Twitter Acquisition Deemed Hostile #1598
April 14, 2022

In late reporting, the Twitter board has deemed Elon Musk's offer to buy Twitter as unwelcome signaling that things are about to get ugly and that Musk may have to go to war if he really wants twitter

Hostile Takeover of Twitter? #1597
April 11, 2022

Is Elon Musk posing to do a hostile takeover of Twitter after he announced he will not join the board of directors and that he may take a bigger stake? Also, my order for Starlink has finally gotten a

Elon Musk buys 9.2% stake in Twitter #1596
April 04, 2022

Elon Musk one to put money where his mouth has purchased a 9.2% stake in Twitter after complaining several weeks ago that he did not feel they were living up to free speech standards and threatening t

Hacking a Decommissioned TV Satellite #1595
March 31, 2022

Researchers ran a test on a decommissioned TV Satellite with permission to see how easy it would be to take a channel over and broadcast to North America. Something in me would be pretty thrilled to b

RoboBurger Vending Machine Debuts #1594
March 28, 2022

If you're in New Jersey you will need to go to the mall and try RoboBurger, seems like someone has come up with a machine to make you a fresh hot steaming burger. Not something that is microwaved and

Webb Telescope Health Update #1593
March 17, 2022

The Webb telescope alignments and performance is exceeding scientist expectations in early testing and as final alignments wrap up the space telescope will soon be able to start doing real science and