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Julie Turney on HR Burnout, Mental Health & Trusting Your People
August 17, 2022

TedX Speaker, author, and podcast host Julie Turney joins us on The Human Factor to discuss burnout, mental health, trusting your people, how we as HR professionals can navigate those tough situations

Over 30 Decades of HR Experience with Lisa Perez, CEO of HBL Resources
June 28, 2022

“I’m living off this gig.” From navigating layoffs of over 200 people, after September 11th, to helping managers understand more about themselves – Lisa Perez has seen a lot in human resources over th

How We're Different with Dr. Margarida Rafael - Clinical Psychologist with Workzinga
June 24, 2022

Successful Recruiting Strategies Start With Culture Today, companies are not just interviewing candidates. Candidates are also interviewing companies. The days of hiring for hard skills is a thing of

Hiring for Culture Fit with Dan Hunter, Founder of Workzinga
June 08, 2022

We believe there’s more to a company than a job posting and there’s much more to a candidate than a resume. So many companies are still recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the way they’ve always done