A podcast about work, the future and how they will go together

A podcast about work, the future and how they will go together

Episode 71: Is Leadership Training Going to the Wrong People?

March 16, 2022

Is leadership training going to the wrong people? Typically organizations give leadership training it either to very senior people or those who they have identified by conventional metrics as future senior people, but maybe that is not the best way to do things. On this episode Linda Nazareth is joined by Navio Kwok Vice President of Research and Marketing at Kilberry Leadership Advisors, and Winny Shen an Associate Professor at the Schulich School at York University. They have done research that suggests the norms around choosing who to train are not serving anyone – not individuals, but not organizations either.  They discuss the leadership development paradox and why organizations need to change how they choose leadership training candidates.a


Navio Kwok, Ph.D., is vice president of research and marketing at Kilberry Leadership Advisors, a leading firm of organizational psychologists specializing in executive assessment and C-level leadership advisory. At Kilberry, he oversees the firm’s commitment to advancing the science of executive leadership and translating it into practical, actionable advice for the firm’s preeminent clients.

Winny Shen is an Associate Professor of Organization Studies at the Schulich School of Business, York University. She teaches and conducts research that supports inclusive, productive, and healthy work organizations. Specifically, her work addresses issues of leadership, diversity and inclusion, and worker well-being. Her work has appeared in leading academic outlets in management and psychology, and she is frequently called upon by media outlets to provide her expertise on workplace topics.