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Everything’s An Illusion Podcast

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43- Pyramids,Russians,JFK,TR3B,Death,Catalonia
November 12, 2017

43- Join us as we discuss Pyramids, Russians, JFK, TR3B, Death, Catalonia.  Sit back and relax as we cover everything in this epics podcast. - 1) 0 - 18 minutes - Pyramids - Various scientific teams have discovered new cavities int eh great pyramid,

42 – Ancient Aliens
September 10, 2017

42 - Ancient Aliens Join us as we discuss  Ancient Aliens.  Sit back and relax as we cover everything from the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, Uruk, Iraq, the 1 st civilisation , domesticated crops, domesticated animals, the missing link,

41- Game Of Thrones – USA WTF – Mayweather vs McGregor
August 24, 2017

41- Game Of Thrones - USA WTF - Mayweather vs McGregor - Join us as we discuss the season 7 of the Game of Thrones. Who is the Night King, whats Brans part in the future? Will Jon have to make the decision which creates RR Martins bitter sweet ending ...

40 – Masato Toys – Writing
June 30, 2017

40 - Masato Toys - Writing - Episode 40 I am again joined by the awesome Masato of Masato Toys fame. We talk creativity, writing, making your projects a reality and more. So if your in to creativity, writing and finding inspiration this is the epi...

39 – Best Sci-Fi Films Ever!!
April 04, 2017

Join us as we discuss the best Sci-Fi films ever released. Our host Robb is again joined by the bearded master of Sci-Fi Mr Greg Andrew, so we thought we would finally get round to discussing our all-time greatest science fiction films.

38- Aliens
December 10, 2016

38- Aliens In...

37 – Trump,Smartphones,Fake news
November 26, 2016

37 – Trump,Smartphone...

36 -The Bock Saga – Jim Chesnar
September 07, 2016

The Bock Saga...

34 – Bock Saga, Scientology,Tony Robins and more
July 29, 2016

Bock Saga, Going Clear Scientology and the prison of belief, Tony Robins I am not your Guru, Self publishing, Creative Industries viral post, American politics. Hello and welcome to another episod