What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

Confronting The Invisible

February 16, 2022

I'm feeling unmoored

Shout outs to Patrick who sent me a ted talk about chronic illness and using spoons as a metaphor to regulate energy- "Confronting the invisible" by Olivia Larner

Her talk centers around the idea that most people don't see invisible disabilities

What matters is not how other people react to me, but how I present myself . I control what I can control. As ability changes, what you can control probably also changes

The frustration of becoming older and having your opinion be drowned out by a bunch of younger people's opinions. Being disabled is similar in that your opinion is drowned out by more able bodied people's

I heard Noam Chomsky's podcast "Anarchism"- Noam Chomsky has a gravelly voice

Rockstacker & Condor: East San Jose characters. rockstacker.com is a thing

Olivia Lerner called chronic illness people "spoonies"

I like the old-school rapper Spoonie Gee

Spoonie Gee "Spoonin' Rap". I got that on twelve inch at Jerry's Tecords in Pittsburg. RIP Jerry. went there in fall 2000, that was a dope record store. the worlds largest all vinyl record store. Jerry Weber died two weeks agar at 73

Used to play "Spoonin' Rap" with Rick James "Cold Blooded" crunked out- those were the days!

Thinking about buying a case of Bordeaux and eating steaks every night because of this stupid ad

My stats showed and there are people listening to sequential episodes and on the one hand I'm like, don't listen too close

I made easy food