Everything’s An Illusion Podcast

Everything’s An Illusion Podcast

24 – Temple of Set, TRUMP, Unplugging from the grid and more

March 18, 2016

Hello and welcome to another episode of Everything's An Illusion Podcast . The podcast where we questions everything!! In this episode we look at the Temple of set an off shoot of the Church of Satan and the Left hand path of magik. Then we have a look at the American political system, finally imagining what the world would look like if TRUMP was voted in as President. From here we move on to an old favourite in Artificial Intelligence and the movie Ex Machina, from plugged in to unplugged , we then look at the benefits of unplugging for a week or even totally. Finally we look at the art and science of questioning everything, with the idea that Everything we know is wrong!! So sit back and relax, it is time for EP24 of the Everything's An Illusion Podcast.


Temple of Set
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