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#300 Streamlining Automotive Retail Tech : Founder Nick Askew Space Auto
August 09, 2023

Is your dealership staff mentally fatigued from workflow that is extremely complicated & convoluted? "Ugh, I can't believe this! Every single day, it's the same old story a maze of confusing, disjoi

#299 From Skepticism to Confidence: How Transparency is Reshaping Consumer Behavior
August 06, 2023

- In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, transparency has emerged as the new cornerstone of trust. As customers become more discerning and informed, they demand greater openness

#298 The Science of Silence
July 09, 2023

The Science of Silence : Exploring the Principles of Acoustic Engineering with Dynamat | CEO & PresidentMikeGood Gone are the days of incessant rattling, vibrating panels, and disruptive echoes. Wi

#297 Ineffective Auto Shop Websites Unfit for Today’s Consumer Demands
June 27, 2023

One of the key problems with seriously bad websites is poor user experience. If a website is difficult to navigate, cluttered with irrelevant information, or lacks clear organization, consumers will s

#296 Cool Comfort: AC Systems and AC Kit Options for Classic Rides
May 31, 2023

As we delve into the world of hot rods, get ready to learn about the unique challenges and innovative solutions for adding AC to these automotive icons. From preserving the original look to incorporat

#295 Is a USED EV Worth it ? Going Green on a Budget: Tips for Buying a Used Electric Vehicle
May 15, 2023

Rev up your eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank! Join us as we explore the world of sustainable transportation and discover the hidden gems of the used EV market. We reveal a few insider

#294 The Power of Diversity in the Workplace: How it Leads to Innovation and Competitive Advantage
May 07, 2023

I know that some of you may be skeptical about the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. You may be thinking, "Why should we care about diversity? Doesn't hiring the best person for the j

#293 Cool Talk: Mastering the Use of Refrigerant 1234YF
May 01, 2023

Now, I know what you're thinking "Refrigerant? That sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry!" But trust me, folks, this stuff is anything but boring. In fact, the R 1234YF refrigerant has bec

#291 AC or Bust: Surviving the Summer Heat in Your Car
April 24, 2023

If you're anything like me, you dread getting into a hot car on a scorching summer day. The thought of having to endure the sweltering heat as you drive to your destination is enough to make you want

#290 Latest EV News with Automoblog Chief Editor Carl Anthony & BONUS Industry Thought Leader Lucas Underwood Stops By the Show
April 07, 2023

The Latest in EV News Greetings, fellow earthlings! We are bringing you the latest EV news for the year 2023! - First up, we have the big players in the automotive industry going head to head in the