Real Estate Marketing Dude

Real Estate Marketing Dude

No One Gets a Lead on First Touch

April 22, 2023

If you are expecting one conversation to convert your next client, you might need to think again. Today we are going to talk about what it takes to keep the referrals coming.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to build relationships with clients.
  • Why you aren't converting leads.
  • How you can bring in more clients.


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Speaker 1 0:00  

So how do you track new business? You constantly don't have to chase it. Hi, I'm Mike Cuevas the real estate marketing division, this podcast is all about building a strong personal brand people have come to know, like trust and most importantly, refer. But remember, it is not their job to remember what you do for a living. It's your job to remind them. Let's get started

Speaker 1 0:31  

What's up ladies and gentlemen, welcome another episode of the real estate marketing dude, podcast, I'm sure we're gonna chat about today's we're gonna get right in down and dirty with lead generation, specifically, digital online, social media, Google Tiktok, Facebook, lead generation, we're gonna go through basically the ins and outs of it, we have a guest today that this is what he does, I'm gonna dissect his funnel live right now with you guys and sort of show you behind the scenes of what really goes on. But here's the overall message I want you to get. I just met him 20 minutes ago, so fucking, I have no idea what he's gonna talk about. But I'm almost positive, we're gonna agree on this. Nobody converts on the first damn touch, you're not going to get her in bed, the first time you see her, you're going to need to build a relationship online build trust build authority, and over time, you might get lucky. So what I'm getting at today is that this is not a one touch thing. And there's a reason why some teams do very, very well at lead generation is because they have everything crinkled on all cylinders. And these one stop shop people, it's very hard to compete against that in the marketplace because you don't have your auto responder set. You don't have retargeting setup, you don't have this video going to this video and email, text message like there's a lot of shit going on. So we're going to break that down and the confusion of it very simplified today. But the reason why this is titled this way is because you don't get married on a first date, and you're not going to convert the first time you touch somebody, it's gonna be a series of multitude. Now if you do congratulations, we all get lucky once in a while. But it's nothing that we hang our head on or count on each and every night. We go out here and I'm saying, All right, so without further ado, we're gonna go out and introduce our guests. This guy's a fucking Colombian. You guys might not know this, but I am a Colombian 50% I always claimed my Mexican side. But I'm actually all Latino, 5050 Colombian and Mexican and actually finally met one of the other one other Colombians that I've met in a long time in the space, especially in the real estate. And so I'm excited to have you here. Without further ado, who's going to introduce our guest, Mr. Cody. Hey, what's up, dude?

Speaker 2 2:28  

Man, I really excited I love that intro. You know, I we definitely share that same ethos to, to business to lead generation and marketing. And just super excited. Yeah, with you today.

Speaker 1 2:39  

You know what people used to always tell me, Mike, you're a white Mexican. And now I know why it's because it comes from my Colombian side. And Cody is as white as I am guys. But we're both Latinos. So it's funny that

Speaker 2 2:49  

I see I'm actually not, I gotta set this record straight. I'm actually not Latino at all. I thought you're Colombia. No, I'm from I'm from I'm Canadian. We? I, yeah. I have Italian and I have Italian in me and I have a little bit of English, but I'm not Colombian. I've just spent the last almost a year now traveling through Latin America. My entire team is a Latin American, and just fell in love with Latin America.

Speaker 1 3:19  

Awesome. Well, most Colombians are very light skinned. Okay. Excuse me. Anyways, let's get into the show. Cody. Once you tell everyone a little bit about who you are your background. Before I start grilling year,

Speaker 2 3:33  

I will give you the high level SparkNotes version of what how I got here today, spent 10 years in telecom, managing sales teams and just with a passion to help people. And I transitioned out of telecom sales management, probably in 2018. Now so about five years ago, I started my agency originally an agency was called studio b2b Oh, we worked with pretty much any lead gen based business. And about a year and a half, two years ago, we kind of shifted gears and went all in on helping real estate agents and teams really build their funnel, fill their funnel, nurture their leads for life and book more in person meetings, more phone appointments, more live transfers, where our team is spread out all across North America all across the world, really. We're in Latin America, we service the US and the Canadian market, really helping them to do that. I have a business partner in the company. His name is Sharon Srivatsa. He joined me about a year and a about a year ago now. And your business partner motherfucker. There you go. Sean Serrata. Yeah, really good friend of mine, you know as a partner now and we've taken a lot of his IP and kind of repackaged it put it into our system and just on a mission to help more and more and more real estate agents do really cool thing. So I see Shawn all the time I got

Speaker 1 4:53  

around quite a bit. There's a when he until he went to real and then everything sort of changed out a little bit and that's another story in itself. However, let's keep going on the show anyways. So I want to know what the hell, how does this thing work? Okay? You guys obviously have a system in place. And let's just start a start from the beginning of what you really need to really run a digital marketing funnel, right? Let's just get down to the nitty gritty, let's get and like, what do I need to have going for? So I want to take this through, what do I need to have going on? And then we'll sort of dissect each one. So everyone could sort of follow very easily through audio here. Yeah.

