Latest Episodes

Human Resources/Employee Relations (Suzanne Collazzo) – CP034
December 29, 2018

Joan talks with Ms Collazzo about her career in Human Resources and her area of specialty, Employee Relations. They discuss how she, Suzanne, initially made career moves in Administrative roles among companies with industry similarities. Then,

Higher Education/Academia (Kathy Yancey) – CP033
December 05, 2018

Joan talks with Ms.Yancey about her career in Academia. Kathy talks about the impact of professors she had in her college years and how they influenced her decision to pursue a career in academia. They discuss the differences in academic careers one ca...

Real Estate Brokerage (Elena Price) – CP032
November 29, 2018

Kevin talks with Ms. Price about her career as a Real Estate Broker. They discuss entering the field, the various licenses and the process of working as an 'agent' yet under the supervision of a 'broker'. They also cover the similarities/differences be...

Travel (Kristin Chambers) – CP031
November 23, 2018

Kevin talks with Ms Chambers about her entry into the Travel field, her early professional experiences at an agency on Nantucket Island, what motivated her to start her own firm and how she decided on the experiential/immersive niche of luxury travel.

Staging/Interior Design/Realty (Santina Giannino) – CP030
November 19, 2018

Kevin talks with Ms Giannino about her career move into ‘Staging’ as a transition from an established career in IT and Marketing. Focusing on her current role as Founder/Owner of Stage It For Success, they discuss how she chose a niche field that is at...

Finance, Private Equity (Tony Pucillo) – CP018
November 16, 2018

Fred talks with Mr. Pucillo about his educational credentials and how he acquired operational and management experience early on, in the Telecom industry. Then they discuss his fast track career success, leveraging his finance/business credentials,

Cosmetology/Special Event Beauty (K. Poutre/R. Flaherty) – CP029
November 16, 2018

Kevin talks with Kim Poutre and Rachel Flaherty about their careers in the beauty field; specifically, Kim as an esthetician and cosmetics sales executive and Rachel as a hair stylist. They discuss various entry/training and licensing considerations as...

Human Resources/Total Rewards (Ted Manley) – CP028
November 14, 2018

Fred talks with Mr. Manley about his career in Human Resources; his focus on, and success in, an HR discipline called 'Total Rewards' which refers to a collection of specialties including Compensation and Benefits (and the various components of each of...

Global Marketing/Market Development (Harlan Chun) – CP027
September 12, 2018

Fred talks with Mr. Chun about how he started his career in marketing and what led to global roles so early in his career. They discuss how 'in-country' cultural factors impact Global Marketing initiatives.

Financial Planning (Brian Kenney) – CP026
September 05, 2018

Fred talks with Mr. Kenny about his career in, and the work of, financial planning. They cover how those services are provided in a large company setting; and later in a small start-up firm. They discuss the emergence of 401k’s (as a departure from tra...