Whiskey Lore: Stories

Whiskey Lore: Stories

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The Rattlesnake King and Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
December 07, 2021

Today, we demand a certain amount of transparency with our food stuffs. But in the 19th Century when it pertained to patent medicines, everything was a cure-all! Even whiskey! Hear the story of an ent

The Legend of Blue Ruin
November 21, 2021

Who was William Johnson?   The high sheriff of the Oregon provincial government seemed to be living a double life. And his moonlighting appeared to be as a trader, using a colorful potion to subdue

Campbeltown: The Whisky Capital of the World? (Part 2)
November 07, 2021

The question remains, who is the real whisky capital of the world? Was it Peoria, Illinois or Campbeltown, Scotland. Well, in this episode, I will draw a conclusion, but before I do that - I'll give y

Campbeltown: The Birth of a Whisky Capital (Part 1)
October 26, 2021

Step back to the very origins of scotch whisky, to an area that was once hailed as the Whisky Capital of the World. We'll track the first Gaels from Ireland, meet the Lord of the Isles, and learn abou

The Whisky Trust: Who Killed The Trust? (Part 3)
October 17, 2021

In the powerful conclusion to this story about Joseph Greenhut's Whisky Trust, an infernal instrument of death is set to be deployed at one of the Distillers and Cattle Feeders Company's greatest riva

The Whisky Trust: Greenhut, Sherman, and the Chicago Holdout (Part 2)
October 10, 2021

The quest for a solution to overproduction of whisky soon turns into a vehicle bent on total domination of America's alcohol industry. At the center of this quest is the president of the infamous Whis

The Whisky Trust: Making of a Monster (Part 1)
October 03, 2021

A Three Part Mini-Series

Madeira and Whisky at Sea
September 26, 2021

Is it just clever marketing or is ocean aged whisky really something to behold? Well, aging at sea is actually nothing new. In fact, the history of sea aging goes back centuries. Hear the story of the

Season 5 Trailer
September 08, 2021

The Summer is almost over. Time for the new season of Whiskey Lore. Make sure you are subscribed. And check out the new podcast from Whiskey Lore called Whiskey Lore: The Interviews, where I turn the

Dusty Bottles "from the Wettest Spot in America" (Part 2)
May 24, 2021

What is a "dusty hunter?" Find out in this week's episode and join me as we talk about the largest collection of Pre-Prohibition whiskey sold at a Christie's auction. Whiskey that sat for a century in two vaults owned by a man who helped put Los...