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[DS]/Fake News Panics Over J6 Video Release, 16 Year Plan Boomerang – Ep. 3003

February 21, 2023

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The Green New Deal is dead on arrival, now we find out that Al Gore is investing in polluters, do as I say not as I do. The system is breaking down, out in the UK there is veggie rationing. The [CB] are moving forward their plan to crash the economy, the patriots are counting on this. The [DS] is now panicking over the J6 video tapes, they do not want them released, they know if the people learn the truth it is game over. Trump lets the people know that the Biden admin is leading us into WWIII, he says he can resolve the War with no problem. He is now using the 16 year plan against them. The people are about to hit the precipice and the [DS] will not be able to recover from this.


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Al Gore’s greenie investment fund caught buying stock in polluters

  • Turns out he doesn’t even invest green, even though he would like you to think he does.
  • According to the New York Post:

 But a recent analysis by Bloomberg News found that Generation’s Global Equity fund, which numbers a total of 42 companies, includes 18 firms which emitted increasingly more greenhouse gases annually between 2015 and 2021.

The “green-friendly” investment firm co-founded and run by former Vice President Al Gore, 74, owns a portfolio of more than $26 billion worth of shares in nearly two dozen companies that were found to have increased greenhouse gas emissions in recent years, according to a report.

 So in other words, he wants you to invest green, buying into those ESG funds that virtue-signal their clean, green credentials, same as he wants you to freeze in winter on that frozen wind turbine power nonproduction, take the bus, and eat bugs, but don’t dare ask him to do those things.

Source: americanthinker.com

Vegetable rationing could last ‘weeks’ as Morrisons becomes second major supermarket to limit sales: NFU president warns shoppers face further restrictions on tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber and broccoli as UK farmers are forced to switch off greenhouses

  • Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and cauliflower limited in stores
  • Many shoppers across the country have been growing frustrated by shortage

  • Vegetable rationing could last for ‘weeks’, it was warned today, after Morrisons joined Asda to became the second major supermarket to limit sales of certain items. 

    Perishables like tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber and broccoli have been restricted to just two or three per customer in a host of stores up and down the country.

    The crisis has developed in recent weeks due to soaring energy costs which have forced British farmers to switch off greenhouses as they desperately try to make ends meet – leaving a dearth of home-grown produce.

    Store bosses initially insisted that supplies will improve ‘in the coming days’, before the British Retail Consortium trade body later admitted disruption will likely last ‘a few weeks’.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

US Existing Home Sales Unexpectedly Decline In January, Record 37% YoY Collapse 

  •  existin home sales for January actually tumbled 0.7% MoM (well below the 2.0% jump expected) and the record 12th straight monthly decline with December’s 1.5% decline actually revised even worse to -2.2% MoM…

Source: Bloomberg

January’s unexpected decline smashed sales to a record 36.9% YoY crash, dragging the total existing home sales SAAR is at its weakest since Oct 2010…

Source: Bloomberg

  • That is worse than at the very lows of the COVID lockdown crisis.

Source: zerohddge.com

Credit card debt surpasses pre-pandemic levels: Fed

  • Dive Brief:
  • Fourth-quarter consumer credit card balances last year climbed $61 billion, or 6.6%, over the prior quarter to $986 billion, surpassing a pre-pandemic high of $927 billion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data. That $61 billion increase was the largest gain since the Fed began recording the data in 1999.
  • Compared to December of 2021, the credit card balances at the end of last year were $130 billion higher, which was the largest annual growth in such balances, the Fed said. Meanwhile, credit card debt delinquencies of 90 days or more were also on the rise, increasing to 4.01% in Q4 2022, up from 3.2% in the year-earlier quarter, according to the Fed.

source:  retaildive.com

Fed, ECB Set To Hike Rates Even Higher Than Priced 

  • Investors now expect the major central banks to raise rates much more than they were just at the start of this month.
  • The Federal Reserve may raise interest rates as high as 6%, the European Central Bank to 4% and the Bank of England to possibly 5% should the global economy continue to be resilient and inflation run rife.

  • Here’s why
  • The tell-tale three-month/10-year Treasury curve has been in a consistent inversion since November, and typically, recessions have followed between 11 and 14 months.

  • That would suggest that the US economy is unlikely to roll over before October at the earliest – meaning central banks may be raising rates all through the summer 

Source: zerohedge.com


Alec Baldwin No Longer Facing Potential Five Years in Jail After Prosecutors Downgrade Charges 

  • Hollywood star Alec Baldwin is no longer facing the prospect of spending five years in jail after prosecutors in New Mexico downgraded the charges against him Friday.
  • Court documents show Alec Baldwin and Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed will only be charged with involuntary manslaughter without a firearm enhancement charge. The enhancement carried a maximum five-year prison sentence, according to multiple reports.
  • Attorneys for both Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed had argued the firearm enhancement was based on a New Mexico law that only went into effect after the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in October 2021.
  • As a result, the Santa Fe District Attorney downgraded the charges against them.

