8th & Walton Retail Supplier Podcast

8th & Walton Retail Supplier Podcast

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InStore Design Display with Trevor Lewis
December 07, 2022

How does that merchandise display complete the customer’s omnichannel experience? What social media is impacting how new displays are designed? That’s part of the conversation on this week’s podcast w

Plug and Play Connects Innovators to Today’s Industry Leaders
November 01, 2022

Large companies like Walmart, Tyson, and JB Hunt are looking for innovation to stay relevant for tomorrows customers. As a young startup or small company developing new solutions, how do you prepare

Walmart’s 4th Quarter Updates and Support
October 18, 2022

During the busy fourth quarter, its easy to miss a new announcement or program update from Walmart. Your team at 8th & Walton stays on top of Walmart communications and changes to existing programs.

What Is Walmart SQEP? Meaning, Phases, Penalties, & More
October 11, 2022

Every Walmart initiative supports one goal: get the customer what they want, when they want it, at an affordable price. In other words, improving the supply chain will not only keep items in stock but

Cybersecurity: 2022 Tips and Threats
August 03, 2022

With all the issues facing Walmart suppliers and other businesses, the threat of a cyber attack is one many do not consider until it happens. But it happens more often that you think! Our guest on the

What Is Item 360? A Guide for Walmart Suppliers
July 13, 2022

Walmart provides its suppliers with a variety of tools and resources to be successful. After getting the agreement to work with Walmart, suppliers get access to their first tool to launch their items

Walmart’s New Labeling and Packaging Guidelines
May 24, 2022

Walmart suppliers have recently been hit with new fines for non-compliance with labeling and packaging. The new fines are taking suppliers by surprise because Walmart updated the guidelines earlier th

New Walmart Announcements, Programs, & Supplier Tools
May 09, 2022

Did you know Walmart updated its packaging requirements this year? Are you up to date with changes on Walmart.com content? Did you just get the yes from Walmart and need to know whats next? Yes, th

Walmart Supply Chain 2022 with RJW
February 23, 2022

Supply chain has met many challenges over the last two years. From new challenges like a global pandemic and drastic consumer demand changes to familiar challenges like capacity and retailer accountab

Walmart RFID Technology: What Suppliers Need to Know
January 31, 2022

(Note: to hear our RFID Retail Supplier Podcast with Mike Graen, click the play button above. Dont forget to request a FREE consultation about your RFID issues.) Suppliers and retailers alike are w