8th & Walton Conference Call Podcast

8th & Walton Conference Call Podcast

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Supplier Boot Camp Kicks Off May 20!
April 22, 2019

We’ve got a great podcast this week dedicated to three kinds of Walmart Suppliers: You’re bringing in summer interns You’ve just hired new employees Your team needs a training session specific to Microsoft Excel, Retail Link®, analytics,

Walmart Suppliers, Item Creation has Changed!
April 08, 2019

  Just when you were comfortable going through the item setup process, Walmart revolutionizes! Like everything else, there’s an adjustment period, but it will be worth it for your business. Joel Graham has been teaching and helping suppliers with the n...

Supporting the Sunshine School and Development Center
March 19, 2019

A great way for suppliers and businesses to team-build is finding activities that help others in local communities. In Northwest Arkansas, there are many ways to get your teams together and support the great folks at the Sunshine School and Development...

Explaining Walmart’s New OT&IF and Online Expectations
March 11, 2019

We’re well over a week out of Walmart’s Supplier Summit and questions are running amuck! How do I enter my items differently for Walmart.com? How is the new online process changing my items in the stores? OTIF is now OT&IF? What’s the difference?

Fun Ways to Support the NWA Children’s Shelter
February 22, 2019

  Great businesses make it a priority to give back to the community that supports them. If you’re doing business in Northwest Arkansas, the are many ways for you to help the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter through volunteerism, donations,

Sign Up Now for NWA Championship Week!
February 18, 2019

If you’re doing business in Northwest Arkansas, you’ll want to get involved in NWA Championship Week! This year, it’s happening June 24 – 30, and while that’s a few months away, NOW is the time to sign up! Click here to find out more about participatio...

Walmart’s Out-of-Stock Root Cause Dashboard
February 08, 2019

  The 2019 Walmart Supplier Summit is days away! As the supplier community speculates on new announcements, one is almost certain: changes to Walmart’s On Time In Full (OTIF) initiative. Walmart has launched various supplier tools to help support OTIF....

Zero Sales: From Phantom Inventory to Out-Day Cycles
January 29, 2019

One of the biggest questions Walmart and Sam’s Club suppliers face is “why are we reporting zero sales?” Finding the root cause of zero sales is a task the 8th & Walton team of experts takes on each week for suppliers across the country.

Augmented Decision Making and the Future of Analytics
January 16, 2019

This week’s podcast not only comes with great information, but also a chance for you to win a new book! Click on this link to enter for your chance to receive a copy of AI for Marketing and Product Innovation.

Can Walmart Suppliers Hit 95% OTIF in 2019?
January 08, 2019

  Walmart’s On Time In Full (OTIF) initiative continues to drive accountability for suppliers. Just as 2018 brought changes to OTIF, there is much anticipation as to how Walmart may update the initiative in 2019.