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[DS] Staged A Coup, Treason, FBI/DOJ Cleaning,The 40,000ft View Reveals The Path – Ep. 3070

May 16, 2023

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[DS] Staged A Coup, Treason, FBI/DOJ Cleaning,The 40,000ft View Reveals The PathClick On Picture To See Larger PictureThe [CB]/[WEF] agenda has failed, they opened a store and tried to have people pay when they can and it closed in 12 months. The debt ceiling is going to be a disaster for the D’s. Countries are now preparing for people to transition their currencies. [CB] Panic. The Durham report came out and it is devastating for the [DS], the Russia is a conspiracy made up by the [DS], Trump is exonerated. The people now see how the FBI,CIA,Corrupt Politicians and the fake news staged a coup. The people now understand that the system is to corrupt and justice cannot come from the DOJ or the FBI. These departments will need to be cleaned out. The CIA will be dismantled for the closing act. Nothing can stop what is coming nothing.


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Toronto ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Pay-When-You-Can Cafe Shuts Down After Just One Year 

  • A Toronto cafe for anti-capitalists, “The Anarchist,” is permanently shuttering after just 12 months in business after following a “pay-when-you-can” business model.
  • The Anarchist describes itself as an “anti-capitalist, anti-colonial cafe, shop and radical community space on stolen land.”
  • “Unfortunately, the lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources left me unable to weather the quiet winter season, or to grow in the ways needed to be sustainable longer-term,” the owner, Gabriel Sims-Fewer wrote last week.

The Anarchist, which opened for business in March of 2022, went viral last year, with internet users mocking the leftist cafe for charging high prices for its “speciality” coffee as well as selling “radical” art, books, clothing, jewellery, tote bags, and stickers. –Breitbart 

Source: zerohedge.com

Biden Regime Announces $11 Billion Investment to Tackle Climate Change 

  • On Tuesday, the Biden regime announced another spending of $11 billion investment to combat climate change,  with funding coming from the $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act that Biden signed into law in August.
  • Nearly $11 billion in grants and loan opportunities were announced by the Biden regime to assist rural energy and utility providers in bringing affordable, reliable clean energy to communities around the country, according to the new release.
  • “The Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to cleaner energy provides rural communities with an affordable and reliable power grid, while supporting thousands of new jobs and helping lower energy costs in the future,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

U.S. to Purchase 3 Million Barrels of Oil at $80/Barrel to Replenish Emergency Oil Reserves Depleted by Joe Biden – After Democrats Blocked Trump from Purchasing $24/Barrel Oil 3 Years Ago

  •  , the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it will purchase up to 3 million barrels of oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) after the Biden regime aggressively drained the US stockpile.
  • A record-breaking 180 million barrels were released from the SPR by the Biden regime. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the SPR held about 638 million barrels of oil when Biden took office in January 2021. It has dropped to its lowest level since October 1983 today, at 362 million barrels.

  • Recall, Joe Biden wanted to fill the Strategic Reserves with $80 per barrel oil. Just three years ago the Democrats blocked President Trump from filling the Strategic Oil Reserves at $24 per barrel.

Reuters reported:


Source: thegatewaypundit.com


\Exclusive Poll: 59% of American Voters Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling with and Without Spending Cuts

  • Polling shows the majority of American voters (59.2 percent) oppose raising the debt ceiling with and without there being some restrictions on government spending.
  • The results of the poll, conducted by Convention of States Action in conjunction with the Trafalgar Group, were obtained by Breitbart News exclusively ahead of their public release. The results appear to support the recent legislation from the House Republicans that raise the debt ceiling while restricting spending.
  • The poll showed that 59.2 percent of voters are completely opposed to raising the debt ceiling (22 percent) and say that the ceiling should only be raised if spending cuts are included (37.2 percent), similar to the plan passed by House Republicans last month. However, there were still 40.8 percent who said the debt ceiling should be raised without there being any spending cuts.
  •  Source: breitbart.com


Sports Illustrated Puts Transgender Biological Man on Cover of Swimsuit Edition

  • Sports Illustrated has put a transgender biological male on one of the covers of their 2023 swimsuit edition.
  • The four covers for the year feature Megan Fox, supermodel Brooks Nader, 81-year-old Martha Stewart, and transgender pop star Kim Petras.


