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[DS] Is Building The Domestic Terrorist Narrative, They Are Walking Right Into The Trap – Ep. 2943

December 07, 2022

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[DS] Is Building The Domestic Terrorist Narrative, They Are Walking Right Into The TrapClick On Picture To See Larger PictureThe fake news organizations are in real trouble, this is one of the reasons they are pushing the JCPA, they need funds to keep their propaganda outlets operational. The people are now rejecting the [CBDC], the infrastructure is not ready and the people see the truth. The [DS] is going after Trump and the people that surround him. The [DS] is panicking, they need to stop him at all costs because if they don’t all of these people will be going to prison, they know this. Trump has been setting these people up for a long time and exposing their crimes, the people aren’t stupid they are seeing the truth, more is on its way. The [DS] is now building the Qanon, MAGA terrorist narrative, they are walking right into the trap the patriots have set for them.


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Newsom Redefines Oil Company Windfall ‘Tax’ as ‘Penalty’ to Avoid 2/3 Vote 

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) changed his plan for a windfall tax on oil company profits to describe the tax as a “penalty” to avoid a requirement that new taxes be passed by a two-thirds vote in the state legislature.

  • In September, when Newsom first tried to scapegoat oil companies for high gas prices, claiming that they are engaged in “extortion,” he called explicitly and publicly for a “windfall tax” on the energy companies’ profits.
  •  Newsom has attempted to claim that the “tax” is really just a “penalty,” because there may not be enough votes in the Democrat-dominated legislature to raise taxes again:
  • Why the change from taxes to civil penalties?It has to do with the state constitution, which requires any tax to be passed by two-thirds majorities in both houses of the Legislature. Newsom is betting that the civil penalties that he proposes would be exempt from that requirement and thus need only simple legislative vote majorities to become law.In other words, he’s not certain that despite overwhelming Democratic legislative majorities he could muster a two-thirds vote for a profits tax, due to a general reluctance among politicians to impose new taxes and the oil industry’s vigorous courting of support, aided by its influential unions.

Source: breitbart.com

Senate Banking Chairman Brown to introduce bill closing ‘shadow’ banking loophole after Elon Musk says Twitter will process payments 

  • Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, introduced a bill to close the shadow banking loophole for large companies seeking banking charters from the FDIC.
  • Called industrial loan companies, or ILCs, the nonbanking entities operate without the oversight required for traditional banks.
  • The Close the Shadow Banking Loophole Act comes about a month after Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk shared his plan to transform the social media platform into a payment service and reportedly registered with the Treasury Department as a payments processor.

  • Allowing tech and commercial companies to act as banks without proper oversight “will only open doors for predatory lending, invasions of consumer privacy, and broader financial instability,” Brown, D-Ohio, said in a press release. “To protect consumers’ pocketbooks and ensure a strong banking system for Main Street, we need to ensure all banking institutions play by the same rules,” he added.

Source: cnbc.com

Federal Reserve Unveils Climate Risk Proposal For Big Banks For Public Comment 

  • The Federal Reserve Board of Governors on Dec. 2 invited public comment on proposed principles for managing climate-related risks of banks with $100 billion or more in assets.
  • Six of the board’s seven members voted in favor of the move.
  • One governor, Christopher Waller, dissented.
  • “I cannot support this issuance of guidance on climate change. Climate change is real, but I disagree with the premise that it poses a serious risk to the safety and soundness of large banks and the financial stability of the United States.

source: zerohedge.com


  • The Nigerian government has imposed new restrictions on ATM withdrawals in an effort to increase usage of the eNaira. The Nigerian government has placed new restrictions and limits on the amount of cash citizens are able to withdraw from ATMs. The decision is seemingly an attempt to further push the country’s new CBDC, the eNaira.
  • The directive orders that citizens and businesses cannot withdraw amounts exceeding $45 (20,000 nairas) per day and $225 (100,000 nairas) per week from ATMs. Withdrawals from banks of over $225 (100,000 nairas) and $1,125 (500,000 nairas) will be subject to processing fees of 5% for individuals and 10% for businesses.The order also details that cashback via point-of-sale terminals cannot exceed $45 (20,000 nairas) per day either.
  • Nigeria was one of the first governments to launch a CBDC, unveiling the eNaira in October 2021. However, traction has been low. Only 0.5% of Nigerian citizens are estimated to be using the digital Naira, per a Bloomberg report. Now, it seeks to increase the usage of it through regulations like this.
  • Bitcoiners have been outspoken opponents of CBDCs, describing various weaknesses that point to Bitcoin being the superior alternative. CBDCs, Bitcoiners argue, can lead to outsized surveillance of the population, total control of people’s money and complete lack of sovereignty when it comes to the debasement of value of a currency.Beyond that, Bitcoiners have argued that not only are CBDCs inherently bad, but their success is entirely improbable, as the infrastructure necessary to implement them as envisioned simply doesn’t exist and is not going to be made by incapable governments.

