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What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

Wheelchair Tipped Over

September 08, 2022

I went for a walk with Koko and I got more than I bargained for

Welcome to Season Six, Episode 33, "Wheelchair Tipped Over"

My wheelchair tipped over. I was on a walk with my daughter but it didn’t seem to scare her too much– we went to the swings and she had a good time.

My name is John Hoppin, don't wear it out.

My wheelchair tipped over

deplatforming hits home

Death of a Statesman

My wife was like, “I don't think I knew that Gorbachev had died. I was like, “We did that last week. That's why you need to subscribe to What's The Matter With Me? Podcast. So you don’t miss anything.”

Our listeners know about everything

Organic Hellfire

I had the worst trigeminal neuralgia pain - from my mouth up to my eye around my eye out to my ear. Spasming organic hellfire that sent me scrambling for more medication and sobbing under the covers.


#Cil50 is happening in October at the Berkeley Center For Independent Living.

I'm interested to get a booth to promote What's The Matter With Me? and sell Hoppin hot Sauce to the disabled community.

I was at a friend's house and they were grilling burgers and the podcast came up because we were talking about Cil50


Covfefe was covid


I wore the security T-shirt in last weeks Selfie Which is exclusively available to people who subscribe at whatsthematterwithme.org

Do it now what's the matter with me is for the children

It Happened Fast- My Chair Tipped Over

My wheelchair tipped over in the park

I was counting critters with my daughter Koko and wasn’t paying attention

The wheelchair bottomed out when it went off the edge of the concrete where there was a couple inches of gap between the dirt and the concrete

I was ejected from the chair and ate it to some degree- just a couple band-aids were needed in the end

Bystanders came running and helped me up and got me back in the chair

My daughter ran away when the people came running to help me, but she seemed to realize they were helping me. It didn’t seem to scare her too much– we went to the swings and she had a good time.

This week's selfie:

It was 95 degrees out