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Wrestling with God Show

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Ep76 What Near-Death Experiences Tell Us about Life
January 15, 2022

Father Len wrestles with his lifelong fascination with near-death experiences and how what they reveal should challenge all of us to examine how we’re living our lives. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom

Ep75 “A Priest’s Life” – The Father Len Story
December 29, 2021

Introducing a new podcast coming soon from Wrestling with God Productions. It features candid conversations with Catholic priests about their journeys to the priesthood, their experiences being a prie

Ep74 Is there an afterlife?
December 14, 2021

Father Len presents stunning evidence that he’s experienced that supports the reality of an afterlife. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom The WWG Show has been downloaded more than 38,000 times with reg

Ep73 Encore: The Real Christmas Story and Its True Meaning
December 06, 2021

Father Len reveals the real “reason for the season” is us. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom “When I look at the world upside down, that’s when it seems right to me.” – Jeret "Speedy" Peterson Father

Ep72 Imagine a World without Jesus
November 09, 2021

Father Len explains how the radical ideas Jesus introduced 2000 years ago and the church he established have changed the world forever.

Ep71 Pride Poisons Everything
October 27, 2021

Father Len explains how pride can poison everything in life from relationships, to religion, to marriages, to organizations and companies. - Highlights, Ideas, & Wisdom Pride and its effects are ofte

Ep70 Pride is a Demon
October 05, 2021

Father Len reveals that pride is damaging lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom Pride is a cancer that often goes undetected until it’s too late. “The Truth Detect

Ep69 Becoming Truly Free
September 18, 2021

Father Len explains what it takes to become truly free and how the common American understanding of freedom leads to selfishness and narcissism. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom Freedom involves being

Ep68 Commitments, Happiness, Love and Having Kids
August 30, 2021

Reacting to why actor Seth Rogen says he and his wife don’t want kids, Father Len explains the relationship between making commitments, happiness, love, and having kids. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdo

Ep67 The Myth of Self-Esteem
August 19, 2021

Father Len exposes the dangers of focusing on boosting self-esteem as a means to improve lives.