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Movie Studio In Space #1580
January 20, 2022

By 2024 there may be a movie studio in space attached to the International Space Station. Then Tom Cruz will hitch a ride to ISS on a SpaceX Flight to film the movie. It’s getting real when they want

Paypal Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Money Seizures #1579
January 17, 2022

Paypal for years has been known to seize accounts and not tell the account holders why their accounts have been seized, they will now potentially face a class-action lawsuit by several of those victim

Norton Crypto Miner #1578
January 10, 2022

Norton Crypto Miner has been put in Norton 360 what the heck were they thinking. I am reconsidering my use of their product line for this absolute insanity. I also cover what happened at CES.

Starlink Speeds Slowing Down #1577
December 27, 2021

It is being reported that Starlinks speeds are decreasing as they add more subscribers and with the never-ending race to get more satellites in the air the Starlink team will have to work hard to keep

Amazon Stops Ban on Cell Phones #1576
December 20, 2021

Amazon stops ban on cell phones in the warehouses as it appears that they used texting as the main way to warn employees. I have worked jobs where you could not have a cell phone in vast aircraft hang

Amazon Actions being Questioned in Storm Response #1575
December 16, 2021

Amazon Actions are under serious scrutiny on whether they reacted properly in response to storm warnings and Tornado warnings that saw a massive loss of life across multiple states last Friday. Produc

Bill Gates has had a rough year! #1574
December 09, 2021

Bill Gates seems to think anyone cares he has had a bad year. Like the rest of the world hasn’t little sympathy from me. Seems that money cannot buy happiness. It’s a little ironic that he had to get

Elon Musk Controlling Space #1573
December 06, 2021

Elon Musk is controlling space a ESA boss is complaining that EU companies are not able to keep up with the fast-paced company. They need to slow him down and not let him have all of the low earth orb

Apple Retail Employees are Struggling #1572
December 02, 2021

There is a pretty bad article out on how Apple treats its retail hourly employees. We know retail can be brutal but it seems some employees are having a very rough go of it. One of our GNC family memb

Microsoft in Trouble with EU on Bundling #1571
November 29, 2021

Microsoft is once again fighting against companies they have edged out through bundling making it harder for them to compete. There is an ongoing issue with companies that cry they cannot innovate whe