Dr Reality - Dave Champion

Dr Reality - Dave Champion

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Ep 1059 – Commentary: Why Americans Continue Losing Personal Liberty
October 13, 2021

Dr Reality discusses disturbing current events as a platform from which to examine why government’s repugnant acts just keep happening – and have for decades. See Dave’s books at https://drreality.new

Ep 1058 – Rudy Giuliani Just Testified Under Oath About Election Fraud!
October 07, 2021

Dr Reality discusses Rudy Giuliani’s August 14, 2021 sworn testimony concerning alleged vote tampering by an employee of Dominion Voting Systems. Dave’s books can be found at https://drreality.news

Ep 1057 – Testing YouTube’s New Nazi-Like Censorship!
October 04, 2021

Dr Reality tests the boundaries of YouTube’s new Nazi-like censorship policies meant to ensure only the establishment’s narrative on SARS-CoV-2, and the vaccines is seen on YouTube. Dave’s books are a

Ep 1056 – US Media Blackout On Critical SARS-CoV-2 Facts
September 29, 2021

Dr Reality discusses subjects concerning which the U.S. media has entered into a conspiracy of silence with the federal government to keep Americans in the dark about critical data needed to make corr