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The Dyatlov Pass Incident w. Blair Braverman
June 06, 2022

This week, Sarah tries to solve the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, in which nine experienced ski hikers fled their shelter and ran into the frigid night for reasons unknown. Digressions include yetis, snowmobiles, and Rachel Monroe. Sarah miraculou

The Prison Boom w. Shannon Heffernan
May 23, 2022

Where did all these prisons come from? WBEZ’s Shannon Heffernan is here to give us part of the answer, which involves “small government” (of course), Lennie Briscoe (as always), the pink flowers of Alcatraz, and a prison sweepstakes that produced the actu

Go Ask Alice w. Carmen Maria Machado (Part 1)
May 09, 2022

This week we begin our journey into the totally true not at all made up diary that has been scaring America’s teens for fifty years. Digressions include Jell-O, magic mushrooms, and ironing your hair, and Sarah promises to trip with Carmen. “Button, Butto

Medieval Torture w. Dana Schwartz
April 25, 2022

We want to play a game. This week, Dana Schwartz stuffs us in an iron maiden and explains why the most famous Medieval torture devices are none of the above. Digressions include the Kings Cross Wax Museum, getting stabbed in the butt, and the pivot to vid

How Email Took Over the World w. Anne Helen Petersen
April 11, 2022

How did the information superhighway get so gridlocked? Guest Anne Helen Petersen tells Sarah the story of how email took over the world and our working lives, and what it would mean for us to get a little of our lost time back. Plus, a Kurt Loder cameo.H

Juliet's Balcony w. Chelsey Weber-Smith
March 28, 2022

What do Chopin, Kylie Jenner, baby carrots, and the War of the Worlds all have in common? They’re all part of Sarah and Chelsey Weber-Smith’s speedrun  through common misconceptions—plus a little Satanic Panic, as a treat.Here’s where to find Chelsey:Chel

Ronald Reagan and "The Welfare Queen" w. Laci Mosley
March 14, 2022

Laci Mosley (Scam Goddess) tells Sarah about Linda Taylor and the origins of the Welfare Queen myth ("the build the wall" of the 70s). They also discuss the origins of the Ronald Reagan myth, and how the latter used the former to become the &quo

Bonus: Groundhog Day with Josh Gondelman
March 07, 2022

What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today. Josh Gondelman is here to laugh and cry with us, and to unpack the heaps of big feelings in Groundhog Day.  Subscribe to You Are Good here.Josh Gondelman can be found on Twitter and right here.Support

CSI: Junk Science w. Josie Duffy Rice
February 20, 2022

Josie Duffy Rice and Sarah discuss the role of junk science in the criminal justice system. It is a big turkey to carve up and Josie serves Sarah a bleakly empowering feast.   Here’s where to find JosieJosie on TwitterJosie's websiteCorrection (Febru

Winter Book Club: The Amityville Horror w. Jamie Loftus (Finale)
February 06, 2022

In this final installment of the Amityville Horror Winter Book Club, Sarah tells guest host Jamie Loftus about Jodie the Demon Pig's scary hooves, the catharsis of exorcism, and how the book kinda debunks itself. Here's where to find Jamie:The