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Henry Lee Lucas w. Rachel Monroe
August 15, 2022

This week we’re taking the back roads with Rachel Monroe, who tells us how the most prolific serial killer in American history may have been something much more ordinary—and why we keep trying to make violent men seem much more powerful than they are. Dig

Porn Wars w. Nona Willis Aronowitz
August 02, 2022

Here’s some money, go see a Porn War. This week we’re going on a field trip to Times Square with Nona Willis Aronowitz, author of Bad Sex, to learn about Deep Throat, “porno chic,” and the unresolved feminist battle over whether to eradicate pornography o

Eugenics w. Eric Michael Garcia
July 18, 2022

This week, Eric Michael Garcia tells Sarah about America’s barely forgotten pastime, plus the Supreme Court’s long history of horrifying decisions. Digressions include due process, The Evil Dead, and what Hitler admired about the United States.Here's

West Coast Tour Announcement
July 12, 2022

This is a super quick message to let you know we'll be having a You're Wrong About West Coast mini tour in September.We'll be going to Portland on 9/16, Seattle (9/18), Los Angeles (9/20) and San Francisco (9/22).There will be music and gue

Go Ask Alice w. Carmen Maria Machado (Part 2)
July 04, 2022

This week Carmen and Sarah read the rest of Alice’s bitchin' diary, and ponder the truths that only lies can tell. Digressions include Pamela and Clarissa, sadistic switch hitters, and orange yeast rolls.You can hear Part 1 here and Part 3 here. Here

Go Ask Alice w. Rick Emerson and Carmen Maria Machado (Part 3)
July 04, 2022

Sarah and Carmen complete their epic trilogy by meeting Rick Emerson on the edge of Mount Doom to discuss his book, Unmask Alice, and some of the story behind the diary that has captivated America—and informed its drug policy—for half a century. Digressio

Martha Stewart w. Sarah Archer
June 20, 2022

This week we’re dishing up a mouthwatering feast of history, gossip, and white collar crime. Guest Sarah Archer tells the tale of Martha Stewart, a girl from New Jersey who achieved world domination by letting us look at her basket collection. Digressions

The Dyatlov Pass Incident w. Blair Braverman
June 06, 2022

This week, Sarah tries to solve the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, in which nine experienced ski hikers fled their shelter and ran into the frigid night for reasons unknown. Digressions include yetis, snowmobiles, and Rachel Monroe. Sarah miraculou

The Prison Boom w. Shannon Heffernan
May 23, 2022

Where did all these prisons come from? WBEZ’s Shannon Heffernan is here to give us part of the answer, which involves “small government” (of course), Lennie Briscoe (as always), the pink flowers of Alcatraz, and a prison sweepstakes that produced the actu

Go Ask Alice w. Carmen Maria Machado (Part 1)
May 09, 2022

This week we begin our journey into the totally true not at all made up diary that has been scaring America’s teens for fifty years. Digressions include Jell-O, magic mushrooms, and ironing your hair, and Sarah promises to trip with Carmen. “Button, Butto