Source: breitbart.com

Democrat Rep And Trump “Impeachment” Manager Leaves Congress – Special Election To Be Held

  • Democrats are jumping ship.
  • Dem Rep. David Cicillne, who has represented Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District since 2011 is stepping down on June 1st.

  • Cicilline served as an impeachment manager during the second impeachment of Donald Trump.

  •  Rep. David Cicilline, a Rhode Island Democrat, announced Tuesday he will leave Congress early at the end of May to become the new president and CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation, marking a rare resignation early in a session.

 A special election for Cicilline’s seat cannot be scheduled until he officially resigns from office, according to The Boston Globe.

  • Democrats know how bad things are getting for their party thanks to Joe Biden’s failed presidency. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


Geopolitical/Police State

Project Veritas Reporter to The Gateway Pundit: “Con Confirm Your Report – Today’s the Day”

Source: thegatewaypundit.com







  • JUST IN – Unsecured DoD sever was spilling terabytes of internal U.S. military emails to the open internet for the past two weeks.
  • Breaking news from around the world.
  • Disclose.tv

Sensitive US military emails spill online

  • A government cloud email server was connected to the internet without a password
  • the U.S. Department of Defense secured an exposed server on Monday that was spilling internal U.S. military emails to the open internet for the past two weeks.
  • The exposed server was hosted on Microsoft’s Azure government cloud for Department of Defense customers, which uses servers that are physically separated from other commercial customers and as such can be used to share sensitive but unclassified government data. The exposed server was part of an internal mailbox system storing about three terabytes of internal military emails, many pertaining to U.S. Special Operations Command, or USSOCOM, the U.S. military unit tasked with conducting special military operations.
  • But a misconfiguration left the server without a password, allowing anyone on the internet access to the sensitive mailbox data inside using only a web browser, just by knowing its IP address.

Source: techcrunch.com

Vladimir Putin Blames West for Starting War in Ukraine

  • He Suspends Participation in Key Nuclear Treaty
  • Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for starting the war in Ukraine and claimed Russia responded with force “in order to stop it”.
  • In a speech describing his aims as the first anniversary of the conflict nears, the Russian president said Ukraine was in talks with the West about weapons before Russia invaded its neighbour on 24 February last year.
  • Mr Putin also announced that Russia was suspending its participation in a key nuclear treaty with the US which limits the two sides’ strategic nuclear arsenals.
  • “I would like to repeat, they started the war and we used force in order to stop it,” he said in his state of the nation address on Tuesday.

Source: globalresearch.ca


NATO Chief Rejects Ukrainian Request for Outlawed Cluster Bombs
  • The head of NATO has rejected Ukrainian requests for it to be supplied with controversial phosphorous weapons and outlawed cluster bombs.
  • Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of the NATO military alliance, has publicly rejected calls for the group to hand over cluster bombs and phosphorous-based incendiary weapons to Ukraine.
  • It comes after Olexander Kubrakov, a senior official within the Ukrainian government, called for Western powers to give his country the controversial weapons while speaking at the Munich Security Conference earlier this week.

Source: breitbart.com


  • Biden brought back the WNBA player from Russia but not the Marine
  • He visited Ukraine instead of Ohio
  • He checked his watch while the caskets of US troops were brought home from Afghanistan
  • This is intentional
  • Hes saying “we stole it, we hate you, and we’re going to squash you”

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • If you watch and understand the moves being made by Biden on Ukraine, he is systematically, but perhaps unknowingly, pushing us into what could soon be WORLD WAR III. How crazy is that?


Q !UW.yye1fxo No.47
Jan 21 2018 14:06:20 (EST)

[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]

Hussein [8]

Install rogue_ops

Leak C-intel/Mil assets

Cut funding to Mil

Command away from generals

Launch ‘good guy’ takedown (internal remove) – Valerie Jarrett (sniffer)

SAP sell-off

Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)

Open border (flood illegals: D win) ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)

Blind-eye NK [nuke build]
[Clas-1, 2, 3]

Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]

Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]

Stage SC [AS [187]]

U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) – RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)
[CLAS 1-99]

HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]

Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov’t/MIL

KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]

Open borders

Revise Constitution

Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)

Install ‘on team’ SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)

Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]

Limit/remove funding of MIL

Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]

Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59


Pure EVIL.

Narrative intercept [4am].

Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.

Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].

Shutdown Primary Reasons.


Weaken military assets.

Inc illegal votes.

Black voters abandoning.

“Keep them starved”

“Keep them blind”

“Keep them stupid”

HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

The Great Awakening.

Fight, Fight, Fight.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 18740b No.10581812
Sep 9 2020 18:01:53 (EST)



Sometimes you cannot tell people the truth.

You must show them.

Only then, at the precipice, will people find the will to change [to participate].

We, the People, have been betrayed for a very long time.








Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • World War III has never been closer than it is right now…


Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 33a3aa No.899345
Apr 4 2018 20:41:40 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 5ad204 No.899237
Apr 4 2018 20:35:04 (EST)

I bet he already talked to Putin too


Peace through strength.


False Flags

More than $200 Million in City-Purchased COVID Gear Auctioned Off For Just $500,000

  • Over the last few weeks, 18-wheelers pulled up again and again to the City of New York’s huge supply warehouse in Queens to pick up dozens of unopened cartons containing what, during the depths of the pandemic, City Hall proclaimed would be lifesaving miracle devices known as “bridge vents.”
  • As the COVID pandemic overtook New York City in April 2020, then-Mayor Bill de Blasio commissioned 3,000 of the breathing devices as back-ups for the ventilators that kept sick patients alive, helping fund their manufacture even though they had never been tested in a New York City hospital setting.

  • Taxpayers paid $12 million for the devices. The city Economic Development Corporation awarded Spiro Wave LLC, the group that built the devices, $100,000 in “seed money” and secured the rights to buy 70% of whatever was produced going forward.
  • De Blasio’s pandemic medical miracle has turned into a bargain-basement giveaway under current Mayor Eric Adams — with the bridge vents unloaded, unused, in an auction that ended Jan. 24, described in sale records as “non-functioning medical equipment sold as scrap metal.”
  • A junk dealer from Long Island picked up the entire $12 million, 500,000-pound kit and kaboodle — for only $24,600. It took the dealer 28 truckloads to cart the stuff away, auction records state.

  • An investigation by THE CITY has determined that since last summer, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) has systematically tried to auction off millions of dollars worth of COVID-related personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies — gowns, face shields, hand sanitizer, KN95 masks, N95 masks — that the department decided are no longer needed.  

Source:  thecity.nyc

Recent Evidence from Three Major Healthcare Systems Suggests Lack of COVID-19 Boosters Does Not Increase Hospitalization (VIDEO)  

  • Contrary to claims made by the Biden regime and the media, the decline in the number of young people receiving a COVID-19 booster compared to those of older ages has not been linked to a surge in hospitalizations.
  • Recently released information from three major healthcare systems, two in New York and one in Israel, indicated that a lack of COVID-19 booster doses for younger people are not becoming severely ill and did not increase hospitalizations.

  • The bivalent booster was released in September, but it has seen little uptake. According to the CDC, just around 16% of the US population has received it and the rate is even lower for those under the age of 65.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com


It’s Worse Than First Reported – Illinois Has 930 Schools Where Only 1 in 10 Children Can Do Math at Grade Level

  • Congratulations liberals.  Students in many Illinois schools are so far behind they will be lucky to ever catch up. 
  •  In 53 schools in the state, not one child can do math at grade level. In 30 schools, not a single student can read at grade level
  • Despite the horrible scores, the teachers are paid well.

  • And only 1 out of 10 kids or less can do math at grade level in 930 schools…that’s more than a quarter of all schools in the state…Just looking at 2022, 97.2% of teachers were rated excellent or proficient but only 29.9% of students can read at grade level. Meanwhile the new superintendent for schools statewide was picked from a district where only 2 out of 10 students can read at grade level. 

Source: thegatewaypundit.com

Study: 70% of Suspects Freed from Jail Without Bail Arrested for More Crimes

  • More than 7-in-10 criminal suspects released from jail without bail go on to be rearrested for allegedly committing more crimes, a new study reveals.

  • Yolo County, California, in particular, kept the $0 bail policy in place until June 2021 when the county’s Superior Court enacted a new bail schedule.
  • The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, in analyzing release and arrest data during the period where the $0 bail policy was enforced, finds that more than 70 percent of those who were released without bail went on to be arrested for additional crimes.
  • The analysis also compared recidivism rates over an 18-month period, finding that 78 percent of suspects released without bail were found to be rearrested for crimes while only 46 percent of those who paid bail were rearrested.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order




 Dems/fake news are panicking over the J6 footage 






During January 6 Hearing, Schiff Doctored Text Messages Between Mark Meadows And Rep. Jim Jordan

  • Not only did Schiff misrepresent the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored original text messages, which were obtained and reviewed by The Federalist in their entirety.



