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Dusty Bottles from "the Wettest Spot in America" (Part 1)
May 16, 2021

One morning, I opened my email and read about one of the most fascinating finds any whiskey fan could hope for. A paralegal from Los Angeles who is also a fan of the show, had a client who recently passed away, and within their house was a store of...

Interview: Seth Benhaim of Broken Barrel Whiskey
May 10, 2021

While on a journey out to California in search of details about an upcoming episode, I took time out to interview Seth Benhaim of Infused Spirits. Seth is taking a very unique approach to aging whiskey - by placing barrel staves in new make. We...

Colin Spoelman (Distiller and Author of Dead Distillers)
April 05, 2021

Join me as I chat with Kings County Distillery co-founder Colin Spoelman, the author of a curious and entertaining whiskey history book called Dead Distillers. Here is your chance to enjoy a chat between two big whiskey history fans - one an author...

Interview: Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery
March 28, 2021

When you start planning your trip to bourbon country, you will have a lot of unique choices of distillery experiences. One of the most unique is Neeley Family Distillery. Listen as I chat with an 11th generation distiller with roots back to Ireland...

Juke Joints, Whiskey, and the Blues - Part 2 (Featuring Poe of WABG-AM)
March 14, 2021

Continuing my journey through the Mississippi Delta, I made a couple of stops including Rosedale, mentioned in Robert Johnson's Traveling Riverside Blues, and Dockery's Plantation. My final stop was to be the final resting spot of Robert Johnson, but...

Juke Joints, Whiskey, and the Blues: Memphis to Clarksdale
March 07, 2021

Thanks to Roger Stolle of Cat Head in Clarksdale

The Fight Inside: The Crossroads of Robert Johnson (Part 2)
February 28, 2021

What a fascinating human being. Robert Johnson didn't live a long life, but he lived a full one for his years. Amazingly, researchers have retraced a large portion of his life and books released in the last 2 years have shown a bright light on who...

Whiskey, Death, and the Devil: The Crossroads of Robert Johnson
February 22, 2021

Part one of a two part story on the legendary blues man

Jimmy Rout all about Memphis, Blues, and Juke Joints
February 17, 2021

It's always great to chat with someone who love to share information about their town. Jimmy Rout (Shelby County Historian) had a chance to see the rebirth of Beale Street in Memphis and he is going to take us around the town that was and the town...

McCauley Williams of Blue Note Bourbon
February 14, 2021

Talking Whiskey, Blues, and Juke Joints