Wholesome Addiction - Sexuality, Relationships, and Adult Entertainment.

Wholesome Addiction - Sexuality, Relationships, and Adult Entertainment.

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Cast 558: Stay on Topic!
April 21, 2024

Join us this week as we attempt to stay on topic. I did say attempt, because if I'm honest that didn't exactly go well. There are topics my friends, and we didn't stay on them. But Fallout is great an

Cast 557: Room Service
April 14, 2024

Abby is awesome. She heard that the boys were all going to be busy this week so she rallied and put forth a gem of her own creation. Yep, you read correctly Abby is going to to read to you guys an ero

Cast 556: Happy Forking Everybody
April 07, 2024

Today we want to remind you that stabbing your date with a fork is a certified fresh move on a first date. Hey, it worked for Jake. Also, there is a lot of talk this week about sex toys shaped like ca

Cast 555: Drones Smack Sex Toys on Signs
March 31, 2024

You knew eventually it was going to happen. Drones are used for everything else why not put rainbow sex toys on signs? I mean, perhaps this is what we've all been waiting for. Then Sean pimps Beef out

Cast 554: Guest Josie Bombshell (Tonya)
March 24, 2024

Its been a while. almost 12 years actually but Tonya from back in the first days of the show comes back to talk with us now. And guess what she's just as fun now as she was back then!

Cast 553: Limp Noodles and More
March 15, 2024

Time, time is a funny thing. How do you feel about the past? In my case I say take me away, I don't mind.But you better promise me, I'll be back in time. Here's the deal I swapped casts. 552 was actu

Cast 552: Beef Loves Bewbs
March 10, 2024

Your ever faithful boys move forward this week with a cast chocked full of excellence and searing political observations. No, I'm just kidding we spent a super long time looking at bewbs this week. It

Cast 551: Oh No Farah
February 25, 2024

She keeps coming back into the spotlight and we keep wishing she wouldn't. Farah has done it yet again and worked her way into our mindscape and, once again, we wish she would find happiness in some o

Cast 550: Things About Schlongs
February 19, 2024

It's a many splendored cast this time on the show. We find out that Beef is indeed organized, Sean and Jake delight in finding ways to trigger his cleaning OCD and there are things that people should

Cast 549: We Muddle Through
February 10, 2024

Yes, your stalwart heroes push into the unknown unprepared and without the protein-based-lyrical sustenance that is Beefy goodness. We were sad but Abby and Jake led Sean through the Beef shaped hole