8th & Walton Conference Call Podcast

8th & Walton Conference Call Podcast

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COVID-19 Impact on Walmart Private Label
April 20, 2020

  As COVID-19 and coronavirus continue to dominate headlines, Walmart suppliers have been hit with two challenges: Adjusting to demands during the pandemic Preparing for the “new normal” after the pandemic During times of crisis,

8th & Walton Supports Walmart Canada Suppliers!
April 01, 2020

Are you a supplier currently supporting Walmart Canada? Or are you a Walmart US supplier wanting to expand to Walmart Canada? This podcast is for YOU! Our guest this week is Heather Reid, Director for 8th & Walton’s Canada office.

Trends in Food: Replicating Local Flavors
March 02, 2020

Have you ever traveled across the country or overseas and experienced new, amazing cuisine? When you got back home, did you want to replicate it? Your customers are trying to do it more and more! Whether it’s a great vacation experience or a fun memory...

2020 at the Sunshine School and Development Center
February 25, 2020

When Walmart suppliers and local businesses are looking for ways to give back to the community, one of the most fun and rewarding is getting involved at the Sunshine School and Development Center. Morgan Hilger,

NWA Children’s Shelter Starlight Gala is March 7
February 05, 2020

It’s time once again for one of our favorite events of the year. The Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter is hosting the Starlight Gala on Saturday, March 7. This is their biggest fundraiser of the year to support children in need for the entire state...

Part 2: Supply Chain Solutions for Small Suppliers
January 20, 2020

We continue our conversation with Colby Beland of CaseStack this week about the advantages of small to medium-size suppliers partnering with a consolidator. If you missed out on the beginning of the conversation, have a listen by clicking here.

Supply Chain Solutions for Small Suppliers
January 06, 2020

As a small to medium-size supplier partnering with Walmart, supply chain costs can be enormous. If one of the goals in your 2020 planning is to save money on deliveries and warehousing, it may be wise to consider a consolidator. Colby Beland,

Part 2: Preparing for Your First Walmart Buyer Meeting
December 04, 2019

Our friend Joel Graham, Director of Retail Link® and Sam’s Club Insights for 8th & Walton, returns to the show this week for the second half of our discussion. Last week’s podcast covered what to do before and immediately after your first Walmart meeti...

Part 1: Preparing for Your First Walmart Buyer Meeting
November 20, 2019

  Are you a supplier trying to get on the Walmart shelves? Not sure what’s going to be asked or required just before that first meeting? We designed this podcast for you because we’ve already sat on BOTH sides of that Walmart negotiation table!

How Can I Increase My Walmart Purchase Orders?
November 06, 2019

As a Walmart Supplier, if you want bigger purchase orders (POs), what can you do? Can you increase your POs through Retail Link? Is there a process to go through the Walmart Buyer? We get these questions about Walmart POs each week,