Anxiety Road Podcast

Anxiety Road Podcast

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ARP Pebble in the Road - Meditative Crafting
April 25, 2023

This episode is not for everybody. Some of you will be highly dismissive. That is okay. Different strokes for different folks. Knitting provides an object of focus for our practice. We can practic

ARP 320 Graphic Novel Memoires about Anxiety
April 11, 2023

Long time listeners know that I am a connoisseur of the sequential arts. It is truly the theater of the mind because I can co-create with the artist to experience an environment or an adventure.

ARP 319 Clifford W. Beers and Mental Health America
April 02, 2023

The anxiety symptoms can muck up our ability to see what we've done, whether it was fair, good, or excellent. There are a lot of wonderful people that have anxiety conditions that do mighty good thing

ARP 318 A Look at AmWell for Anxiety Treatment
March 20, 2023

As one section of America tries to move forward there are others that are determine to hold on to what didn't work in the past and certainly won't work in the future. In this day, do the best you c

ARP 317 - The BetterHealth Consent Order
March 12, 2023

There are times when I find myself in unexpected territories. This is one of those times. It is why I'm trying to include more attention to the virtual mental health providers. If you have ever liste

ARP 316 Proposed Virtual Prescription Changes
March 01, 2023

A few years ago in an episode I said: Anxiety is so much more than the typical stress reaction. For some of us, we gag, we choke, we have heart pains, we have chest pains, we have diarrhea, we hav

ARP 315 A Look at The Anxiety First Aid Kit Book
February 21, 2023

I freely admit that I mentioned can soda too many times in this episode. But it had a profound effect on my body and parts of my brain. There are folks that use other substances in excess to deal w

ARP Pebble in the Road Health Definitions
February 14, 2023

Some providers of services use the term behavioral health. Some use mental health. I have spent the hours trying to get a concise meaning of both terms. It ain't easy. The American Psychologica

ARP 314 What is Ro Mind?
February 11, 2023

The virtual mental health marketplace is an ever-changing land of what was impossible is now possible. Whether or not it should be is a question for another time. Now might be a good time to ask thos

ARP 313 Mental Telehealth Services
January 30, 2023

In this episode, a look at some of the mental tele-health options that are in or will be introduced to the healthcare marketplace. Next time, and throughout the year I'll show examples of a virtual me