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Natural Remedies for Breast Cysts You Need Now!
October 15, 2021

Episode 55-Aside from menstrual issues, we women also regularly deal with breast health issues. Do your breasts feel tender, lumpy, or painful around your period? Maybe you're dealing with breast cyst

Banish Painful Periods Forever With These Tips
September 24, 2021

Episode 54-Many, many women dread "that time of the month" because every month, they experience crippling painful periods. When I was a teenager, I became a frequent visitor to the nurse's office ever

How to Get Fast, Natural Relief for Hot Flashes
September 10, 2021

Episode 53-If you are a woman in your 40's, you are probably in the years known as perimenopause. It is during these years--especially in your late 40's--that you may start experiencing hot flashes as

7+ simple natural yeast infection remedies for you to try
August 27, 2021

Episode 52-Most women at some point in their lives get a yeast infection. Most of the time, we reach for an over-the-counter anti-fungal medication. But, sometimes we experience nasty side effects fro

Easy Tips For How to Help PMS Symptoms Improve
August 13, 2021

Episode 51-Many women struggle with monthly cramps, cravings, irritability, and other symptoms. In this podcast, Julie kicks off a series on women's health with some easy tips for how to help PMS symp

Amazing Sage Uses and Benefits Beyond the Crockpot
April 30, 2021

Sage is a wonderful garden plant with which you may not be familiar. Listen in as Julie discusses historic and modern sage uses.

Do You Know These Rosemary Uses Beyond Cooking?
April 23, 2021

Do you like to use rosemary in cooking? Well, rosemary is a delicious, aromatic herb, but it also has many historical uses beyond making food taste good. In this episode, join Julie as she discusses rosemary uses beyond cooking.

Surprising Calendula Uses for More than Skin
April 16, 2021

Discover Calendula uses for more than just skin on this podcast with Julie.

Fun Catnip Uses for Humans You Need to Know
April 09, 2021

Catnip is a popular herb for a bit of fun with our cats, but do you know catnip uses for humans?

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Balm for Everyday
April 02, 2021

The benefits of lemon balm for the entire family are worth the effort. Join Julie on Crunchy Christian Podcast today as she talks about this wonderful, mild herb.