Source: bitcoinmagazine.com


New York Times blames ‘QAnon’ for Balenciaga pedophilia scandal

  • It was just over a month ago that The New York Times was concerned that luxe fashion brand Balenciaga would be damaged by having Kanye West, now Ye, continue as their brand ambassador. Now, the Times is claiming that the brand’s ad campaign promoting child exploitation is a QAnon plot to bring down the Spanish fashion house.
  • After a detailed explanation of how tasteful Balenciaga’s two recent, controversial ad campaigns actually are, the Times claims that criticism of the ads from Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s criticism are part of a QAnon conspiracy theory that the world of influence is run by an elite cadre of pedophiles.



Source: postmillenial.com

Key Democrats ask State, Defense for records on Kushner family business

  • Two Democratic congressional committee chairs have co-authored letters to the State and Defense departments on Tuesday asking for an array of records on Jared Kushner’s family business, raising concerns about his financial interests as he influenced the Trump administration’s foreign policy in the Persian Gulf.
  • House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (Ore.) in asking for the records cited previously undisclosed emails that largely relate to a 2018 bailout of a Kushner-owned office building. The request comes as part of the committees’ investigation into whether the former White House senior adviser’s financial conflicts of interest improperly influenced U.S. policy.
  • The letters, which were first reported by The Washington Post, detail how Canadian investment firm Brookfield Asset Management cut a previously known deal to pay a 99-year lease up front on the Kushner family’s 39-story office building in midtown Manhattan, worth about $1.1 billion, helping the Kushners avoid defaulting on impending loan payments.

Source: thehill.com


  • President Trump to appeal Manhattan decision, slams ‘Greatest Political Witch Hunt in the History of our country’
    rsbnetwork.com/news/president-President Trump to appeal Manhattan decision, slams ‘Greatest Political Witch Hunt in the History of our country’

  • Photo: Alamy After a New York jury voted to convict the Trump Organization of tax fraud, President Donald Trump announced plans to appeal the decision, calling it “a continuation of the Greatest Political…

    Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


Ocasio-Cortez Under investigation, Ethics Committee Says

  • The House Ethics Committee is investigating Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 
  • “Pursuant to House Rule XI, clause 3(b)(8)(A), and Committee Rules 17A(b)(1)(A), 17A(c)(1), and 17A(j), the Acting Chairwoman and Acting Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics have jointly decided to extend the matter regarding Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which was transmitted to the Committee by the Office of Congressional Ethics on June 23, 2022,” it said in a statement.


  • The committee did not reveal what it is investigating Ocasio-Cortez for, in accordance with its rules. Shortly after taking office, conservative groups filed complaints alleging that she misused congressional resources. She also faced scrutiny for her involvement with the Super PAC Justice Democrats.  

Source: dailycaller.com


Geopolitical/Police State


Twitter’s Former Head Of Trust And Safety Wants To Cleanse The Internet Of Dissent

  • Yoel Roth and his peers in the managerial elite view free speech as an obstacle to attaining total conformance with their worldview. Late last month, Yoel Roth — the former head of trust and safety at Twitter — was a featured panelist at a conference hosted by the Knight Foundation titled “Informed: Conversations On Democracy In The Digital Age.” Roth spent the hour-long panel fielding editorialized questions from left-wing tech journalist Kara Swisher in which the two revealed how leftists view Big Tech as little more than a mechanism for further consolidating their grip on institutionalized power.

