Dr Reality - Dave Champion

Dr Reality - Dave Champion

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Ep 1069 – New Mexico’s Ban On Carrying A Gun. The BIG MISTAKE Pro-Gunners Are Making!
September 18, 2023

Dr. Champion takes you through an analysis of the New Mexico statutes Governor Grisham cites as her authority to suspend the unalienable right of carrying a firearm by declaring a ‘public health emerg

Ep 1068 – Should Joe Biden Be In Prison, As Some People Claim?
September 12, 2023

Dr. Champion examines the claim that President Biden should be sitting in a prison cell rather than the Oval Office. Dave discusses the federal statute that it seems most likely those on the Right bel

Ep 1067 – WHO Pandemic Treaty ENFORCEMENT Mechanism REVEALED! And NEW CENSORSHIP in America
August 25, 2023

Dr. Champion discusses how plans are moving forward right now to INCREASE CENSORSHIP in America! Those who favor the WHO Pandemic Treaty claim there is no enforcement mechanism so all nations may do a

Ep 1066 – How Musk Plans To Change Your Life – and America!
August 15, 2023

Dr. Champion discusses Elon Musks plan to revolutionize X (formerly Twitter) and in doing so revolutionize America and how Americans will handle their online affairs, both personal and business. Dave

Ep1065 – IRS Has ZERO Authority Over Your Domestic Income! Check Out These Facts
July 28, 2023

Dr. Champion takes you on a wild ride from a statute, to an executive order, to a treasury order, to a regulation, and to the IRSs Internal Revenue Manual, all used collaboratively to intentionally m

Ep 1064 – How To Reclaim Your Authority and Personal Liberty In Our Modern World
July 27, 2023

Dr. Champion welcomes special guest Ernie Fowlke for an intriguing and revealing discussion about reclaiming personal authority and personal liberty. Completely unscripted. You may learn some new thin

Ep 1063 – Judge Enjoins US Govt From Any Further Censorship! The Facts You Need To Know
July 14, 2023

Dr. Champion gives you the facts you need to know about the federal court injunction prohibiting the US federal government from having any further contact with social media companies concerning remova

Ep 1062 – Why Federal Gun Laws Do NOT Apply In States Of The Union!
July 10, 2023

Dr. Champion breaks down precisely how the US govt has scammed the American people concerning where, exactly, federal firearms laws are operative and it isnt in the states of the Union! Daves book

Ep 1061 – SCOTUS To Review Biden’s Unconstitutional Tax Scam! A Crucial Case For America’s Future
June 27, 2023

Dr. Champion discusses that the US Supreme Court has accepted an appeal concerning Joe Bidens unconstitutional tax scam. Dave explains the disaster that awaits America if the Court gets this one wron

Ep 1060 – The Trump Indictment – An Objective Analysis
June 23, 2023

Dr. Champion takes you from A to Z on the Trump Indictment, including telling you the true underlying reason for the indictment that the media isnt talking about. Dave looks at several claims about t