Latest Episodes

Medicine, (Concierge) Physician (Dr. William Goldberg) – CP053
April 14, 2019

Fred talks with Dr. Goldberg about how/why he chose medicine as his life’s work. They discuss the demands, challenges and rewards of being a doctor, the differences in healthcare resources and patient needs in various parts of the country,

Marketing, Consumer Packaged Goods (Frank Bergin) – CP052
March 29, 2019

Jim Scott talks with Frank Bergin, a consumer packaged goods marketing executive, who has a broad range of experiences from US Naval Officer, to marketing roles in a very large multi-national company and a much smaller entrepreneurial branded products ...

Culinary Arts, Food Service (Dan Chase) – CP051
March 27, 2019

Fred talks with Dan Chase about his career as a Cook and Food Service manager. Dan has worked in several different restaurant and food service environments. He shares his thoughts on the skills needed to succeed in different settings,

Planful Career Management: Pro Football / IT / Pastor (Troy Barnett) – CP050
March 20, 2019

Fred talks with Troy Barnett about his interesting and non-traditional career path. Starting as a 'walk-on' football player for a Div1 college team, then as a 'walk-on' for a pro football team (New England Patriots) his early career was built on determ...

Computer Science (Karl Haviland) – CP049
March 10, 2019

Jim Scott, a new member of the CareerPod team, talks with Karl Haviland a computer scientist who has done, and managed, application development for a variety of industries. Karl talks about the range of industries he’s worked in and his current role as...

National Geographic Master Photographer (Michael Melford) – CP048
February 28, 2019

Fred Talks with Michael Melford, a highly accomplished photographer who spent a good portion of his career at National Geographic as a ‘Master Photographer’. His specialty is Landscape photography but his assignments for National Geographic, Time,

Culinary Arts/Chef (Jim Neal) – CP047
February 25, 2019

Fred talks with Jim Neal about his career as a chef. They discuss how he started in the field, the importance of creativity as opposed to technique, the various areas of responsibility a chef has - from actually cooking to hiring help, ordering,

Sales/Marketing (Terry Tracey) – CP046
February 23, 2019

Fred talks with Mr. Tracey about a career in Sales and Marketing. They discuss what skills and personal qualities are important for success, what the learning curve is like and what types of challenges and rewards are possible.

Procurement/Purchasing (Bill Boodry) – CP045
February 22, 2019

Fred talks with Mr. Boodry about his career as a procurement/purchasing professional. They discuss Bill's broad experience across a number of very different industries; highlighting the 'transferrable' nature of procurement skills specifically and busi...

Materials Planning/MRP, (Ed Scott) – CP044
February 22, 2019

Fred talks with Ed Scott about his career in Materials Planning, how/why he chose that professional, the various rewards/challenges in that line of work and the increasing impact of technology on the work. They also discuss the value of building relati...