All Day Ruckoff Podcast

All Day Ruckoff Podcast

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ADR 126: GORUCK Selection 021 with Candidate 06 aka Chad Malone
November 07, 2019

Chad Malone joins me yet again this time to talk about GORUCK Selection Class 021. He did not complete the event although he did do an amazing job out there. He’s a great athlete, an awesome coach, and someone who is very inspiring.

ADR 125: GORUCK Selection 021 with Finisher Mark Jones
October 31, 2019

Mark Jones joins me on the podcast again this time to talk about GORUCK Selection. He was one of the three finishers of GORUCK Selection Class 021 and I’m so happy to have him here to chat. This was Mark’s 4th attempt at Selection and it’s the one he g...

ADR 124: Ruck Your Balls Off 2019 with Barbells For Bullies
October 25, 2019

Alex and Lindsay (co-founders of Barbells For Bullies) join to chat about their virtual ruck event with GORUCK, their charity, and why they decided to start their charity. It’s so refreshing to talk with people who are passionate about what they do and...

ADR 123: The History of GORUCK Selection
October 17, 2019

Cadre Dan joins to talk about the history of GORUCK Selection. We discuss the event, the roots of it, the first classes, and how it got to where it is today. If GORUCK Selection is something you’re even remotely curious about then this is the podcast e...

ADR 122: Sniper Adventure Challenge 2019 with GORUCK Selection Finishers Chris & Stony
October 10, 2019

Chris Way and Stony recently took part in the Sniper Adventure Challenge. They have both completed GORUCK Selection (different classes) and came together for this team event. In this interview we get into why they were on a team together,

ADR 121: GORUCK Selection Class 003 with Paige Bowie
October 03, 2019

Paige Bowie finished GORUCK Selection Class 003 back in 2013. She was (and still is as of 9/2019) the only female to complete GORUCK Selection. Paige joins me on the podcast to talk about her experience with GORUCK Selection and her thoughts on it now....

ADR 120: GORUCK Shooter Competition Events with Cadre Garret
September 26, 2019

Cadre Garret joins to talk about the new GORUCK Shooter competition events for 2020. This will be the first time that GORUCK has put on these Shooter events. We get into where the events came from, what will happen at them,

ADR 119: Tokyo Hikyaku Ruckers
September 19, 2019

Jess and Rebecca from the Tokyo Hikyaku Ruckers join to talk about their ruck club, how they got started, what kind of training they do, and the events that are run over in Tokyo. They’ve has massive growth since they started out and we get into why th...

ADR 118: Shadowing Events and GORUCK Photography with Tim Galloway
September 12, 2019

Tim Galloway joins to talk about shadowing GORUCK events, being a professional photographer, working with GORUCK, and the gear he uses at events. Tim has some serious passion when it comes to photography and it has been so great to see him bring that t...

ADR 117: GORUCK Parodies with Jason Shealy
September 05, 2019

Jason Shealy joins to talk about his experiences with GORUCK and why he writes GORUCK parody songs. We get deep into a lot of different topics I didn’t think we’d cover including why we do GORUCK events, which cadre has the most swagger,