All Day Ruckoff Podcast

All Day Ruckoff Podcast

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ADR 166: Finishing GORUCK Selection 2021 with Chad Malone
November 18, 2021

2021 GORUCK Selection finisher Chad Malone joins me in this episode to talk about training for and completing the event. There’s much information on his training here that you’re going to want a paper

ADR 165: Ruck:Fest Rucking Events with Mark Jones
October 07, 2021

GORUCK Selection finisher and Team Assessment winner Mark Jones joins me to talk about a new event series he’s putting on. Ruck:Fest will be hosting their first event in November, 2021 called Ruck:Bet

ADR 164: GORUCK x Carryology GR1 Guerrilla X with Taylor Welden
May 22, 2021

Taylor Welden (senior editor of Carryology) joins me to talk about the new GORUCK x Carryology GR1 Guerrilla X collab pack. We start out talking about his history with design and bag manufacturing, move into when he first met Jason back in 2008,

ADR 163: GORUCK GRT Reunion 2020 with Emily McCarthy
August 06, 2020

Emily McCarthy joins me to talk about GORUCK GRT Reunion 2020 and what that’s going to look like this year. Not only is COVID-19 a factor but GORUCK is also beta testing a brand new style of event there called the Tough Star.

ADR 162: Resetting Goals & Being Present
July 30, 2020

2020 has been a mess of a year so far! It seems like so much has happened but when I look at what I’ve accomplished it feels like nothing has happened. In this episode I get into checking on your goals, possibly editing your goals,

ADR 161: Team RWB Ruck-A-Sketch with J.J. Pinter
July 23, 2020

Team RWB and GORUCK are putting together a special virtual ruck event to benefit Team RWB. J.J. Pinter (Deputy Director at Team Red, White, and Blue) joins in this episode to talk about his experiences with rucking, his 50 mile star course,

ADR 160: Rucking with Parkinson’s Disease with David Ray
July 02, 2020

David Ray was diagnosed in Parkinson’s Disease back in 2012. He was told by his doctor that he needed to lose weight and stay active so he joined F3 and started rucking with him. Multiple GORUCK events later (including an HTL) he’s here to talk about h...

ADR 159: GORUCK Events Starting Again (COVID-19) with Cadre Belman
June 25, 2020

Cadre Belman has run over 100 events for GORUCK since he joined as a cadre in 2017. In this episode we talk about how he got involved in GORUCK, his first event, the events he likes to run, and what the current state of events are.

ADR 158: The Give Team with Brad Mason
June 18, 2020

Brad Mason is the head coach for ​The Give Team and the Vice Chairman, Board of Directors for the ​New Image Youth Center. In this episode we learn about The Give Team, New Image Youth Center, and the collaboration patch they’ve put together with GORUC...

ADR 157: Virtual Training & Comfort Zones with Omar Sobhy
June 11, 2020

Omar Sobhy joins to talk about some of the virtual training sessions he’s set up with GORUCK Cadre. He’s an accomplished squash coach and has been training athletes for over 15 years. In addition to the virtual training sessions we discuss the events h...