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ARP 329 Cat Coloring Book as Meditation Practice
August 09, 2023

The TLDR version: What I do know is that a coloring book could be an opportunity for those who have trouble with some of the traditional concepts of meditation or mindfulness practice. But be caref

ARP 328 Breathing and Humming Resources for Anxiety
July 19, 2023

I'm on the summer slow down vibe, but there are lots of interesting ways to handle and reduce symptoms. One of those ways is combining a breathing practice with humming. To be clear, I'm talking about

ARP 327 Is It Always Going to Be Like This?
July 08, 2023

As I mention in the podcast, it is the eight anniversary of the podcast. The need to connect people to the various mental health services is still necessary. There have been times that my symptoms we

ARP 326 - More About PTSD Resources
June 24, 2023

It is the start of the summer slowdown where I'll post less often as I try to catch up on my sleep and elocution skills. I've been talking a lot lately and I can hear multiple imperfections. Really a

Minding the Line and the Dog Ate My Homework
June 13, 2023

After missing last week, I was determined to get an episode up. I recording and edited it. The SOS software decided to garble my speech. And then it stopped working. So I turned to my phone and made

ARP 324 Dealing with Symptoms
May 31, 2023

It has been a while since Ive mentioned this; the focus on the podcast is for folks that have been medically diagnosed with an anxiety condition or disorder. However, all are welcome. The over-str

ARP Pebble in the Road on Acceptance
May 23, 2023

There are days when we muck it up. And spend hours berating yourself that you were not perfect or you did not catch one of the dozens of bug a boos that you handle in a day. On this day I would lik

ARP Pebble in the Road - Fight the Reaper
May 17, 2023

For those of you that dont understand about the experience of depression, I have two websites that might help folks get a grip on it. The first is Will ONeils Actual Sunlight. It is a fictio

ARP 322 What is Health Coaching?
May 09, 2023

Last time, I talked about coaching. How there are different types of coaches and that it is an unlicensed and unregulated practice. There are good and bad coaches, and we need to find ways to figure o

ARP 321 What Is A Health Coach?
May 03, 2023

Im working my way through the mental health telemedicine providers and Im coming across the word coach. I get a little leery about that word because Ive had some experiences with people using