Speaker 2 5:31  

If you like, for me, I have a fundamental belief that all conversion happens in conversation. And so like, it's like your, your funnel needs to create conversations, and how do you do that, like, there's so many different ways to create digital marketing funnels. I think that a lot of people that are starting out if like, I'm gonna, I'm gonna wager to guesstimate that a lot of people probably don't have a Ryan serhant, or a mike Gerard brand. So there are assurance robots of brands, so they're going to need to get really creative with an offer. I have a fundamental belief that no amount of marketing fixed should he offer, like, it's just, it's not going to happen, like, so setting yourself apart, like, there are different ways you do that. So you know, having an irresistible offer will get people to take action, where the risk of somebody moving forward and giving you their information will outweigh, like the benefit rather, will outweigh the risk of moving forward. So the first focus is like really dialing in a who you want to reach, like your messaging, be your targeting, like, you know, what are the demographics, the psychographics of the actual end consumer, and then putting an irresistible offer in front of them, that makes it a no brainer for them to essentially click that button, give you their information. And, and a lot of people struggle with that, because they're like, Okay, I'm gonna, I'm going to click the Boost Post Button on Facebook, or I'm going to, I just want to get my listing in front of as many people as possible, but it's like, the currency really comes into how many conversations can you create, like, if it's if it's text conversations I need, I need phone numbers. If it's if it's messenger, I need I need to get people to message me in Messenger to have those conversations where, you know, Tron talks about this all the time around, like, you know, all of the money is made in the DMS, especially on social. So if you really want to create longevity in your business, there's one two things that you need to happen either A, you need to get them into the into the DMS and you'd have a conversation there, or B, you need to get them into a CRM, and you need to call them or text them. So that's really kind of like the start of the funnel. Obviously, there's key elements towards doing that. But an irresistible offer and a form and a form capture is, in my opinion, the best place to start.

Speaker 1 7:35  

So let's stop right there. Folks, you guys are a fucking commodity. I mean, you guys are offering exact same thing. 99% of you can list your house, put on the MLS and open up a couple open houses, we're gonna do some photos, and I might even do a video and we're just gonna wait and pray for a buyer to come. That's not what gets you hired like you're leaving your real estate license does not. It legally gives you the right to collect money, but it's not the reason why people hire you. People hire you because of what the fuck you could do with it at the end of the day. And you're right on the irresistible offer. So if you guys been following our show, we launched a thing called owner advocate, which is just a multiple selling solutions. We have six different ways that a seller can sell their house cash offer sale leaseback bridge loan fix homeless program, regular listing, foreclosure short sale, and they could share, they could sell a portion of their house. Now 90% of the people who come in through that funnel end up just listing, but it's because we have an offer that's different than everybody else. And when everybody he's 100%, right? If you're gonna go out there and say, Hey, I'm a real estate agent, I'm sorry, no one gives a crap. If you're gonna go out there and say, Hey, I'm a real estate agent do something a little bit differently. Here's what I'm doing great. You might have a little bit of my attention. But if without an offer just being a real estate agent, would you agree that if you're just a real estate agent, just go out there and just run it as a spec? Hey, look, I'm gonna I'm a real estate agent. I've been here for 20 years, you're gonna die and burned so fair?

Speaker 2 8:52  

Well, not only is it fair? No. Is it fair? It's like, I have conversations with agents every day. My sales team has conversations with agents every day, like agents like I like this market is is really interesting because we are 100% in a skills based market. And that that goes into sales and it goes into marketing. The interesting thing about the skills based market is the amount of conversations I've had with people that said they did 15 transactions last year that haven't even sold a home yet this year is flabbergasting. Yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy the amount of conversations I'm having I had a conversation with somebody who got into the business in 2009 We're now 2023 They haven't sold the home yet this year like like we're in q2 and a large portion we got spoiled we got lazy we got small we got lazy we didn't build our pipeline we don't have we don't have now a buyers and later buyers we don't have now sellers and later sellers. And we're you know a lot of agents are struggling now. So yeah, like you know, you mentioned at the beginning of the podcast around like the first date conversation. It's like, I just like I have a fundamental belief just take a meeting with everyone. Like if your calendar is not full with at least today. three meetings a day meeting potential buyers and sellers. Like you're just you're not going to win in this market. Like it's just not it's not possible,

