8th & Walton Conference Call Podcast

8th & Walton Conference Call Podcast

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Part 1: Preparing for Your First Walmart Buyer Meeting
November 20, 2019

  Are you a supplier trying to get on the Walmart shelves? Not sure what’s going to be asked or required just before that first meeting? We designed this podcast for you because we’ve already sat on BOTH sides of that Walmart negotiation table!

How Can I Increase My Walmart Purchase Orders?
November 06, 2019

As a Walmart Supplier, if you want bigger purchase orders (POs), what can you do? Can you increase your POs through Retail Link? Is there a process to go through the Walmart Buyer? We get these questions about Walmart POs each week,

2020 Consumer Trends: 1 Source, Labeling, and CBD
October 08, 2019

  What is today’s consumer demanding and what’s rolling out in the months ahead? It’s part of our conversation with this week’s podcast guest Michael Turley. Michael is CEO of Zephyr Foods and returns to the show after touring the 2019 Expo East to see...

Highlights from Walmart SVP Steve Breen Merchandising Presentation
September 25, 2019

(Editor’s note: Want more insights from the presentation or need help prepping for your next Walmart meeting? Click here to have a Walmart expert contact you this week!) In the recent WalStreet Speaker Series, the guest speaker was Steve Breen,

Don’t Miss the Power of Inclusion Luncheon October 10!
September 09, 2019

If you do business in Northwest Arkansas, make plans to attend the Power of Inclusion Luncheon hosted by the Sunshine School and Development Center. Here are the event details: What: Power of Inclusion Luncheon When: Thursday, October 10 from 11:30 a.

Soft Skills Part 2: Too Soft?
August 22, 2019

This week, we continue our conversation with Kirk Baumann, founder of Campus to Career about soft skills in today’s workplace. If you missed last week’s podcast, check it out by clicking here! In addition to helping students prepare for life in the wor...

Taking a Hard Look at Soft Skills
August 12, 2019

  Have you ever been told you need to work on your “soft skills?” What exactly does that mean? More importantly, where do you go to work on this skillset? Our podcast this week deep dives on soft skills with an industry leader who coaches professionals...

Walmart’s Sustainability Vision: Zero Plastic Waste
July 26, 2019

  At the recent WalStreet Fireside Chat, Walmart sharpened its focus on sustainability for itself and suppliers. Laura Phillips, SVP for Global Sustainability at Walmart, detailed plans for the company to achieve zero plastic waste by 2025 through priv...

Update on the Update: Walmart’s New OT & IF with CaseStack
June 25, 2019

Walmart’s On Time and In Full (OT&IF) continues to evolve, and the reality of the latest update is beginning to hit suppliers. Separating the On Time and In Full as independent measurements changes the game drastically on the scorecard as well as the c...

5 Levels of Walmart Retail Link® Reporting
June 11, 2019

  Walmart Suppliers live and breathe by the data generated each week in Retail Link®. From last week’s sales to last month’s On Time and In Full scorecard, decisions on both sides of the Walmart/Supplier meeting table come down to these numbers.