  • Petras is the second transgender biological male to appear on the cover after Leyna Bloom in 2021.
  • The 30-year-old singer reportedly began taking cross-sex hormones and transitioning at age 12. He underwent sex change surgery at age 16.



Source: thegatewaypundit.com

BREAKING: Soros-Funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Resigns Early – Will Leave Office Today

  • Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is resigning from office today, Tuesday, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s office confirmed.
  • The Governor’s office announced Tuesday morning that they had received an email from Gardner announcing she will be leaving her office later in the day, KSDK reported.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Jake Tapper: Durham Report ‘Devastating to the FBI’ — ‘To a Degree Does Exonerate Donald Trump’


  • Tapper acknowledged to his viewers the report, which criticized the FBI for the intelligence used to justify its investigation, was “devastating” to the agency and exonerated former President Donald Trump.
  • “[T]he years-long investigation is over,” he said. “And John Durham, the special counsel investigating whether there was any misconduct by the FBI in the Trump-Russia investigation just released his findings. For years, as you may recall, Donald Trump and his supporters pinned their hopes on the investigation by the former U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham named special counsel by Bill Barr, Trump and his allies arguing it would exonerate him from any hint of improper behavior regarding the Russian government’s attempts to interfere in the 2016 election.”

Source: breitbart.com

Durham Report Finds New York Times Peddled Fake News Claiming Trump-Russia Collusion

  • The blockbuster report released by Special Counsel John Durham  found The New York Times published fake news peddled by federal intelligence officials in 2017.
  • In February 2017, the Times reported the Trump campaign had routine contact with Russian officials
  • “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence,” read the headline.

Source: thefederalist.com

Durham Report: FBI Proposed Paying Russia-Collusion Hoaxer Igor Danchenko To Silence Him After Learning He Lied


Source: thefederalist.com



  • But I thought Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell had indisputable proof that Trump was a Russian agent?


NEVER FORGET: Nancy Pelosi Swore She Had “Cold Hard Evidence” of Collusion Between Russia and Trump Family – A COMPLETE LIE – Video 

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke out in July 2017, saying there is now “cold hard evidence” of collusion between Russia and the Trump family.

Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi: This week, we saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign, indeed, the Trump family eagerly intending to collude, possibly with Russia, a hostile foreign power to influence American elections in the month. Again, as we celebrate the courage of our founders, republicans in Congress have become enable of the Trump Russia assault on our democracy. After these latest revelations, it’s becoming clear we have suffered a desecration of our democracy not seen since Watergate. Speaker Ryan must allow a vote on an outside independent kit mission to get to the bottom of the Trump campaign’s role in Russia’s assault on our democracy and prevent Putin from ever doing it again. Immediately.

  • Nancy Pelosi:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


  • In light of the Durham report, here’s Hillary in 2017 referencing the FBI investigation into Trump-Russia.
  • So she approved sending one of her people to the FBI with bogus Trump-Russia ties, then went on TV promoting the investigation that she herself fraudulently started.
  • Treason.



Kash Patel@Kash

  • #NunesMemo: we told the truth over 5 years ago, and the fake news called it right wing conspiracy at its finest…now? @truthsocial find every fake news journo who trashed our findings and list them here, strip them of their credentials, and remind the world they are equally responsible for election rigging as the DOJ/FBI/CIA:

FBI Issues Weak Response – Admits Fault in Durham Report, Claims “Missteps Identified in the Report Could Have Been Prevented”
  • On Monday, the FBI released a response to the damning report by Special Counsel John Durham, who determined that the DOJ and FBI “failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law” when they opened an investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.
  • The agency issued a weak response in which it admits fault in the Durham report and claims that “dozens of corrective actions” have already been implemented as a result of the investigation.
  • “The conduct in 2016 and 2017 that Special Counsel Durham examined was the reason that current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which have now been in place for some time,” the agency said in a statement.

  • The FBI argues that the agency’s error in Durham’s investigation might have been avoided if the recommended measures had been implemented sooner. 


Source: thegatewaypundit.com



The [DS] projected all of their treasonous crimes onto Trump, They’ve been investigating Donald Trump for everything Obama, Hillary and Biden did.

