Wittenberg to Westphalia

Wittenberg to Westphalia

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Intelligent Speech 2022!
April 14, 2022

https://www.intelligentspeechconference.com/Code w2w Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Episode 83: Medieval Kingship Part 2: The Becoming
March 28, 2022

We know it is good to be the king, but how does one becomes the king? Highlights include the revelation that no one has ever known how to placate angry old men at public gatherings. https://whythoapodcast.weebly.com/https://history.illinoisstate.edu/about

Episode 82: Medieval Kingship Part 1: What is it you...dooo here?
March 05, 2022

In this first substantive episode of our new season, I begin an examination of medieval kingship. With surprise guest: Queens. Renaissance English History Podcast: https://www.englandcast.com/Music: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whirlwinds_of_Danger See a

Episode 81: Scrofula with David Montgomery of The Siècle Podcast
February 20, 2022

In a continued effort to buy time for research, David Montgomery of the Sicle Podcast and myself discussed Scrofula, a fascinating illness with a surprising relevance for our shows. The most important thing to know going in is that you should probably no

Andrew Pilot Housekeeping Episode
December 07, 2021

Please vote for The Two Musketeers here: https://tongal.com/welcome/ngp/

Episode 80: An Interview with Zach Twamley
November 22, 2021

Do you like books? The Thirty Years War? CambraiWell you will need to listen to this one.

Episode 79: Investiture Controversies Introduction
October 22, 2021

What is an investiture controversy? What does it have to do with the Early Modern Period? Will this episode have a defenestration? For that last one, yes. But for the rest you will have to listen.

Episode 78: Slavery in the Middle Ages Part 4; The Rise of Serfdom
September 29, 2021

This Episode wraps up not only our look at slavery in the middle ages, but the entire third season of this show.Zach's new book, Matchlock and the Embassy: http://www.wdfpodcast.com/thevassalstate/ml1

Episode 77: Slavery in the Middle Ages Part 3; Transition
August 30, 2021

Unfreedom in the middle ages took on a wide variety of forms. In this episode I talk about the ideological shifts that accompanied this change, some examples of the deals that were struck, and one hig

New Show Announcement and Episode and W2Housekeeping. Look just listen.
August 12, 2021

I am starting a second show! Let me tell you about how it will affect W2W, some changes to Patreon levels, and then you can listen to the first episode!. The main show website is here: https://wittenb