Source: thefederalist.com







Biden administration signs off on $425M in arms sales to Taiwan  

  • The Biden administration has approved two separate arms sales to Taiwan worth more than $425 million as China has stepped up its threats and aggression toward the island.
  • The State Department said the sales are for spare aircraft parts to support Taiwan’s F-16 fighters, C-130 transport planes and other weapons systems that the United States has supplied. The total is made up of $330 million in standard replacement parts and $98 million in non-standard equipment and related accessories and logistics.

Source: thehill.com

False Flags


Here’s How The CDC Used A Backchannel With Twitter To Control The COVID-19 Narrative

  • Twitter set up a portal for government officials and “stakeholders” to submit posts that allegedly contained COVID-19 misinformation for Twitter to review,
  • Twitter officials used the portal to track online posts for review, and invited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials to enroll, according to documents AFL obtained through its litigation against the CDC. Twitter’s Todd O’Boyle enrolled the CDC’s Carol Crawford in the portal in May 2021 after she sent an email labeled “COVID Misinformation” with links to several Twitter posts who wrote about microchips and “vaccine shedding.” O’Boyle described the channel as “the best way to get a spreadsheet like this reviewed.”

Source: dailycaller.com

Emails reveal Fauci ‘covertly contributed’ to COVID article he later quoted

  • Newly revealed emails confirm that Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s outgoing COVID-19 adviser who publicly bragged that he was “the science,” probably contributed to an article that purported to debunk the idea that the pandemic originated in a lab.

  • It confirmed, “The federal officials most responsible for shaping COVID-19 origin narratives may have covertly contributed to a March 2020 research paper concluding that ‘SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct’ and rejecting the plausibility of ‘any type of laboratory-based scenario.'”

Source: wnd.com

‘Bombshell’ Legal Docs Suggest Dr. Fauci Lied Under Oath During High Profile Court Case 

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared to contradict his own agency during a Nov. 23 deposition by claiming that he is not involved in the redaction of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, a transcript of the record revealed on Monday.
  •  When asked about his role in responding to various FOIA requests about his emails from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), of which he is the director, and the National Institute of Health, Fauci responded that he was not immediately involved; however, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) previously claimed otherwise.

  • “I don’t — a FOIA request does not come to me, and I look through my e-mails and give the e-mails that they ask for,” Fauci said in the transcript. “We have a system at the NIH where FOIA requests come in and a different component of the institutes tap into the e-mails and provide the e-mails that are requested. I don’t decide which e-mails go and don’t go.”
  • Fauci continued, stating that he has “never redact[ed]” anything.
  • “I have no involvement in what gets redacted. It gets redacted at multiple levels beyond my — beyond me.”
  • However, the HHS claimed otherwise during a Joint Status Report in a 2020 lawsuit filed by the Daily Caller News Foundation over a public record request. The request is being managed by Judicial Watch, a conservative organization dedicated to “transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law,” according to its website.
  • Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, accused Fauci and the HHS of being “dishonest.”
  • “Either Fauci was being dishonest about his role in FOIA or his agency was misleading a federal court to stall the release of key China-covid documents,” Fitton told the DCNF.


Source: beckernews.com





Peru’s Castillo Dissolves Congress Hours Before Impeachment Vote 

  •   Peru President Pedro Castillo announced the dissolution of congress and called for legislative elections to draft a new constitution hours before an impeachment debate, escalating a political crisis and putting the Latin American nation’s democracy under threat. Members of the constitutional court decribed the move as “a coup.”

Source: yahoo.com

Peru’s president dissolves Congress, which then votes in VP 

  • Castillo had tried to beat lawmakers to the punch as they prepared to debate a third attempt to remove him from office. The national ombudsman’s office called it a coup.
  • Lawmakers then voted 101-6 with 10 abstentions to remove Castillo from office for reasons of “permanent moral incapacity.”

Source: startribune.com/


President of Peru, Pedro Castillo is removed from office by Congress, shortly after announcing the dissolution of Parliament and an “exception government”.

Local media reports Peru President Castillo has been detained by police on charges of sedition after he dissolved Congress and declared a state of exception, then was impeached and seeking asylum in Mexico.




