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#249 Hot Wheels Mania : Guinness Book World Record Holder : Mike Zarnock
February 13, 2022

Mike Zarnock Hot Wheels Passion  As the world renowned "Super Collector of Hot Wheels " & 2021 Hot Wheels Hall of Famer, Mike Zarnock lives and breathes all things Hot Wheels. With a collection that g

#248 Special Edition : Are We Close to Electric Vehicle In Bay Service ?
January 30, 2022

Where do we go from HERE ? With the recent White House (Dec 2021 ) announcement of some pretty lofty and ambitious goals of half of the vehicles on the road in the U.S. being electric vehicles by the

#247 The Largest Classic Vehicle Used Parts in the World : DVAP
December 15, 2021

With over 10,000 classic used vehicles , Desert Valley Auto Parts is no joke when it comes to the largest selection of used parts for your classic hooptie. Treating each part delivery, whether it is a

Paul Walker Giving Heart Lives On : Cody Walker & Chris Lee of Fuel Fest Pay Tribute
December 01, 2021

The legacy of the late actor Paul Walker lives on through the Fast & Furious movie franchise, but more importantly by way of his incredible giving spirit & big charitable heart via Reach Out World Wid

#246 Celebrating Life & The Passion for Automotive , Art & Music : Special Guest | FUEL FEST | Cody Walker & Chris Lee
November 21, 2021

Carrying on the incredible legacy of Paul Walker and the REACH OUT WORLDWIDE Foundation, Chris Lee , Cody Walker and the FUEL FEST family truly bring car enthusiasts together for a massive celebration

#245 Modern Day Engine Oil : Pennzoil Michael Thomas
November 14, 2021

With so many advancements in engine technology , engine oil has made the same , with a variety of specifications that are critical to mpg, emissions and the overall performance of a vehicle. - On this

#244 Clutch & Battery Tips : Steve Neukum AMS Automotive
November 05, 2021

  With a streamlined and very efficient approach.. AMS offers Clutch Kits & Hydraulics (Rhino Pak) & the reliability behind the automotive industry leading batteries that you deserve in their Power So

#243 Dave Kindig : Kindig It Design
October 24, 2021

Dave Kindig  With an eye for automotive art and style bringing some of the worlds most illustrious & spectacular vehicle restorations and unique custom designs , Dave Kindig and the team at Kindig It

#242 The Lack of Skilled Mechanics & The Dire Need for Industry Change: WrenchWay Jay Goninen
October 22, 2021

WrenchWay: Helping Technicians Find Jobs at Top Shops & Dealerships - We dive in to some of the critical areas of the automotive industry and it's past regarding the technician shortage while speaking

#241 Las Vegas Concours : Founder & Chairman Stuart Sobek
October 12, 2021

  - Highlighting some of the world's most renowned works of automotive rolling art and history , the Las Vegas Concours is a mastery of vehicles assembled at the Las Vegas ballpark. From the legendary