Dr Reality - Dave Champion

Dr Reality - Dave Champion

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Ep 1060 – The Trump Indictment – An Objective Analysis
June 23, 2023

Dr. Champion takes you from A to Z on the Trump Indictment, including telling you the true underlying reason for the indictment that the media isnt talking about. Dave looks at several claims about t

Ep 1059 – Amazing Health Results After 5 Years In Ketosis!
June 16, 2023

Dr. Champion shares his 5-year journey of living in ketosis so you might know what to expect if you decide to fuel your hundred trillion cells the same way humans did for millions of years, before we

Ep 1058 – Gun control laws are falling like dominoes across the US! Here’s what you need to know
May 27, 2023

Dr. Champion discusses the Bruen test that has been striking down gun control laws across the nation and will continue doing so. What is the Bruen test? Where did it come from? How is it striking

Ep 1057 – The Next Subjects For Big Tech Censorship!
May 18, 2023

Dr. Champion discusses likely subjects for upcoming censorship under YouTube & Facebooks post-COVID pay-to-play censorship scheme. Dr. Champion shares the science behind how to prevent getting cancer

Ep 1056 – Progressives Are Making It Harder To Stop Mass Shootings!
May 14, 2023

Dr. Champion shares the counterproductive lies, ignorance, and incendiary rhetoric from leading Progressive Michael Tomasky that is making it more difficult to address the urgent business of finding a

Ep 1055 – Devastation From Artificial Intelligence Can’t Be Overstated! AI Has Leaped Decades Ahead
May 08, 2023

Dr. Champion shares crucial information being put out by AI experts who are sounding the alarm that AI has leaped decades ahead of what scientists and researchers anticipated and now presents an exist

Ep 1054 – Champion Interviewed About The Income Tax Scam, mRNA Vaccine Failures, Masks, and Social Media Censorship
May 01, 2023

Dr. Champion is interviewed by The Lucid Libertarian with Lori-ann on a wide range of subjects, including the income tax, the fact that mRNA vaccines do not produce memory T cells, mask science, and

Ep 1053 – More FAKE SCIENCE And The WAR ON MEAT!
April 25, 2023

Dr. Champion examines two recent claims reported by the press from so-called scientific studies. The claims are that eating meat causes cancer, and causes type II diabetes. Dave takes you into the r

Ep 1052 – The Americans Who Are F#%king Over Other Americans!
April 19, 2023

Dr. Champion asked why some Americans are f#%king over a whole lot of other Americans. Why are Americans destroying the right of property? The Founding Fathers believed the right of property was synon

Ep 1051 – Jury Nullification Is Your RIGHT – And It Checks Govt Overreach!
April 12, 2023

Dr. Champion introduces long-lost TV show footage in which he participated on a panel discussing JURY NULLIFICATION. The debate is revealing and fascinating. Every American should know what jury nulli