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Ep. 215 Don't Worry About the Deficit!
January 18, 2020

That's Krugman's message now. Interestingly, back in 2003 the very indicators he's now using to tell us not to worry were actually less pronounced, and yet back then he was warning of a "fiscal train wreck." In any case, today we discuss what the genuine

Ep. 214 Austerity Is Just What the World's Economies Needed
January 05, 2020

Krugman blames the "austerity" that began a decade ago for ensuing economic ills and political instability. This is a fashionable enough view, but the evidence against it is more or less overwhelming. Enjoy! Show notes for Ep. 214 - https://contrakrugman.

Ep. 213 Trump's Tariff War a Flop?
December 23, 2019

Although details are still emerging, a deal has evidently been reached between China and the United States regarding trade. Did Trump accomplish anything (from his standpoint)? Was the whole thing a waste of time and resources? Did it create uncertainty i

Ep. 212 Trump, Crony Capitalism, and Impeachment
December 07, 2019

We discuss the impeachment, Krugman's selective praise for whistleblowers, and what the correct approach to the problem of "crony capitalism" should be. Show notes for Ep. 212 -

Ep. 211 LIVE FROM VIENNA: Is Europe an Example for the U.S.?
November 25, 2019

We recorded this episode before a live audience at -- of all places -- the Austrian central bank in Vienna, where the Austrian Economics Center held a two-day academic conference. We respond to Krugman's key claim: namely, that Eurosclerosis is long over,

Ep. 210 Elizabeth Warren's Fiscal Fantasies
November 08, 2019

Krugman is impressed by the detail and alleged seriousness of Elizabeth Warren's Medicare for All plan and how it will be paid for. Bob and Tom, by contrast, are not so impressed. Show notes for Ep. 210 -

Ep. 209 Robots Aren't the Problem
October 26, 2019

Krugman criticizes Democrats who think automation is behind American job losses. But just when he's sounding sensible, he jumps back into "inadequate spending" being the problem. Show notes for Ep. 209 -

Ep. 208 Debt Is Money We Owe to Ourselves, Idiot!
October 12, 2019

We got a lot of requests for an episode on debt after Krugman tweeted that "debt is money we owe to ourselves." What's the real truth? Show notes for Ep. 208 -

Ep. 207 Krugman Embraces Warren, Discards Economics
October 05, 2019

Historian and podcast host Brion McClanahan joins Bob to discuss Krugman's defense of Elizabeth Warren against the big bad plutocrats, who apparently are threatening to support Trump if she's the Democratic nominee. Krugman dismisses the possibility that

Ep. 206 Are You Deranged for Opposing Regulation?
September 21, 2019

Krugman says people on the political right get inordinately worked up over minor regulations that have a clear public benefit, and that such people now have a champion in the White House. Could there be a reason other than derangement for why people get u