So when the [DS] says there is a threat to democracy they are projecting what they have done onto the people. The FBI, CIA, Corrupt Politicians etc are a   A Threat To Democracy



Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump



  • Friendly reminder that Trump has a defamation lawsuit against CNN for defaming him about Russia collusion
  • He wants $475 million in punitive damages
  • After Durham’s report, I’d say that his chances of winning nearly half a billion dollars just improved
    thehill.com/homenews/media/367Trump sues CNN for defamation

  • Former President Trump has sued CNN in federal court in Florida for defamation. In the lawsuit filed Monday, Trump’s attorneys claim CNN “has sought to use its massive influence — purpo…

    The Hill

Trump is also suing Pulitzer, All eyes are now on the Pulitzer team, they just fell into the Trump quicksand, they didn’t listen to Trump, he said to revoke the awards but now there credibility is shot.  

Trump sues Pulitzer board for defamation in defending winning Russia collusion stories

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • The Durham Report spells out in great detail the Democrat Hoax that was perpetrated upon me and the American people. This is 2020 Presidential Election Fraud, just like “stuffing” the ballot boxes, only more so. This totally illegal act had a huge impact on the Election. With an honest Media, we are looking at the Crime of the Century!


Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 7d06df No.1439789
May 16 2018 23:49:55 (EST)

Anonymous ID: e45cf1 No.1439665
May 16 2018 23:43:31 (EST)

Screenshot-2018-5-16 TheLastRefuge on Twitter FYI – I suspect silly codename crossfire hurricane is a load of bunk added re[…].png


They just keep lyin’. Not surprised. It’s all coming soon. They won’t be able to control the narrative anymore.


Bomb disposal team.

Bomb(s) about to blow.

Which means?

1) They know

2) They are told (controlled)

3) Both


Clowns wear masks.



Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1444682
May 17 2018 13:04:39 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 90810f No.1444632
May 17 2018 12:57:48 (EST)



This has probably already been posted.

Thought it was funny


The hard part for us is having to wait for the ‘public’ to ‘know’ what we’ve known for a very long time.

There is no bigger threat to ‘them’ than the public being awake and thinking for themselves.

Why are we here?


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • TREASON!!!


Kash Patel@Kash

Durham Report Verdicts:

Donald J. Trump- Innocent

FBI- Guilty

DOJ- Guilty

IC- Guilty

Comey- Guilty

McCabe- Guilty

Strzok- Guilty

Lisa Page- Guilty

FISA Judges- Guilty

Rosenstein- Guilty

Chris Wray- Guilty

Gina Haspel- Guilty

Sally Yates- Guilty

Lisa Monaco- Guilty

John Carlin- Guilty

Michael Sussman- Guilty

Christopher Steele- Guilty

Stephan Halper- Guilty

Fusion GPS- Guilty

Mark Elias- Guilty

Clinton- Guilty

Bruce Ohr- Guilty

Nellie Ohr- Guilty

The American People- Robbed of Justice

The DNC is in the spotlight, the people are now seeing how corrupt they are.


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 47ea0a No.4393450
Dec 20 2018 13:33:09 (EST)

The [D] party will cease to exist once it’s all exposed.

FAKE NEWS can no longer control [dampen] public awareness of the TRUTH.



Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Jim Jordan: Congress Must Consider Going After the FBI’s Budget

  •  Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said the next step for the Republican-led House of Representatives following the release of the Durham probe findings was to target the FBI’s budget.
  • The Ohio Republican said the agency’s funding was the only mechanism available to “get control of these agencies.”

Source: breitbart.com



Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1445147
May 17 2018 13:30:25 (EST)

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 349934 No.1444934
May 17 2018 13:18:48 (EST)

God Bless the United States of America.




What had to happen first?

Think logically.

Think DOJ & FBI.

Think cleaning.


Puzzle coming together?

We have reached our cruising altitude of 40,000 ft. long ago.

As we prepare to land, please fasten your seatbelt and make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.


Why would Durham just put out a report, Durham tried to cases, he tested the water to see how DC operates. If he continuted  with press charges in DC his mission would fail in the end. The report was needed to show that the Russian collusion was a hoax, it showed that the fBI, HRC, Obama, CIA, fake news  were all in on it. The public is learning, it shows that pulitzer after the Durham trial proved the dossier was fake and that HRC paid for it still didn’t retract the pulitzer prizes from the NYT etc. DC is corrupt, you cannot get a fair trial following the rule of law. The people are seeing treason at the highest level, they interefed in the election, these people over-through the US government.

