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Natural Remedies for Breast Cysts You Need Now!

October 15, 2021

Episode 55-Aside from menstrual issues, we women also regularly deal with breast health issues. Do your breasts feel tender, lumpy, or painful around your period? Maybe you're dealing with breast cysts. In this episode, we'll talk about natural remedies for breast cysts and the difference between cysts and tumors.
Learning more about breast cysts
What causes breast cysts and who gets them?
Breast cysts seem to be correlated to the menstrual cycle. If you have premenstrual syndrome or irregular cycles, you are more likely to get cysts. They are related to hormonal imbalances, but are more common among women under age 50.
What is the difference between breast cysts and breast tumors?
The difference between a breast cyst and a possible breast tumor is that a cyst is a watery, grape-like sac, whereas a tumor is composed of connective and gland tissue. Cysts often show up suddenly and then dissolve after a menstrual cycle. You can usually move them around with your fingers and they also usually cause pain and tenderness. On the other hand, tumors persist, feel more like a mass than a grape, and grow over time. These also tend to feel firm, usually don't move around easily, and often go unnoticed because they don't cause much discomfort.

It is important that you understand the differences and if you aren't sure, check with your medical professional. And of course, you should see a medical professional about any changes in breast tissue that persists or grows. Most of the time, these changes are benign, but you want to make sure you don't have early signs of breast cancer.
Natural remedies for breast cysts
So, we have two things to focus on--balancing hormones and dissolving the cysts. We want to use diet and herbs to help prevent the cysts from appearing in the first place. And, we also want to use natural remedies for breast cysts that appear in the meantime.
Balancing hormones
First, if you are using birth control pills, understand that this could be the cause of your cysts. Birth control pills can also cause blood clots, vitamin deficiencies, headaches, depression, and increased risk for breast cancer. However, it is a personal choice and seems to offer benefits that outweigh the risks for some women. As a Christian, I do not endorse the use of birth control pills, but have used and recommend natural family planning methods.

Second, as you've heard me say many times on this show, diet plays a key role in hormonal health. A diet high in fruits and vegetables, quality fats and proteins, and moderate to low in grains and high carb foods is best. Eliminating sugar or reducing it helps a lot, too. Alfalfa and probiotics also help. Processed foods increase inflammation, overload the liver, and contribute to hormonal imbalance.

Now, let's talk about herbs and oils specific to the breasts and dissolving cysts.
Natural remedies for breast cysts
Herbs for breast cysts include herbs that dissolve cysts generally and those that address breast health overall. If you are lactating or are pregnant, use caution. In addition, herbs that help balance hormones--such as Black Cohosh or Vitex--will also help prevent cysts. Listen to my podcast about PMS to learn more about other herbs that balance hormones. These herbs should be made as teas. Then, soak a clean linen towel with the very warm tea and apply t...