Latest Episodes

Registered Pharmacist – CP067
May 15, 2020

Gary talks with Judy, a Registered Pharmacist. They discuss the various organizational settings a Pharmacist can work in (retail, hospital, research, etc) as well as the various ‘specialties’ that have emerged in the field.

Certified Personal Trainer – CP066
May 13, 2020

Gary talks with Mr. Tyson Sunnerberg about his career as a Personal Trainer. Although he graduated with a degree in Travel & Hospitality Management, and was working as a manager in a family style restaurant, he spent all his free time at the gym.

Entrepreneur, Telecom Services – CP065
May 11, 2020

Gary talks with Mr. Fred Wallrapp, founder & CEO of Tribute Telecom, a Telecom & Data services infrastructure provider. Fred discusses his early career in finance and sales management at a large Telecom company; then setting out on his own and starting...

Professional Musician & Bandleader – CP064
May 05, 2020

Gary talks with Mr. Joe Middler about how he became a working professional musician and, fairly early in his career, a bandleader. Joe took piano lessons and a kid, moved to guitar in junior high school, and was in a number of bands. While in college,

Admissions Officer (Higher Education) – CP063
April 30, 2020

Gary talks with Ms. Julie Richmond-Blackburn about her career in College Administration, specifically the Admissions office. Julie explains that she embarked on this career later in life, after starting a family.

Executive Assistant – CP062
April 25, 2020

Gary talks with Kelley Wharff about her career as an Executive Assistant. She talks about her early interests in working in a business and playing a role similar to what her mother did, and found so rewarding.

Architect – CP061
April 21, 2020

Gary talks with Richard DeCoste, a registered architect. Gary discusses his background and the various educational paths that can lead to a career as an architect. He shares an overview of a typical project from the Architect’s perspective and gives in...

Ice Hockey Referee – CP060
April 14, 2020

Gary talks with Brian Burke about his lifelong passion for ice hockey and how he continued his involvement in the sport for some 30 years after college, where he played varsity. Brian reminisces about his childhood days playing hockey in the ‘almost li...

Cosmetology – CP059
April 09, 2020

Gary talks with Samantha Bouchard about her career as a Cosmetologist, and the field of hair styling. They discuss how and why she entered the field, what personal characteristics are key to being successful in that field and how the ‘Art’ and ‘Science...

Career Services (Higher Education) – CP058
April 07, 2020

Gary talks with Ms. Karen Smizer, Director of Career Services Quincy Community College in Quincy MA. Karen shares how she leveraged her early career experience in Insurance and Event Planning into the role she has now.