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Special Replay: Teen Consequences
September 20, 2019

Teen Consequences - Special Replay with Jean Burk In this episode, Jean explains teen consequences and the importance of communicating, cultivating and choices! Teen consequences can be life changing or life shattering - we want teens that are succes...

Special Replay: Teens Making Great Choices
September 06, 2019

Teens Making Great Choices Podcast 37 with Jean Burk Podcast 36- How To Raise Competent Teens Podcast 38- Teen Consequences Podcast 39 - Teen Success  - Great Teens Yes, This Means You - Jean is the award-winning author of college prep gen...

Best of College Prep Genius: Checklist Before College – Dorm Life
August 23, 2019

Checklist Before College - Dorm Life with Jean Burke College dorm life can be scary and exciting at the same time. In this podcast Jean Burke shares her long list of things to bring and not forget. - Still preparing for the SAT Test?

Best of College Prep Genius: How To Avoid 6 Common Freshman Mistakes
August 17, 2019

How To Avoid Common Freshman Mistakes by Jean Burk Better to be safe than sorry - right? Here are some things your child may think when they leave for home, now is the time to go over some of these very common freshman mistakes. -

Best of College Prep Genius: Checklist For College – Car and Personal
August 09, 2019

Checklist Before College - Car and Personal with Jean Burk Do you need a check list for college prep? Have you considered what you need for your car or personal items that are necessary to make your life easier away from home?

Best of College Prep Genius: College Grants
July 26, 2019

Best of College Prep Genius:  College Grants What are college grants? And is college worth it if you are saddled in debt? You may go to college for only four years and yet have to pay for twenty! College can be for anyone and in this episode,

Best of College Prep Genius: College Selection Checklist
July 12, 2019

College Selection Checklist with Jean Burke and Felice Gerwitz Jean Burke explains the importance and gives a detailed college selection checklist for students looking for the ideal college. She explains the college search,

College Admissions Adversity Score
June 28, 2019

College Admissions Adversity Score Episode 79 What is the adversity score? The adversity score is designed to help the underprivileged with fifteen factors that are considered for the "adversity score" to be considered valid for a student.

Beat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way
June 14, 2019

Beat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way Episode 78 We've all heard the news accounts of the illegal ways that rich parents try to beat the standardized test scores with high payouts and behind the scenes workarounds.

Best of College Prep Genius: Is College Worthwhile?
May 24, 2019

IS COLLEGE WORTHWHILE? WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? Is college worthwhile? If you have to spend 20 years paying off a college debt? The crushing burden for debt cripples a student's dreams for the future. Any debt is the result of lack of planning.