Latest Episodes

Materials Planning/MRP, (Ed Scott) – CP044
February 22, 2019

Fred talks with Ed Scott about his career in Materials Planning, how/why he chose that professional, the various rewards/challenges in that line of work and the increasing impact of technology on the work. They also discuss the value of building relati...

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection, (Steve Ippolito) – CP043
February 13, 2019

Russell talks with Steve Ippolito about how/why he entered the Loss Prevention field. They discuss what it was, and now is, like to work 'security' in the retail environment. Steve shares his thoughts on the evolving nature of 'threats' and 'targets' i...

Consulting/Executive Coaching, Board Membership (Anne DeFrancesco) – CP042
February 10, 2019

Fred talks with Ms.Defrancesco about her career, initially as an educator/administrator in the Public-School system, which she soon leveraged into a role as a Human Resources Development internal consultant/specialist within a large technology company....

Real Estate Brokerage (Holly Chaney) – CP041
February 04, 2019

Fred talks with Ms Chaney about her career as a Real Estate Broker in Florida. They cover her early career, training, licensing and the persistent required to get established in a market. She explains the importance and benefit of getting a Broker's li...

Human Resources/Total Rewards (Tom Wilson) – CP040
January 28, 2019

Fred talks with Tom Wilson, a highly successful Compensation/Total Rewards consultant. They discuss how he navigated from a Training/Development early phase, to Total Rewards where he spent the majority of his career.

Hospitality/Fine Dining Server-Captain pt2 (Michael Pollack) – CP039
January 23, 2019

This is PART 2 of Kevin's conversation with Michael from CP038. They finished their discussion by covering other restaurant topics such as ambiance, specifically noise levels and lighting in restaurants and how they are both challenges and ways to craf...

Hospitality/Fine Dining Server-Captain pt1 (Michael Pollack) – CP038
January 23, 2019

Kevin talks with Michael Pollack about how/why he chose a career in the restaurant business, specifically as a server. Michael explains the 'working structure' of a typical restaurant, including 'front-of-house' roles,

Finance/Treasury (Leo Vannino) – CP037
January 15, 2019

Fred talks with Mr. Vannino about his career in a specialty area of Finance, ‘Treasury’. They briefly discuss his education and early career and then look more closely at the Treasury function. Leo shares his experience as a senior Treasury executive; ...

Human Resources/Training & Organizational Devel. (Mike LaFave) – CP036
January 10, 2019

Fred talks with Mr. LaFave about his career in HR, the early experience of a Rotational & Professional Development Program he was included in; the global travel that followed; his move into consulting and Mike's view on the skills and personal characte...

Human Resources/Compensation (Amy Zimmerman) – CP035
December 30, 2018

Joan talks with Amy Zimmerman about her career in Human Resources and her area of specialty, Compensation. Amy recounts how her career began as a 'Temp' at a Fortune 500 HealthCare Products Retailer, where she happened to be placed in the HR organizati...