Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Digital Download with Paul Sutton

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My Business Very Nearly Cost Me My Home
December 05, 2023

In 2006 I quit my secure, salaried job in a PR agency to set up a business selling luxury pet accessories. Three years later and I was just a few short weeks away from losing my house and being declar

Screen Time, Burnout & techtimeout
November 21, 2023

The average person spends the equivalent of one entire month per year looking at their phone. They check it an average of 58 times per day. Overall screen time is at an all time high of 12 hours per d

Need to Know: The Impact of Technology on the Future of PR
November 07, 2023

In the face of changes in the way Google works, how artificial intelligence is making inroads into copywriting and data analysis, the decline of conventional media and developments at X (formerly Twit

Need to Know: Google Analytics 4 for Communications Pros
October 24, 2023

The introduction of Google Analytics 4 this summer was not exactly a surprise. Google had given several years' warning that Universal Analytics would stop collecting data and that users should begin t

Need to Know: The Future of Social Media
October 10, 2023

Social media is now 15 years old and communications consultants are grappling with a series of fundamental issues related to a brand or organisation's use of social networks. While platforms implement

Need to Know: Sustainable Business Communications
September 26, 2023

Barely a day now goes by without a new climate milestone being broken or another extreme weather event wreaking havoc somewhere in the world. But while the causes of climate change are widely acknowle

Need to Know: The Impact of AI on Communications
September 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era of effective intelligent and convenient communication. At least, that's what ChatGPT would have you believe. But while the market for AI tools has expl

‘Need to Know’ season trailer
September 06, 2023

After a much longer than anticipated hiatus, the Digital Download podcast is back. And we're diving back into the digital communications world with a series of shows intended to catch you up on the la

Climate Crisis: What Are Communicators’ Moral Obligations?
July 19, 2022

As the UK sweltered through record high temperatures this week, climate misinformation went into overdrive. Recent reports show high levels of greenwashing and non-existent impact assessments of organ

What do Consumers Want from Brands in 2022?
July 05, 2022

With social justice, the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, COVID, the environment and the US Senate dominating the news agenda, there's an awful for consumers to take in. So when it comes to the