  • “I want to display just a few of the message[s] he received from people in Congress,” Schiff said, referring to Meadows. “The committee is not naming these lawmakers at this time as our investigation is ongoing. If we could cue the first graphic.”
  • The following graphic, purportedly of the text message between a member of Congress and Meadows, then appeared on screen at Schiff’s direction:
  • “This one reads, ‘On January 6, 2021, Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all,’” Schiff continued. “You can see why this is so critical to ask Mr. Meadows about. About a lawmaker suggesting that the former vice president simply throw out votes that he unilaterally deems unconstitutional in order to overturn a presidential election and subvert the will of the American people.”
  • Not only did Schiff lie about the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored the message and graphic that he displayed on screen during his statement. The full text message, which was forwarded to Meadows from Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on the evening of Monday, Jan. 5, was significantly longer than what Schiff read and put on screen, but Schiff erased significant portions of the text and added punctuation where there was none to give the impression that Jordan himself was tersely directing Meadows to give orders to Pence on how to handle the electoral vote certification.

  • The original text was written by Washington attorney and former Department of Defense Inspector General Joseph Schmitz and included an attachment of a four-page draft Word document drafted by Schmitz that detailed Schmitz’s legal reasoning for suggesting that Pence had the constitutional authority to object to the certification of electoral votes submitted by a handful of states. The piece that Schmitz had sent to Jordan was published at the website everylegal.vote the next day and even included the same “DISCUSSION DRAFT” heading and timestamp on the document that Schmitz sent to Jordan.
  • b

Source: thefederalist.com

‘They Set Us Up!’ Bombshell J6 Footage Shows Officers Discussing ‘Non-Uniformed’ Agents, Protesters Pushed Towards Capitol

  • Newly released bodycam footage obtained due to the court trial of Jan. 6 defendant William Pope of Topeka, Kansas shows uniformed officers discussing how to spot “non-uniform” agents. In addition, the released videos show that undercover officers climbed barricades and urged protesters to go toward the Capitol Building. MPD bicycle officers stopped four armed men in plainclothes that turned out to be law enforcement agents. Another video shows a man walking behind Ashli Babbitt, the woman fatally slain by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd, and predicted that “someone will get shot.” There is also a new wrinkle in the activities of Ray Epps and Ryan Samsel on the day of the Capitol Riots.

Several of the videos were posted in a Twitter thread by William Pope under the handle of @FreeStateWill.


  • The videos were reported on and authenticated by Joseph M. Hanneman at the Epoch Times.

  • According to Pope’s motion, three undercover MPD officers approached the northwest corner of the Capitol grounds at about 1:40 p.m. on Jan. 6. Officer 1, who filmed the event, joined in with the crowd and chanted, “Drain the swamp!”
  • After a group of men ran past the officers toward the Capitol, Officer 2 — who was wearing a Trump beanie — commented, “Those guys are getting shot,” according to the motion.

  • Then Officer 1 joined in with the crowd chanting, “Whose house? Our house!”
  • Pope also describes how Officer 1 climbed over a barricade: “Officer 1 began yelling at people in front of him to ‘Go, go, go!’ As they climbed bicycle racks, Officer 1 yelled for the crowd to ‘help him up, help him up!’ followed by ‘push him up, push him up!’”


“Needing help to get up, Officer 1 asked a nearby man to give him a boost,” the motion continues. “The man gives Officer 1 a lift up, and Officer 1 says ‘Thanks, bro.’”

The motion can be read below:

United States v. POPE – Res… by Stephen Horn

  • As the motion adds, Officer 1 pushed protesters in front of him to advance on the Capitol, shouting, “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, let’s go!”
  • Video from the bodycam of MPD officer Terry Thorne shows him urging protesters to go down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol from Trump’s speech at 12:30 p.m. He says to “keep the march going.”


Stephen Horn, who is working on a January 6 documentary, further corroborates that this was indeed Epps.

Source: beckernews.com 

 Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

  • ANYBODY running for the Office of President of the United States should agree to take a full & complete Mental Competency Test simultaneously (or before!) with the announcement that he or she is running, & likewise, but to a somewhat lesser extent, agree to a test which would prove that you are physically capable of doing the job. Being an outstanding President requires great mental acuity & physical stamina. If you don’t have these qualities or traits, it is likely you won’t succeed. MAGA!


Nov 08, 2022 11:01:48 PM EST

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 000000 No. 17734020 

Endless lies.
Endless wars.
Endless ‘printing’.
Endless oppression.
Endless subjugation.
Endless surveillance.
Who will put an end to the endless?
Taking control.

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