  • Christina Bobb & Team Trump found a document that shows Stephen Richer (Maricopa County Recorder) was coordinating with CISA (Federal government) to manipulate the outcome of the election in Arizona.


ff9f575db129e2e3.jpg Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Colluded With Federal Agency, CISA, To Censor Election Critics – The Gateway Pundit Mentioned By Name

Former FBI Agent Reveals Massive Election Interference in ‘Bombshell’ Court Testimony

  • A Big Tech lawsuit has uncovered one of the most disturbing revelations yet about social media companies’ collusion with law enforcement agencies to police speech on the Internet. A former FBI agent, Elvis Chan, revealed during the court hearings that the bureau held weekly meetings with major social media companies prior to the 2020 and 2022 elections.
  • On Wednesday, the court transcript of former FBI agent Elvis Chan’s testimony was released and corroborated earlier reports.

  • Chan  testified that he was in regular contact with Facebook’s Steven Siegel and Twitter’s Yoel Roth, as reported by Lee Fang.


  • Chan also related the the U.S. government is in regular correspondence with major social media platforms regarding elections; namely, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (or CISA).

Source: beckernews.com

Sen. Steve Daines Takes on the Establishment With JCPA 

  • Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) is one of the Senators preventing the Democrats from ramming the widely condemned Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) through the legislative process without a debate on the floor.
  • The JCPA is a financial handout for the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful media conglomerates. The bill will allow the creation of a joint negotiating entity, a.k.a. a cartel, to force arbitration agreements on Big Tech companies, forcing them to give the media industry financial and other favors.
  • Large media conglomerates and their hedge fund owners set to be the biggest winners of the JCPA, with provisions in the bill that allow companies that own multiple news outlets to sign up all their publications to join any new cartel, allowing the biggest conglomerates to dominate proceedings.
  • The bill also allows the cartel to write its own rules to exclude potential new members, a recipe for sidelining conservative and alternative media. Protections in the bill against “viewpoint” discrimination fall flat, as the exclusion and censorship of conservatives in recent years has always been justified using viewpoint-neutral pretexts, like “disinformation” and “extremism.”

Source: breitbart.com

JCPA May Open the Door to Even More Influence for China’s TikTok

  • The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) is potentially a TikTok bailout bill, as it puts multiple new restrictions on U.S. platforms, but leaves the China-owned app free to steal American user data.
  • The JCPA, the way it is currently written, contains a loophole that gives TikTok a license to push propaganda against U.S. interests.

  •  Moreover, the JCPA leaves out a provision suggested by national security personnel to limit TikTok’s ability to steal U.S. user data and hand it over to the Chinese Communist Party. The bill also leaves out a provision to monitor TikTok’s push of propaganda on U.S. soil, such as anti-Taiwan messages.

Source: breitbart.com


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump


UK PM Rishi Sunak Calls For New Police Powers To Stop “Illegal Protests” 

  •  British Prime Minister and billionaire associate of the World Economic Forum Rishi Sunak is calling for draconian police powers to deal with “illegal protests,”
  •  The problem is that the actions of these protesters are being exploited by government officials in order to con the public into supporting police powers that could be used against more legitimate freedom movements tomorrow.


Source: zerohedge.com

Germany Foils QAnon-Inspired Terrorist Group Suspected of Plotting Coup

  • German authorities  said they had dismantled a domestic far-right terrorist cell inspired by the QAnon conspiracy on suspicion of planning to overthrow the government.
  • Of the 25 people arrested in the early hours of the day, 22 are suspected of conspiring to foment a coup, the country’s federal prosecutor said. Their alleged plans included an armed storming of the federal parliament. The other three, including a Russian citizen living in Germany, are suspected of supporting the group, the prosecutor said.

Source: wsj.com

FBI Ramps Up Spending to Fight MAGA Terrorism 

  • The FBI is conducting three times as many domestic terrorism investigations than it was five years ago, with 70 percent of its open cases focused on “civil unrest” and anti-government activity, according to FBI documents and government specialists. The Bureau has also quietly changed the general classification of white supremacy, antisemitism, abortion-, and anti-LGBTQI+-related extremism to “hate crimes” rather than “terrorism.” Since terrorism remains the top national security priority, this has lowered the visibility and resources dedicated to those issues.
  • The FBI considers all violent acts (and threats of violence) with a political motive to be terrorism, a senior government official explains to Newsweek. But not all acts of extremism are considered terrorism. “If an act is focused on the government, it’s terrorism,” the source says. “But if extremism is focused on private individuals or institutions, it’s considered just a crime or classified as a hate crime.”

 Source: newsweek.com

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