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#270 Latest EV News & ASA Networking Shop2Shop Series : Jeff Buckley Special Guest
October 02, 2022

  This year has been ablaze with EV news and advancements in both legal and consumer adaption. In this edition of the show, we will cover the latest news that looks to be fortifying the future of EV's

#268 Are We Burning Out Diesel Technicians ?
September 30, 2022

With the overwhelming amount of technology across the board in the automotive & trucking industry...how are diesel technicians really doing? - Do we risk burning out a whole generation of commercial &

#267 SEMA HS Automotive Build Programs Creating Student Opportunities
September 11, 2022

SEMA HS Build Program  As technology underhood is evolving to what is a serious amount of data to interpret and diagnose, how will the future technician be able to comprehend & successfully repair veh

#266 Brake Tips You Can Really Use | Dino Crescentini of Dynamic Friction Company (DFC)
August 28, 2022

We all consider brake systems to be fairly simple and common service in a professional automotive service facility or in your driveway working on a family member's vehicle. With so many different vehi

#265 Advanced Techonology of Near Field Sensors & Vehicle Object Tracking
August 16, 2022

  - The average consumer driving behind the wheel has a limited understanding of the various camera, radar, and LiDAR that is incorporated into advanced driver awareness systems (ADAS) that enable a v

#264 Credit Card Fraud & How To Avoid In Your Automotive Operations
August 08, 2022

  The serious risk of credit card fraud while conducting transactions in your automotive business can be overwhelming if it regrettably happens. We dedicate a complete show on the latest alarming stat

#263 Keeping Car Culture Alive One LIVE Stream At A Time
July 17, 2022

  - Capturing thousands of car shows and LIVE STREAMING to the world is a passion of K. Mikael Wallin "The Crazy Swede" of Customikes. - With years of working with his classic ride clients in the gar

#262 Supply Chain Logistics Concerns as EV Demand Increases
July 12, 2022

  Supply Chain Logistics Concerns as EV Demand Increases As the green movement ramps up quickly and the Electric Vehicle demand starts to increase, how does the automotive supply chain embrace and kee

#261 Special Edition : Tech Force Foundation White Paper Release | Women Technicians Solving the Tech Shortage
July 04, 2022

  Woman Techs : Solving the Tech Shortage Problem  As there is a huge demand for skilled automotive technicians , Tech Force Foundation is carving out huge strides with over 40 million in scholarships

#259 Are You Prepared For an Electric Vehicle Lifestyle ?
June 22, 2022

EV Sales Increase as Technology Moves Forward  As the economy slowly corrects by way of increasing inflation, and specifically the price action of unchartered territory....regarding fuel prices... is