Speaker 1 10:06  

you got to be doing 10 to 15%. The people you guys converse with are moving in next 12 months, but 100% of them have referral for you. So if you're just always having conversations, you're just bound. And this is how an agent traditionally works referral market, right? You're just sitting there just be Johnny everywhere, right call and because babies and shake hands, well, when you're doing it online, it's no differently, but you're just having conversations with strangers through things like automation and text bots, etc, etc. And it's the conversations that lead to the trust. Now, the other option is you could have a big mega brand, right? You could be the Josh Altman. And like you think Josh Altman as a listing presentation, Fuck no, he doesn't. He just shows up. And he's so damn confident he's got a television show what he says goes, that's called a brand. Most real estate agents don't have the brand and go with it, because you can create great content to create content. I've done over 5000 videos for real estate agents in the last few years. And I can tell you firsthand that most of them won't last more than six months doing it because they don't understand the power of building the brand long term. And sometimes it takes six months to build that brim. Chevron's a good example. Chevron came out of fucking nowhere a few years ago, and now he's like a local celebrity in the real estate industry. But it's his content and how he and how he presents that people fall in love with. It's not the what, a lot of people say the same thing. It's how he does it, that built his brand, right? So you guys, each and every one of you have an individual and that's like, great. Like, there's no reason you can't do the same thing. But it all starts by what we just started talking about. You have to have something you do differently. What the hell is the difference? I asked Realtors this whole time? What's the difference between especially when I get them on a branding call? Hey, what's the difference between you and every other agent? 99.9% of the time the question the answer is, I'm going to take care of my clients. I really look out for their best interest and I'm like, No shit, fuck Sherlock. That's a fiduciary duty, that's what you have to do. And that's assume no one's going to hire you because they think you're going to take them over, they hire you because they think you're going to help them. That's not a sale that's not USP. Alright, let's keep going reach targeting. I love the offer. What type of you give me a couple examples? What type of offer desexing right now online?

Speaker 2 12:07  

Yeah, right now, we have a partnership with a company called revive on the seller side, where they essentially $0 down all renovations, they do all the work, pay on closing, increase the value of your home where it's no longer like find out what your home is worth in the market. It's like an actual offer. I started working with a bunch of flooring companies in the beginning and it was so easy to get the flooring company into the home. Because they had offers they had zero credit offers. So it's like, you know, leaning into the credit offers is really good, because it's different than what everyone else is doing in the market. And like a lot of people have that in their arsenal, like I know, kW and compass, they have an arsenal, but they're just horrible at market it. They're Yeah, they're horrible marketing. tons of companies are just terrible at marketing their offers on the front end, but it's like the offer that really gets them on the buyer side. You know, like, if you really want to sit down with people and you really want to have more conversations, there's one or two ways to do it. It's either, you know, advertise off market properties, get people to, to, you know, to come through, it's like, you know, get a list of off market properties, you put a list together, that's one way. You know, people want exclusive offers. That's it. That's one way to get people through the funnel. The other option is like right now it's working. What really well, on the buyer side is like your first month mortgage payment. So I'm gonna give you an example of first month mortgage payment. So we have a client, who in his market he wants to be really well known for as a philanthropist. Like he is like, he has a philanthropy mindset. So when we were we were

Speaker 1 13:38  

closing, does it give back a portion of percentage every closing?

Speaker 2 13:41  

Yep. So yeah, he does first month mortgage payment on us. So we like we gives back to the buyer. So the buyer has to donate a portion of the of the buyer credit back to a charity of their choice, boom, love it. So he's getting he's picking up philanthropist mindset people from the beginning of people who have the mindset of wanting to give back but that is an example of a USP mixed with an irresistible offer. So

Speaker 1 14:06  

it's just say no to him, he could charge that dude can charge 7% Compared to your 5% and he's gonna get fucking hired because people have an emotional connection with him and the one that's going to hire him and as somebody that had a personal situation with the exact charity that he's donating back to it could be a death in the family a sickness in the family or something like that. We have a lot of philanthropists clients, every single one of them crush they're all doing million plus. And it's like why it's because you've created an emotional connection USP that no one can say no to

Speaker 2 14:34  

exactly. Love it. It makes a massive difference and the conversations are amazing.

Speaker 1 14:40  

But listen, what are you seeing as it's not even like the service you provide us the how it's the person behind it, it's your why right that people have that are hiring so that's excellent. You mentioned something else the Revive isn't national company because anyone can use revive. They're one of our vendors for our programs as well and they offer a lot but they do lead with a fix homeless program on their website because they know that That's the biggest lead gen tool, right? If you could tell someone how to flip their own house, like, come on, you have my attention. Right?

