The Workamper Show Podcast

The Workamper Show Podcast

In Episode 270, Ted & Ursula Raymond describe their Workamping adventures

March 19, 2024

Today I am interviewing a couple who has been RVing and Workamping for three years. They’ve held a variety of interesting and profitable jobs while on their journey to discover the ideal place to live.

Ted and Ursula Raymond are originally from southern Oregon. They started RVing three years ago after a fire destroyed 2,200 homes in their community. Since then, they have been on what Ursula calls the world’s longest house-hunting trip.

The couple has held some really interesting jobs, in addition to traditional Workamping positions, such as being camp hosts. They have inspected boats, guarded gates and even sold Christmas trees in San Francisco. However, their favorite job was working at a brewery in Maine that has its own RV park.

The Raymonds have spent time in the deserts of Arizona, along the coast of Maine, in the stillness of Death Valley, enjoying the mountains of Colorado, relaxing along the Gulf Shores of Alabama, and discovering unexpected beauty in Arkansas. They are currently in Texas, but will soon leave for a return trip to Maine.

They are younger than most Workampers, but really had a bug to travel. After a fire destroyed their sticks-and-bricks home, the Raymonds opted to hit the road in search of adventure and, eventually, a new place to live.

They started their trip in a 19-foot travel trailer, but soon upgraded to a 32-foot with a separate bedroom. The RV was the ideal size for Raymond and Ursula to stay at national parks, which is one of their favorite travel destinations.

The couple finds Workamping jobs by first selecting an area of the country they’d like to explore for an extended period of time. Then, they start looking for jobs in that area.

They have worked several of the more-lucrative Workamping jobs, and were actively guarding a gate in Texas when I was interviewing them. It requires a commitment to work 24 hours a day, but the job pays very well. It also means there are fewer opportunities to spend money when guarding gates, so they wind up saving for future adventures.

The Raymonds sold 1,800 Christmas trees in 42 days and earned about $7,000 over a four-week period. The brewery job allowed them to collect several hundred dollars a night in tips. The couple likes to work hard for short periods of time, then travel and play on their way to their next positions.

Ted and Ursula find wonderful jobs because she keeps their resumes updated all the time. Doing so often leads to invitations from employers who offer jobs the couple may enjoy working. She also scans every Hotline newsletter when it comes out looking for jobs that may fit their lifestyle.

People can connect with Ted and Ursula by emailing them at

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That’s all I have for this week’s show. Next time, I will be speaking with one of the staff members from the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind. Visiting the museum is well worth the stop, and you’ll find out why on the next episode of The Workamper Show. Thanks for listening!