Now think about the war that is approaching, Trump continually says he can have peace within 24 hours. If he was not exonerated of Russian collusion how would this look.


 getting out of hand & stealing a lectern. It revealed our highest law enforcement agency trying to undo an election on ZERO evidence. It didn’t disrupt a formal nomination proceeding for 3 hours. It disrupted a presidency for 3 years.



‘I Will Release Everything Else’: Donald Trump Vows Full Release of JFK Assassination Files If Re-Elected President 

  • Former President Donald Trump has announced that if reelected in 2024, he will release all files related to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. This statement comes in response to claims made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic Party challenger, who stated that there is overwhelming evidence of CIA involvement in his uncle’s murder.
  • Trump made the announcement in an interview with The Messenger on Monday, saying, “I released a lot, as you know. And I will release everything else.”

  • During his first term, Trump ordered the release of thousands of JFK files but kept others on hold due to concerns from the FBI and the CIA. This action was prompted by the 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, which set a deadline of 2017 for the release of all classified material related to Kennedy’s assassination.
  • In 2018, Trump delayed the full release of the documents until October 2021, citing national security concerns. President Joe Biden later postponed it to December 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: beckernews.com





Geopolitical/Police State

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group Releases Undercover Video, FOX News Producer Reveals, “Tucker Getting Fired Was Part of It” – The Dominion Settlement! (VIDEO)

  • HUGE!
    O’Keefe Media Group released undercover video on Monday of a FOX Insider spilling the beans on Tucker Carlson’s firing.
  • FOX News at Night producer Sean Langille told undercover journalists that part of the Dominion settlement included Tucker Carlson being fired.

Sean Langille: $744 million to settle that.

Reporter: Oh, that was with the Dominion Company. What happened with that?

Sean Langille: Like, they gave him money. They say it wasn’t part of it, but we’re learning that Tucker getting fired part of that.

Reporter: Tucker getting fired was part of the Dominion lawsuit?

Sean Langille: Part of the settlement. Yeah, he’s ousted… And we got money from Pfizer… He (Tucker) brought up things that cost a lot of money. Cost the company a lot of money. This whole thing about January, it was an inside job. FBI agent on the inside encouraged it

This was the latest explosive video release by James O’Keefe and The O’Keefe Media Group.
James O’Keefe strikes again!

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


BREAKING: Head of Ukraine’s Supreme Court Detained in Alleged $3 Million Bribery Scheme

  • The head of Ukraine’s Supreme Court has been detained by Ukrainian prosecutors over alleged involvement in a bribery scheme, according to the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO).
  • The prosecutor did not disclose the detained official’s name during the briefing, mentioning that the head of the Supreme Court had not yet been served with a formal “notice of suspicion.”

Source: beckernews.com



WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Maricopa County’s Fraudulent Signature Verification – Worker “Verifies” Signatures in LESS THAN 2 Seconds Per Signature

  • A new video reveals the truth about Maricopa County’s fraudulent signature verification by showing a signature verification worker approving mail-in ballot signatures in less than two seconds each.
  • The employee does not even appear to be looking at the signatures, but instead, clicking the mouse and accepting them at a rapid speed of close to one second each. This one individual verified almost 27,000 signatures in total.


Watch below:

You are about to see 90 seconds of the signature verification process where one person is “verifying” signatures as fast as they can load, compared to the person sitting next to him.

80% of Arizona voters use mail in ballots that require signature verification. This is just one of many workers that “verified” hundreds of thousands of signatures at less than 3 seconds each.

This one individual verified almost 27,000 signatures in total.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

JUST-IN: Maricopa County Judge Confirms Kari Lake is Going Back to Trial May 17, 18, 19

  • Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson reaffirmed a previous minute entry, setting trial dates for Kari Lake’s trial on the remanded fraudulent signature verification claims in her lawsuit against the 2022 election.
  • Kari Lake is going back to trial on May 17, 18, and 19!



Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Dan Scavin@DanScavino



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