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Wrestling with God Show

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Ep87 Lying to Yourself
August 23, 2022

Father Len grapples with the tendency we all have of lying to ourselves about ourselves and the effect it has on us and those around us. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom Links to Podcasts from Wrestli

Ep86 Is empathy a solution to our societal problems?
August 11, 2022

Father Len makes a compelling case for empathy being the solution to most of our societal problems, including mass shootings.

Ep85 Irish’s Story: The Inspiration for the Wrestling with God Show
July 30, 2022

Irish shares the journey that led him to Father Len and the creation of the Wrestling with God Show. He also reveals plans for Wrestling with God Productions, the new association he’s founded to build

Ep84 Christ’s Eternal Priesthood
July 22, 2022

He’s back! Father Len returns to grapple with doubts expressed by Irish’s daughter about the legitimacy of priests and leadership in the Catholic Church. He reveals how it’s all part of God’s plan for

Ep83 Encore: Why Does God Allow School Shootings and Other Evils?
May 28, 2022

Father Len explains why God allows evil in the world and how we choose to react to evil can cause bane or enlightenment. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom God gives us free will to choose our actions.

Ep82 Encore: Can Freedom Destroy Our Country?
May 13, 2022

The effect of freedom depends on how you define it. Father Len reveals how God defines freedom and how other definitions can produce destructive consequences. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom Freedom

Ep81 Good News
May 13, 2022

Irish shares some good news about the return of the Wrestling with God Show and the new podcast from Wrestling with God Productions featuring Father Len. Support the work of Wrestling with God Produc

Ep80 The Purpose of Prayer
April 21, 2022

Father Len explores two Bible stories about the purpose of prayer beginning with the time the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray. This is a preview of episode 3 of the new podcast from Wres

Ep79 The Religion of Jesus
April 16, 2022

Father Len explores the Bible story of a wealthy and powerful man and a bankrupt and outcast old woman. Both seeking healing from Jesus. The story reveals the essence of the religion of Jesus and puts

Ep78 Future of WWG Show & How to Love like Christ
March 29, 2022

Irish explains why there hasn’t been a new WWG Show episode lately and Father Len unpacks three Bible stories about love and illustrates the traits God will help us develop, and we’ll surely need, if