Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Digital Download with Paul Sutton

Need to Know: The Impact of AI on Communications

September 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era of effective intelligent and convenient communication. At least, that’s what ChatGPT would have you believe. But while the market for AI tools has exploded over the last few months, many of those working within the communications industry are left either confused or overwhelmed. And when you add the prospect of AI being left unchecked to develop at incredible speed and the fact that an increasing number of tech specialists have voiced their concerns, it’s all a bit of a worrying time.

So today on Digital Download we’re delving into AI: the potential impact on our jobs, the tools, the ethics, and where on earth we should start in order to future proof our careers!

You can find the full transcript of this episode here: Impact of AI Transcript