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Special Replay: The Perfect College For You Is…

March 05, 2020

Special Replay: The Perfect College For You is.. with Jean Burke
There are nearly 5K colleges across our nation and there are so many to choose from. Which college is right for you? What is the best fit for you? Jean Burk explores this question.

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The best fit for you is the one that FITS you! The more info you write down is the best.

* The college search:

* Local? Where your parents went to school? Your friends are going?
* Size? Larger vs. Small School
* Location? How far is the college from my home?
* Special classes you want to take.
* Research
* of Education
* College by rankings:
* Think about your own personality, career goals
* What type of activities does this college offer
* Does it have your major
* Do you play sports? Does it offer that sport?
* Admissions requirement

Use the acronym GREAT 

G – Grades – GPA

R - Rankings

E - Extra curricula activities – clubs and associations, leadership skills

A - Activities – community service

T - Test scores -85% colleges admit and give money based on test scores