Speaker 2 15:07  

It's a no brainer. Like no brainer, it's, it's a no brainer, like have it in your arsenal, use it as one of your tools to advertise advertising on the front end. And it's just a matter of getting your ISA to call with that specific offer. Hey, you know, Tom, at one point in time, we saw that you requested some information around, you know, potentially doing $0 down on renovations, Does that ring a bell, you know, and then the ISA, she's going through the process of like qualifying them and sending them to you. So it's not like it the the offer makes it so much easier for an inside sales agent or appointment setter to, to have those conversations to send you live transfers, and then you just take it over and use your own scripts. And it's it's like, it becomes a no brainer becomes super simple. It's not easy, but it's super simple. Once you implement it,

Speaker 1 15:54  

I can verify all this, you guys were closing or transferring probably about three or four day. And we're using this exact system to do so. So what he's saying is right on, and anyone can do this isn't like anything like we created, we're just leveraging another company's USP and working with them. Alright, so let's get into the actual ad side where you're running ads that like for this messaging, and let's talk about like the channels first. You mentioned tick tock,

Speaker 2 16:19  

tick tock through Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, like all the like, kind of the five main social channels. And then kind of like our fundamental belief is like, like I said, like, it's all conversion happens in a conversation, it's like, I need to get them off the platform into a phone call. Because like, like, if I can just get the agent in front of the person to have that conversation. We have specific scripts that we know are working right now like, and you've probably heard sure if you're if you follow us around, you know, schruns like, why don't we sell that gameplan frame? It's literally like we get we get the agent on the phone. And it's like, you know, has anyone taking the time to talk to you about the top three things you need to consider in order when in the market when you are ready to buy or sell the leads? Gonna say no. And you're gonna say why don't we do that? Why don't we sit down for a cup of coffee before the coffee gets cold, I'll walk you through the top three things you need to consider in order to make an informed intelligent decision. And when you are ready to buy that script is crushing it. But from an ADS perspective, it's just, it's getting them off the platform on tick tock like, we do a lot of video content. So the video content we do is very customized where it's like, hey, you know, like, if you're considering selling your home, we will cover all the renovations for you. And you know, you'll pay on closing, we'll help you flip your home. Yeah, so my name is Tom from Seattle. You know, this is my real estate business. And then you throw in a case study to the video where it's like kind of like my my clients, Alex and Alex and in you know, Bethany, they did this, they got this result. If you want more information, click or tap the Learn More button below. And we'll see you on the other side. And then the text message comes through. Hey, is this Alex question mark? Yeah, and they respond to that. And then you hit them back up with like, hey, you know, we saw you got a request for this, this and this. Do mornings afternoons work better in order to chat with you really quickly about this? And sometimes they will answer. Sometimes they won't. We'll try to call them try to live transfer them directly to you or book an appointment of the calendar. So

Speaker 1 18:19  

what do you guys like starting your ads on? Usually a lot of people like you know, finding their potentials. I'm sure your retargeting all those platforms, where are you running? Are you acquiring traffic on all those platforms? First, are you trying? Are you using Facebook, for example, as your primary traffic generator then following everyone around after that's

Speaker 2 18:36  

it, it's a mixture of everything. So like the strategy depending on it depends on the agents. ad budget number one, you know, if it's a small agent, and they're like, Hey, we only have 567 $100 budget. You know, it's really hard to do retargeting with that type of budget, like you can do is that you can't do it, it's just like, you know, like, they generally don't have a top of funnel to begin with. So with the teams that we work with already have a lot of traffic, there's a lot of different ways that you can like kind of speaking to more the seasoned teams now. Like if you're a single agent, you should be filling your funnel, you should be getting as many names, email addresses as you can. So don't listen to this next thing if you are, if you're if you're single agent you just need you need more people in your database. Now if you have a lot of people in your database, there's a bunch of different things you can do like upload the list. Like we have a direct integrate, we use a program called go high level you're probably familiar with it. We have a direct integration to Facebook, where we've seen whenever a lead enters the system, they automatically get added to a custom audience on Facebook and then we retarget them with video testimonials. You know that's that's a there's really six points we look for when we do Facebook retargeting. Number one is the customer list. Number two is all the ever all the interaction that's happened on the Facebook page, all the interaction that's happened on the Instagram page, all the interaction that has potentially happened on the website so website pixel traffic There's two other things that we target based on custom audiences. And we do the same thing with tick tock as well, you run a custom audience on tick tock. And then, you know, a lot of cold traffic. But really the goal is to the other thing that we do, as well as we have a partnership with an insurance agency, where we can get verified homeowner data. So we would essentially buy that data uploaded to Facebook, and then run those ads to verify homeowners. And that, that definitely helps. But we also call those people too, in order to try to, you know, cold call them. But you know, the even if they, they might say no to us on a call, but then they see our ad and they click through and then they go through the sequence again. So

Speaker 1 20:39  

they might see the ad and then they're like, oh, yeah, hey, and then the caller comes in and like, Hey, I'm from blank blank, like, oh, you know what I just saw you saw that ad. But you're hitting you're hitting it from all cylinders.

Speaker 2 20:48  

Yeah. Do you prospecting all that stuff? Yeah. What do you prefer?

