Wittenberg to Westphalia

Wittenberg to Westphalia

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Episode 76: Slavery in the Middle Ages Part 3, The Economics of Slavery (Redux).
July 19, 2021

One would think that the economics of slavery would be simple, but then a person who thought that would clearly not be a fan of this show. https://www.egyptianhistorypodcast.com/

Episode 75: Slavery in the Middle Ages Part II, Teaching an Old Narrative Modern Tricks.
June 14, 2021

In this episode we spend a bit of quality time with our friend Marc Boch and discuss why he thought what he thought about slavery and serfdom, why some of it was wrong, and why some of it is still valid. This is a nice, calm episode. Some gentle laughs...

Escape! o Intelligent Speech!
April 23, 2021

Last year's sessions: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuAmmbvyrD92VvbxWuktX5OnCt_qcibzH This year's conference, go to store to buy tickets: https://www.intelligentspeechconference.com/1690-2/

Episode 74: Slavery Part 1: Theory
April 02, 2021

By popular demand, we begin a very detailed look at medieval slavery. This time out we tackle what relevance this conversation has to the modern world, and how we even begin to define slavery, anyway.

Episode 73: Living the Life: Modern American Judaisms
March 01, 2021

To the horror of many, the "Living the Life" series has returned. This series of episodes aims to provide a very very basic primer into liturgical practices of many modern religions, to help the audience better understand how the stuff we dis...

Episode 72, Women in the Middle Ages Part V: An Estate
February 03, 2021

After many months we wrap up our look at women in the middle ages with a discussion of what it all means. Spoilers: It isn't about the estate of women, it is about the frames of reference we explored along the way.

Episode 71: Women in the Middle Ages, Women and the Law Part 2: Land and Marriage
January 14, 2021

In today's episode we look at the interaction between marriage, inheritance, and property. This may sound esoteric and boring. And it is. But it tells us an awful lot about how women interacted with this society so eat your acid polka broccoli. ...

Episode 70b: More Agoraphobia
November 16, 2020

In this episode we address recent events in the podcasting community, and racism in a beloved sci fi franchise. Its not really that fun. But it gets better. The end is good. If you are into that kind of thing. 10 American Presidents: http://www.10usp...

Episode 70a: Podiversiary 2020 Part 1
November 02, 2020

It's 2020. Inevitably, this year's podiversiary is a clip show. But hopefully a fun one? https://play.acast.com/s/theagorapodcastnetwork/weareagora https://cfrri.org/

Episode 69: Women part VI, Women and the Law Part 1
October 26, 2020

In today's episode we look at how the law defined the role of women in society, and how it allowed women to interact with the law itself. In the process we will finally start to come to terms with sexual violence.