The CX Hustle Podcast

The CX Hustle Podcast

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Triple Zero Contact Centre Part 2
October 07, 2018

We continue our fascinating insight into the ESTA (Triple Zero) call centre and how they manage the call centre and their staff in a high-stakes workplace.

Understanding Erlang C for call centres
September 21, 2018

A great podcast to fast-track your learning of the Erlang C formula that is used to calculate workload and service levels in a call centre. Fundamental to all call centres!

Triple Zero Contact Centre Part 1
September 14, 2018

ESTA is the contact centre that handles the Triple Zero emergency calls in Victoria and in this podcast, we get an amazing insight into their call centre operations and people management.

What are Net Promoter Scores?
August 22, 2018

If you've heard the term NPS but not quite sure what it means then this episode will explain the basics behind the Net Promoter Score along with some of the common pitfalls businesses are making, especially in a contact centre environment. 

Interview with Daniel Ord
June 03, 2018

This episode Justin is joined by Founder & Director of Omnitouch Daniel Ord as they discuss a range of topics impacting the call centre industry.

The CX Hustle Podcast Introduction
May 14, 2018

Join Justin Tippett as the host of the CX Hustle podcast as he brings you the latest tips, insights and trends specifically relating to Customer Experience (CX) and call centres including interviews with key Call Centre industry leaders.