Everything’s An Illusion Podcast

Everything’s An Illusion Podcast

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33 – Colin Wood – EU – A case for remain.
July 08, 2016

Colin Wood –...

32 – Brexit – What’s next ?
July 01, 2016

Brexit, the Euro...

29 Matt Masterson – MMA, Yoga, Sci Fi and more.
June 08, 2016

Matt Masterson professional...

26 – Panama papers,Chinese Super phones, Environment, Game of thrones and more
April 19, 2016

Panama papers, Chinese Super phones, Environmentalism, Game of thrones and more . So sit back, relax and join Big Robb and the bearded master of SCI FI Greg Andrew as we taken another trip down the rabbit whole.

25 – Serpent Overlords, VR Headsets, Vaporised Weed, Deadpool
April 09, 2016

In this episode I rattle through the idea that we are farmed by an evolved serpent race , descended from dinosaurs!! Then I have a look at VR headsets and my personal experience with Googles Cardboard, from VR I moved over to medicine I have a look at ...

24 – Temple of Set, TRUMP, Unplugging from the grid and more
March 18, 2016

Hello and welcome to another episode of Everything's An Illusion Podcast . The podcast where we questions everything!! In this episode we look at the Temple of set an off shoot of the Church of Satan and the Left hand path of magik.