Speaker 1 20:54  

And so folks, when he's just listing out as he's running an initial ad, and once somebody either clicks on that ad and hits a website, or they view the ad, he's retargeting the view of consumption, or they engage or click or like it, then he's just following them everywhere. And it's not just like, if you find somebody on Facebook that sees your initial ad, and all sudden you start following them on Tik Tok YouTube, they start seeing your display ads and Google and every, you know, publishing site that they're on after a while, and then your callers are calling them on top of it after a while. They're like, Who the fuck is this guy? Totally. You know what I mean?

Speaker 2 21:30  

It's so interesting. The other day, I was having a conversation with one of our clients, you know, and I helped shift their perspective around like retargeting around conversations, because they're like, Oh, I got this live transfer lead, but the live transfer lead, they said that their family member is an agent. I'm like, well, that's amazing. Yeah, Has anyone taken the time to walk you through the top three things that you need to consider in order to win in the market, when you're ready to buy, you have this person in front of you that I guarantee you that their family member hasn't sat down with them, and had a conversation with them about, you know, the top three things, the interest rates, the inventory, and in the buying process. So this is your opportunity to take that, like, you and I have heard this multiple times, like, and we've seen this in our local markets, like just because like your brother down the street sells homes, it doesn't matter. Like it literally doesn't matter like the the buyer is committed to whoever can get the best deal. We're seeing.

Speaker 1 22:23  

We're seeing just offering options that. Yeah, I would say I don't know the percentages, but my gut tells me 10 to 15% of people that we get on a call will say something along the lines of Well, yeah, I have a aunt or an uncle or a friend that's going to list it, however common. But when we say hey, but they don't have a lot of these options. Can they help you flip your own house? Can they help you do a bridge? Can they help you do this? And then they're like, Well, I consider that and it just, you know, we still know the fact that we're still getting our foot in the door. It just comes back to our first point here, it's all about offering.

Speaker 2 22:59  

Totally refer and then and then it's your sales ability. It's your sales skill to have the conversation like yeah, Sean's going really hard on like teaching our clients and teaching the clients we advise on how to do a good listing presentation, like when you walk in the door, don't do the tour, sit down with the client, have a conversation with them, create a game plan, create a strategy, and then do the tour.

Speaker 1 23:24  

make sense to me. Overall, your initial offering when you're running these ads, you're going straight video are you seeing video versus images work any differently? What's preferred all the above? I know you get a lower click through rate on the videos, but is it more qualified? What do you seen?

Speaker 2 23:42  

Great question. It depends. It's market dependent number one obviously with tick tock tick tock it's all video with YouTube it's all video. So it's platform and market specific. So there's a lot of testing in the beginning to figure out like what what's actually working what's not working so generally on Facebook or Instagram we'll run dynamic creative and then we'll pull out the creatives that aren't performing you know tick tock generally like you know, it's $20 a day minimum budget so like you know, you're you're running like you can split those videos in the ad level but we generally like to run ad like in the beginning will run will split test the $20 at any ad set level to figure out like Is it is it broad targeting that works so there's a lot of like with these platforms now is like let the AI figure out what what the market is in the market. A large large portion of it like with video like video is difficult because video is very dependent on the how good you are on video and how the video is cut and edited. So like you know it's like if I can't capture the person's attention the first you know three seconds you'll see the drop off rate like even like right now like even the YouTube ad we're running we're you know, we like we run like I personally run ads against the top channels like because it's if you're if you're a marketer, you should be running ads against the top channels on YouTube but like my drop above Raina, my current videos super high, so it's like okay, guys, we gotta go back and we have to rerecord this video, so we're constantly watching for that as well. But, you know, ultimately we're watching for, you know, like, depending it depends on the client, like, generally they want to optimize for Legion. So if they want to optimize for lead gen, because they like the, they're their KPIs how many conversations is going to have, so it's like, okay, we need to, we need to drive as many of these as we possibly can through the front end of the funnel, so that we have the opportunity and the ISA has the opportunity to create those conversations. So you know, it's it's market dependent. It is also very, like, you know, how good you are on video, we have really engaging people on video, and they their videos perform better than their images. So it's just and it also depends on the offer. So it's testing, it's testing, figuring out what's working, what's not working, coming back to the drawing board, and not doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. So what

Speaker 1 25:55  

if you have somebody in a market that are like, dude, 400 pounds of face made for radio? Can I just use one of your videos? What's the importance of having the person in the brand or the team leader or the person on the videos as opposed to not? Is there any importance to that? In ADS? And this is for any of you guys that are thinking like, Hey, I don't want to be on video, like do you have do they have to be on video, who needs to be the person that's, that's featured?

