Where Icarus Flies

Where Icarus Flies

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WhereIF Episode 3: SJ Sharks, V:The Reboot, No Tolerance & Hoover Report
November 12, 2009

Where Icarus Flies podcast episode 3 is large and in-charge! Due to Veteran’s Day the podcast is a day late, but not a dollar short!

WhereIF Episode 2: Twitter, SuperNews & The Graveyard Book
November 05, 2009

Where Icarus Flies podcast episode 2 is in the books! This episode is extra holiday length! WhereIF - Episode 2 Contents I pack a lot in this week, I guess I am trying to make-up for only posting weekly at this point. As I mention in the podcast until I

My First Podcast! WIF Episode 1
October 30, 2009

My first podcast is here! I am just getting used to doing this myself and this is the first podcast I have ever done, so give me a few more before I hit my stride. I have to say, it was a lot of fun making a podcast. I was a DJ for 3 years (back when we a