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Easy Postpartum Exercise Tips
February 19, 2021

Have you ever wondered about postpartum exercise and how to do it safely? Gentle exercise is an important part of the recovery process and integral to health. Today, Julie interviews Beth Learn of Fit2B Studios about her journey and about some easy pos...

Food Shortage? Not If You Eat Wild!
February 12, 2021

Join Julie today as she talks with herbalist and naturalist, Karen Stephenson of Edible Wild Food about how to combat food shortage and gain better nutrition through edible wild foods.

Honoring Your Body Through Fitness
February 05, 2021

Join Julie today as she talks with personal trainer, De Bolton of Faith Fueled Mom about honoring your body through fitness. As we know, our bodies are the temple of God and are an important part of how we honor our Lord.

Embracing an Herbal Lifestyle: Some Insights
January 29, 2021

Want to know about embracing an herbal lifestyle? Join Julie on today’s episode as she interviews Jamie Fivecoate Larrison of The Herbal Spoon. She is a trained herbalist and in addition to her own site, she is also the DIY and Natural Remedies Editor ...

How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally
January 22, 2021

Want to know how to control blood sugar naturally? Julie gives some tips in this week’s Crunchy Christian Podcast episode. First, she discusses the differences between simple and complex carbs. This is because controlling your intake of simple carbs is...

How Sugar Affects the Body
January 15, 2021

Ever wonder if that donut is as harmless as it looks? An occasional treat won’t hurt you, but a daily habit might do more harm than just add a few pounds. Find out more about how sugar affects the body in this podcast. How Sugar Affects the Body

The Low Down on Artificial Sweeteners
January 08, 2021

Do you use artificial sweeteners in your morning coffee? How about diet soda or in baking? Find out more about what they are and what they do to your body in this episode about the low down on artificial sweeteners with Julie Polanco. -

Cinnamon Benefits and Uses
December 18, 2020

We love our pumpkin spice, apple pies, snickerdoodle cookies, and other cinnamon flavored goodies during the holidays. But did you know that cinnamon benefits your health in many ways, too? Learn more in this podcast with Julie Polanco.

Peppermint Benefits and Uses
December 11, 2020

Ever wonder how peppermint came to be associated with Christmas? Learn the story and more about peppermint benefits and uses with Julie Polanco in this podcast episode. Peppermint Benefits and Historic Uses Mentha piperita,

Pine Tree Symbolism and Uses
December 04, 2020

Are you ready for Christmas yet? How about some historical fun with pine tree symbolism and uses? Check out the podcast with Julie and dig into lore from around the world. Pine Tree Symbolism from History and Around the World Europe