Speaker 2 26:19  

If it's a team lead, assign a brand ambassador, we've done that before, where it's like team leads, like I don't want to be on video, okay, find somebody on your team that can be a brand ambassador for you, that's actually good on camera. Tons of flooring companies that work in the past do that where they don't want to be on video, they just signed one other people that are that are energetic charismatic on camera that can eloquently express the brand proposition. So if you have a team, if you're a team lead, then assign somebody on your team. If you're a single agent you're gonna be you're gonna have to eventually get in front of the, in front of the person. And it's like, you're like, I love what the Quran says, you know, he said this recently, like your, your level of your ability to sell is your level of service. So it's like, you know, like, like, I always like to try to help shift the perspective, if you're a single agent, where it's like, in the beginning, I would encourage you to get on camera because like you're eventually going to have to be face to face with that person because you're the only one selling so and there's some people that like, we can like we can run images but obviously like the brand is you like you are the brand like I can't I can't express that enough where it's like you are the brand like you're a real estate salesperson. Like it's salesperson is in your like your sales representative like that it's in your title like you have to get over video whether that is going to therapy, you know, like like you know really working on yourself to figure out like how do I serve at a higher level if you can shift the it from like, I don't want to go on video because I'm not comfortable to me being on video allows me to help more people. Yeah, I mean really what it comes down to

Speaker 1 28:05  

I saw you guys like get over it like you're gonna have to it's not really an option anymore. But if you if you don't run away from illicit employment face to face Why the hell you can run away with a video just a 60 inch device.

Speaker 2 28:18  

I've chatted with people who don't want to do who don't want to do in person meeting so like I've seen it all you've seen go

Speaker 1 28:24  

oh yeah oh yeah. Now out of all of the what when we're doing retargeting videos what are the most important have testimonials you have any other type of just testimonials anything else you anything about process? Are you doing like case studies like any What else do we what else is working? Well for retargeting content,

Speaker 2 28:44  

videos testimonials first and foremost for sure. You know as far as from a retargeting retargeting perspective. Yeah, like just running as low as $1.41 a day, you onstage speaking at an event immediately puts you into a form of credibility. If you've been focused on if you've been featured on your local news television, like that level of authority as well, where if you can rip that video and run it as a Facebook ad, you know that that is another great way like anything that elevates your authority. There's a reason why like, you know, these, these people who've been featured on HGTV are selling sunset, they built their authority where it's like, you know, is that brand recognition that if I can just get in front of my database as much as I possibly can for a buck 41 Like we I do it like I was spoken to NAHREP event and I've been running like $2 a day for the last like year. And people like I just want them to see my face consistent.

Speaker 1 29:36  

So it is the easiest form of marketing real estate. You just farm your database with content. That'll create a referral based business, but it's not Legion. That's just the marketing side of it.

Speaker 2 29:46  

That's the branding. That's how it's harder for people to quantify that. And that's why they don't do it. But like once you get it, and once you understand that, like a shrine's brand is so big because of his content or Oh have, you know Tom Ferry is so big because of his content? Like,

Speaker 1 30:04  

once you quantify it right now for everybody? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 30:07  

would love I would love for you to quantify

Speaker 1 30:09  

here's how I because I get that question all the time with creating videos for people wondering, Am I a return on investment? How's it gonna go? So let me just walk you guys through how important this is and why it's the largest return on investment you'll ever make. But you're it's hard to quantify. So most people look at cost, right? And they're like, hey, I want to quads cost cost, what's it going to cost me. So let's just break it down. You could put whatever number you want on this and they'll still pencil but let's just for time sake, put $1,000 A month towards your video content creation. Let's just say $1,000 A month got you content to keep you on shorts, short form, you got long form, but you're constantly creating and you're multi purposing. Now, based upon just your own warm referral market has nothing to do with cold Legion what we're speaking about today, but just off your warm referral marketing, that'd be $12,000 a year, right? $1,000 a month. Now over that time, you're going to generate anywhere between 24 to 100 videos, depending on whether you're doing long form or short form fair. Okay, now, it's all based upon views. So over the 12 months, if you took each of those videos, you video, emailed them off to your database, you posted on all your social profiles, you ran those videos as custom audiences just to your friends and family and your phone, and your cell phone. And past clients, you put all those videos on your YouTube channel, you put all those videos back on your website, 10 to 15% of your views are going to be moving this year, but 100% of them will have a referral for you. In most cases, out of all of that content you create over the course of a year, you have to, on average, sell how much it cost you 12 grand. So how much you have to sell real estate to make 12 grand usually it's about $600,000 in a closed sale. If you can't fucking sell one house, over 12 months, with over 25 to 100 different videos of content creation, you're in the wrong fucking business friends. Done. You have to if you cannot, you could generate a half a referral in three months doing that. You know what I mean? So when people say Oh, I can't create content, it always pencils. It's the largest ROI you'll ever see. And it's the only thing you'll ever control where it becomes what you can't quantify is the one video they saw eight months ago that people that got them to actually really know who the hell you are.

