Latest Episodes

Elder Care & Services Consultant – CP075
July 08, 2020

Gary talks with Ms. Gail Samaha about her consulting business, GMS Associates, that is focused on advising families on strategies and resources for caring for aging or infirm family members. Gail shares how her interest in this field evolved from her o...

Sr. Financial Aid Counselor (Higher Education) – CP074
July 06, 2020

Gary talks with Ms Beverly Furtado; a senior Financial Aid Counselor in Higher Education. Beverly talks about her role in counseling students about financial options for, and implications of, paying for a college education.

Director, Career Services (Higher Education) – CP073
July 01, 2020

Lou talks with Mr. Junior Delgado, the Director of the Career Services Center at Westfield State University in Massachusetts. Mr. Delgado explains what is entailed in the role of leading a Career Services team at a small-mid sized college/university,

Car Salesman – CP072
June 17, 2020

Gary talks with Levi Downing who has made a career as a car salesman. Levi shares how he had several sales/retail jobs prior to an opportunity at a car dealership. He immediately knew it was the right industry for him.

Image Consultant, Personal Stylist – CP071
June 16, 2020

Gary talks with Ms Lori Johnson about her career as an ‘Image Consultant / Personal Stylist’. Lori explains her unique early career (in construction and CAD) and how that changed as she decided to follow her passion for fashion/style and her drive to b...

Innovation Leader, Entrepreneur – CP070
June 02, 2020

Gary talks with Mr. Eric Braun who has built a career as an entrepreneur; then as an ‘Innovation Leader’ within large Corporate entities (often not culturally wired for such Centers of Expertise). Eric talks about the essential characteristics of an en...

Entrepreneur, Professional Presence Consulting – CP069
May 26, 2020

Gary talks with Ms Judith Bowman about her entrepreneurial career starting a consulting & training firm focused on teaching ‘soft skills’ that, in addition to communication and presentation skills; included etiquette and various physical/behavioral ski...

Associate Dean (Higher Education) – CP068
May 19, 2020

Gary talks with Mr. Bill Boozang, an Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Programs at Emmanuel College in Massachusetts. Mr. Boozang offers a very comprehensive and thoughtful view of his career as an educator.

Registered Pharmacist – CP067
May 15, 2020

Gary talks with Judy, a Registered Pharmacist. They discuss the various organizational settings a Pharmacist can work in (retail, hospital, research, etc) as well as the various ‘specialties’ that have emerged in the field.

Certified Personal Trainer – CP066
May 13, 2020

Gary talks with Mr. Tyson Sunnerberg about his career as a Personal Trainer. Although he graduated with a degree in Travel & Hospitality Management, and was working as a manager in a family style restaurant, he spent all his free time at the gym.