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Apple 1 Million Dollar Bounty #1388
August 09, 2019

Apple is offering a 1 Million dollar bug bounty for bugs found in its kernel. This is by far the biggest bounty ever offered and should help incentivize people to turn in those bugs. I had an event that went late last evening thus the Friday morning re...

Cloudflare Terminates 8Chan #1387
August 05, 2019

Cloudflare terminated the service of 8Chan today and there reasoning is laid out in a public posting. It’s a crazy world we live in now and companies are forced to make business decisions based upon what is happening in the world and I do not blame the...

YouTube Tweaks #1386
August 01, 2019

YouTube is tweaking the signals it uses to rank kids video. There are winners and losers in this content game. When will creators learn that they need to take control of there brands and quit playing Russian roulette with their incomes?

Sprint – T-Mobile DOJ Green Light #1385
July 30, 2019

Sprint – T-Mobile finally gets the green light from the Department of Justice. So we will see how long it now takes for the deal to close as they are battling a number of state attorney generals as well. I am down in Columbus today with a busy schedule...

Facebook 5 Billion Dollar Privacy Fine #1384
July 26, 2019

Facebook has been hammered with a 5 billion dollar privacy violation fine. The biggest fine for Privacy violations in US history. It is a historic amount and some think it was not enough. What say you. Back in the Michigan studio for one show then back...

Huawei conspiring with North Korea? #1383
July 23, 2019

Huawei has some very serious allegations that it is facing in providing export-controlled gear to North Korea and if found to be true would be a very serious issue. What say you? I am headed back to Michigan tomorrow so I look forward to working on the...

Back in Blubrry Studio #1382
July 15, 2019

I am back in the Blubrry studio and excited to get started putting it together to be able to do video in the next couple of weeks. Lots of work to make that happen and make it look good but I am excited that I am getting close to that reality.

Studio Design is 90% Complete #1381
July 12, 2019

The new GNC Studio Design is 90% complete and I have to get the colors locked in the pricing was also sent to me and its a bit more than I had planned on but I will see if I can fit it in the budget. I am quite excited to be in a position … Continue re...

Instagram Bullying #1380
July 09, 2019

Instagram Bullying is on the decline according to the company as they have been stepping up moderation and using AI to detect activity that should be reviewed. It’s an upward battle as their numbers of users continue to grow and the innovative ways peo...

SpaceX Reusability Plan #1379
July 02, 2019

SpaceX is ramping up it’s reusability of rocket bodies and even I am amazed at there end goal of re-using a rocket body up to a 100 times. I have some thoughts on what this means for everyone over time and the upfront risk it poses to SpaceX.