Speaker 2 32:24  

Yeah. 100 I'm, I'm totally with you. And it's like, something has to click in the brain for people to understand that and like that, your the way you quantify that is really good. Like, you know, from a numbers perspective, when you get it, you really get it like like and you're like I can't I can't like I can't ever go back from this like, like it doesn't like you're 100% right? That is that one person that comes to you and says like, Hey, I I

Speaker 1 32:51  

look at this podcast. Yeah, I'm doing since 2014 I've been slow lately, like I haven't been I've been sort of sporadic on my show for the last month I hate doing that. But dude for the first seven years I just fucking showed up every Saturday I never promoted it once but if I didn't have a podcast I can tell you right now I don't have a business most people who schedule an appointment with us they're already feel like they know me before they come on board they're already sold you guys and that's the point of a brand and I'm doing it just the audio to a bunch of strangers I've never fucking met before across the United States you guys only need to do this through the 800 Facebook friends you have this is fucking easy.

Unknown Speaker 33:29  

Yeah, I'm with you man. reach reach. You

Speaker 1 33:34  

don't need a large audience you just need an engaged one it doesn't matter in real estate you guys make five to 10 grand per ticket per client it's so big to low dollar it's a high dollar ticket. So I'm very hard to generate a very consistent business but to scale you do need to do like lead gen and all the stuff that we're talking about here today anyone could get a can run I believe anyone can make 150 250,000 hours you're really easily just by doing what I just told you create content put in front your database that's it. But if you really want to scale and go larger, you have to do things like what we're talking about today for growth because you're going to grow it but this is awesome dude. Any so beyond the conversations we get the ads going right now how you taking them offline? Walk me through that?

Speaker 2 34:18  

Yeah, so how do we take them offline we you know, we generally run a lead form like a lead capture form. You know, whether it be like a landing page or whether it be like a built in lead form, depending on the platform, take them off throw them into a drip sequence and love on them until they tell us this buck off like they really really like love on them until they don't want to be loved on anymore and we do tell you we do that through do the week like and the other week is super simple insurance talked about this multiple times and anyone can take this email their database, if they do this, I guarantee if you just do this weekly, you will extract deals from your database. It's like find a property. That is that is a deal in the marketplace and say hey, This week's deal the week is a condo, it's gonna sell fast. You know, no lakes, like you want to force the reply. And you're gonna, it's gonna be very simple, you're gonna say, you know, it's two bedrooms, two bathrooms, it's in a really great neighborhood. And one other thing about the property, the list price is 700,000. If you want more information about the property, just reply back to this email with and let me know or give me a call and I'll be more details. And if you want to get added to our VIP list, send me a message back and then you're gonna get responses, like

Speaker 1 35:30  

once a week. Yeah, that's once a week. It's interesting you say that I remember back in Oh, seven weird, we're crushing on. I look at all this stuff. In hindsight thing of all the mistakes I made when I was so mature back in when I was like 27, crushing it. And one of them was we had it was similar to what you're saying here. And we were doing all short sales. I didn't realize at the time, the power of building a buyer's list or any of this stuff, but I would have literally like 10 to 30 people contacted me a month because we're doing 20 to 30 short sales a month and I had the best deals in the market would cherry pick the ones we want. It was really easy. But because we control the inventory, yes, you're right. We just started putting those out on Facebook at that time not even thinking about it. And yeah, my agents ever want to deal the week it's like hey, you don't buy in this market. You gotta buy I got the best deals, that branding and that positioning fucking did great dude.

Speaker 2 36:19  

Exclusivity like, you know, people want like, whether they're a million dollar buyer or a $5 million buyer $300,000 buyer, everyone wants a deal. Yeah. No one wants to overpay for something. So it's like it's the positioning like getting them off the platform and then into do the week, you know, loving on them with market updates, like actually knowing your market. Go figure is a is IT asset like like, what are the what are the deals that were a contract, if you buy a home for 700,000, and you put 20% down with the monthly mortgage payment, you know how many homes sold in the market, you just send out weekly, no, and send an ASHA weekly, like like am I do their monthly market update newsletter, but they're not sending a weekly, you quickly become the the resident expert, where it's like I'm tracking this every single week, here's the market update, send it weekly commit to it, there's 52 emails a year, just in market updates. The third one is like just tell a story like like we get them off the platform and they tell a story about a client is one and you we do that on the front end. And then we also do it on the back end as well. Like where it's like there's no greater proof than the proof that you've created for your clients. You know, we use this program with revive this client, we listed their home at you know, 1.7 and sold for 2.3. Here's how we did it. This is our three step process. If you want more information on how we can do this for your home, send me an email back with the word word. And I'll reach out next step. So it's like it's like, get them off the platform. Because like, our big thing is like, I want to own as much data as I possibly can. Like as an as an agency, like data is the you there's a reason why these social media platforms do so well. It's like they own the data. You know, it's like with insurance agents. And that's why we have a partnership with a verified homeowner Insurance Agency companies like I want to know who the homeowners are, you know, in the area. And that's why data is so powerful. So it's like, you know, like Russell Brunson and you because you're a marketing guy. You know, Russell Russell Russell has a saying he says, there's traffic you own, there's traffic, you can control and there's traffic you can't control. I want to own as much traffic because if for example, my Facebook ad account gets shut down someday, I'm screwed. I personally don't screw but you're screwed. If you built your entire business off of Facebook, my all my database sits in my CRM. So it's like we want to own as much data as we possibly can. So that if Facebook ever shuts us down or Tik Tok shuts down or Tik Tok gets banned by the US. It does matter because I've siphoned the data from Tik Tok, and I'm gonna just bring them over to YouTube. So

