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Special Replay: Caution – Career Path Ahead

July 03, 2020

Special Replay:  After High School-Caution, Career Path Ahead with Jean Burke
Podcast #49

It's time to think about college and now is the time to think about the different career paths. While there are many different paths, the main ones will be covered in this podcast with Jean Burk - "Caution - Career Path Ahead."

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Three main career paths after high school are discussed in this podcast on selecting a career path and planning.

* College

* Internships – opportunities before high school
* Costs can vary a few thousand to several hundred thousand for four years
* Basic degree- BA in Business you should take on another degree.
* Two Year Degree –Jr. College
* Different types of jobs requiring 4-Year Degrees
* Different types of jobs requiring a Master’s Degrees

*  Workforce: Vocational Degrees

* Costs approx.: - $1 to 12-15K
* After high school may have a job lined up.

*  Military: Different branches in the armed forces

* GI Bill – pay college
* Officers – for law or medical
* Top Military school – West Point or Annapolis
* Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines
* Enter ROTC program in college |