Speaker 1 38:45  

yeah, I mean, you're in data, I said it all TwitchCon like you're in the data collection agency, all the content you create in the world is just going to create conversations, but it's what you do with the conversations. That is the biggest thing. And as long as you discipline in building that email list, you're gonna be able to stay in front of them. People take for granted email, especially in real estate, you have to capture their email, you have to capture their email. And I always say you have to capture their direct mail too, because I'm farming them with direct mail. I'm staying in touch with them through physical mail. Like you have to you're in the business of data collection. And if you're not viewing it that way, like what's the difference between them and us? I want as many real estate agent email addresses as possible because the more I have, the more shit I can sell. Yep, so differently for you guys. We're just yeah, we just have a different industry. Cody and I are marketers. You guys are realtors, your audience's right and fucking in front of you. It's in your cell phone. It's on your Facebook feed. And ours is you guys but everything we're sharing with you guys today is what we're like this is a form of content that we're on right now. To add value to your lives. Some of you guys are gonna go click on Cody's website and then he's gonna fucking retarget the shit out you all over online until you call them up, right?

Speaker 2 39:53  

You're gonna see me on YouTube. You'll see me on Facebook. I might pop on Tik Tok for you. There's a there's a tick tock pixel on there, and there's a Facebook pixel, there's Google, you're gonna see me. So you

Speaker 1 40:04  

have to start by adding value first. And all we're doing here is recording a 30 minute conversation you guys are eavesdropping on at the end of the day, and some of you guys are gonna get value from it. Some of you guys might call me, like, that's just what content is. But content creates conversation conversations leads to trust, trust leads to you getting fucking hired, and you get hired, you get paid. I do it. Any other closing thoughts that you want to add in on this?

Speaker 2 40:26  

No, this has been, it's been amazing. Like, you know, the last thought would be like, you know, just the people that go and implement or like, you know, imperfect action is probably the biggest thing I would leave everyone with where it's like a lot, there's a lot here. And if you're listening back to the podcast, you're like, Well, what do I do first, it's like, just try something. Like just imperfect action is kind of the big thing we've been saying to our clients, where it's like, Don't overthink things. You have to just do like, just do and and figure shit out as you go. Because when you do that, that's what you put yourself into momentum. And that's where confidence is created. So I would say imperfect action, confidence, competence, confidence competence loop, you know, believe in your ability to figure this shit out. So

Speaker 1 41:04  

my take on today was one, define your offer, you can't just have a license, that doesn't work. You got to do some sexy. So what's your unique selling proposition to define your creatives you're going to use for your ads, and then three, I can go out and do it. That's it. Nothing starts without the creatives first and the offer guys, that's everything. You have to have the best food on the block the restaurant with the best food always stays in business, the one with the hair in it. Well, that's another story. So we appreciate you guys listening to the episode The real estate marketing podcast, you want to go ahead and let them know one more time where they can reach you.

Speaker 2 41:37  

Yeah, shared in It's S H E R i d a n s You can reach out to us there if you want to reach out to us directly. You can email Cody at Studio Cody, s t u DIOP And we'd love to have a conversation with you. So really appreciate it today.

Speaker 1 41:59  

Appreciate you guys listening another episode, folks. If you like this thing about content creation, I want you to visit referral referral We show you how to create all your social content script added videos, social video, email, direct mail, I mean, we put you on the map. So people stop forgetting who the hell you are, and more importantly, start sending you referrals. So if you have any additional questions, and I want you to visit referral And I also want you to check out our next content creator challenge we show people how to create content, it's very simple. Follow the formula and start creating and people as long as they like you, they'll start hiring you. So that's really all of this is appreciate guys listening, make sure you like and subscribe to the channel here and the rest of our social channels and we'll see you guys next week. Peace Oh, thank you for watching another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. If you need help with video or finding out what your brand is, visit our website at WWW dot real estate marketing We make branding and video content creation simple and do everything for you. So if you have any additional questions, visit the site, download the training and then scheduled time to speak with a dude and get you rolling in your local marketplace. Thanks for watching another episode of the podcast. We'll see you next time.

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